Guild Structure

The NK is broken up into a few keyparts, the council, the officers, the members, the new recruits, and others. The council makes the final decissions, orginizes and maintains the guild, develops ideas and re-invents the guild to fit current times. The officers assist the council in their tasks, carring out deligated work to compleate or to asign some parts of their work to those members who wish it. The members are those who generaly recive the tasks needed to maintain the guild, such as colecting food or finding information. The main purpose of these tasks is to keep the guild runing, to encurage personal growth, as well as the compleation of our goals. The new recruits shall focus on learning about the guilds inner workings, and getting to know their fellow members. New members are alowed to be asigned taks and are encuraged to do so. Other possisions are described down below, but hold little power.

Circle of Light break up

This is the council which makes decissions for the guild. All motions are voted on by the entire council. This level of leadership deals with the more serous issues of the guild, such as interguild relations, serous conflicts, codex violation, and anything considered serous. All decissions made by the CoL are final, and as such your expected to obay any decission they make.

Officer break up

The conclave is generaly considered to be the officers of the guild, being able to asign tasks and dealing more with the acual guild members. Major projects handed down from the CoL will need to be broken up and delegated amung the rest of the members. Many decissions are made at this level, while final decissions on more serous topics are left to the CoL. All conclave member are considered as part of the council, though they do not hold all the executive power as one officaly in that possision. They are the elected leaders of each squad,

Special Event ranks

A specialty rank made mostly for special events. If you are spoken to by a member in this rank, then you have been blessed with a Dream. Report what you have been told and carry out the task asigned.

Dream Master: Few know who holds this rank, some say the Gods themselves created it out of a need of voice, others say it simply was created out of the Master's own whim. The holder of this rank rarely wakes and when they do, its to instore wisdom from the world of the Dream. What we do know is that few are privilaged to see the Dream Master, and all leave with a sence of a new understanding, and slightly worried about what is fortold.

Special Ops: Operations is a major part of any guild, so those few who are in this rank are responcible for the smoothness of runing the guild and other more private things. Those hardened verterans who hold this ranking shall exceed far beyond their declarated victories and war metals. All those who hold this rank are under special assignment, working on special operations, or on secret asignments and other tasks that require maximum security.

Member break up

The members are the most important aspect of a guild. They are the ones that carry the guild, they are the representation of the guild that the world sees and its them who make up the bulk of the guild. A CoL can make a decission, but without members the decision is moot.

Deturian: The person in this possion shall be a voted in (one month as conclave status). The fuction of this job is mainly to bring the voice of the common soldier to the councel meeting as well as to work with the conclave in forfilling their tasks. Only exceptional soldiers shall be nominated for this rank, mostly those who are leaders of their own Squads. This rank holds all the power of the Conclave.

Dreamer: This full membership ranking shall be turned into different Squads based on time zones and workability. The members shall work within their squads to compleate the tasks asigned to them by the Circle of Light and Conclave. This rank is where most of the members will grow, and offers the best chance of advancement and oppertunities to do guild events and other fun things. They also help the lower ranks achive their fullmembership status.

New Member break up

Gaining new blood is essencial to any guild and ours is no exception! Those that make up these ranks should concern themselves with thinking of their future goals and how to become an exemplary NK member. Once they reach the rank of Apprentice, they are deamed ready to take the Dream Challange, a guild event style roleplay, to become full members!

Apprence: Those who are working for their membership status, but are older then one month, are placed in this rank once they have forfilled the Guild Initiation Task. Full members must work to help these new members become immerced in the core principles of the Nightmare Knights. They shall be assessed from time to time to see if they are ready to take the Dream Challange for full membership.

Canidate: New members who have just recently joined ranks fall into this rank. Their primary focus should be to get to know their fellow guildmates, and to learn about the guild and its principles.

Retired and other ranks

Retired Members and others who follow our guild are still a very important part of our guild. They act as idols and give insparation to the younger generations of the guild. Some are the other souls of our guild population. Only those Devoted to the guild obtain these ranks.

Retired Elder/Veteran: This rank is for those members who have lived a life according to the NK Codex and who have helped us grow over the time we have been a guild. All of these members are exempt from the guild dues becuase they are generaly inactive and have earned their place as honored members.

On Leave: Those who are found in this catagory have posted their exstended absence and wish to be placed here until they return. Taxes are halted for their absence, they must tell us when they return or they will end up removed or placed in retired rankings.