The old client

I recently found some of my oldest screenshots from version 6, dating as far back as 3/11/2001 (older ones are here but dates unknown). I never knew how to take screenshots before this point but once I did, I could not be stopped. I have a habit as most young players - to take a screenshot of the stupiest things and to never get a screenshot of anything that could be important or useful (no ferumbras pics or anything like that here).


First shot is a farewell party for one of my friends leaving to mainland. This is about a few months after rookguard was created and I am on my permanent rookchar, Lord Chaos. I did not take this screenshot through, just had it on my computer

The road to fame is a hard road and these people dont make it any easier. You could say nothing has ever changed in this matter, still PK's around and even in the protected Fibula dungeon of the Mercs.

Magic level 4 is a major achievement for most knights, enabling them to use ultimate healing runes and other spells. You can also see the old training style back then when ghouls didn't suck you dry quickly and anyone could afk train for hours. 5 "away skills" was considered average then with this method, today we have better methods of training.

Magic level 4 was also a very popular magic level as everyone with magic level 4 or higher could Broadcast; and so this screenshot is very special to me.

I couldn't spell back then either .

Exisa Mas "We will miss you

Remeber this game bug? This could very well be the only screen shot of it in existance, it didn't last very long before it was fixed... Pegramon paid one SD for it.

A million experience, a experience number that many was a great achievement . Happy memories...

When I was in the Mercs, I was called upon to kill demon skelletons that had wandered in the way of paying customers. This screenshot is of me and a very good friend posing for a victory shot from a particular vicous group of demon skelletons; now sadly just a pile of bones. Fibula, you where never more safer with Decker and me on patrol...

This is the first of the many Merc meetings I had. Many of these old Mercenarys no longer play, some are unknown to most people playing today but all of them will never be forgotten! Take special notice of Del Varna and Cornaria, this is the last time they where seen in Tibia...
You can see one of the traitiors, Tom Bomdadil, in this picture. This is truely a slice in time. Soo many memories!

This is when I became a full Mercenary, this is truely one of my happiest tibia moments. I wanted to be just like Omega Guardian and I had become a mercenary just like him. The mistakes that I made later on, ruined a perfect career in the Mercenarys. There really can be no guild like them.

Hail Mercenarys!

May the Eternal Hellfire burn your enemies!

<a tear rolls down his cheek as he finishes>

This is one of my most favourite moments and perhaps the inspiration to kill hundreds or thousands Dragon Lords. This screenshot is my first Dragon Lord hunt ever and what could be a better group to experienece it than with my Mercenarys brothers?

Who knew that 3 or 4 years would pass untill I get a Dragonscale Mail out of those red pricks...

Sidenote <Refers to BC>: Don't ask me what contest Cheron was running that day...

Durin's coffin, one of the old relics of a long dead era. Even this place no longer exist, replaced by the way to paradox tower.

Durin would roll in his eternal sleep if he knew his final resting place had been uprooted and his sacred resting spot now turned into a highway for those seeking a quick entrance into hellgate.

This is the first Dragon I soloed. Pegramon happened to come along and watched as I slayed it. There was no other way to the prestigious orc land than through this passage with the dragon (except the map glitch map bridge but it was a game bug so shhh). I got nothing in this dragon, I should of taken it as a hint and never hunt the species again. I regret nothing!

Even before we knew a dragon scale leg resided in this chamber, did we come and drool at the inaccessable room of treasure. Many, many, many attempts were made to gain access to this room but all were in vain. We did manage to kill the Stone Golem through the use of summon creature. Redirecting we all thought Stone Golems were harder than demons - hahaha!

This was even before the tomes of tibia came into these lands...

Me with Jesus. I guess even my god decided to play tibia, I wonder if he ever got PK'ed?

Sidenote: Take a look at the message window and SmokeDragon. Yes this is the old name of our godly skilled Smoked. He was name- locked and decided to keep his name similar to his last one so his friends could message him. We were lazy back then and didn't need to spell the entire name in order to message someone.

X-roads was and always will be the place to be. Countless hours I spent there, doing nothing but talking and the occasional mischief. Some things are more important than training and level gaining. It is here where you heard many stories of past adventures and met new friends and even saw the occasional piece of history unfolding. The death of Watschel by an invisible species, and the final battle of POD are the most memorable events I can recall at the moment.

Public's display of riches was quite common in these days (and still is I think)

Lightbringer and his countless rares. He always liked to show the world what he had, displaying riches that inspired, riches that made you drool, and riches that you would never ever gain yourself.

This day he had shown a large number of rares, from demon set to great axe. I always wanted a blessed shield, I hope I will one day get to hold one - HA!

Sidenote: Check out the scale armors, this is the begining of the 400k worth I have today. I started collecting these things around the time this screenshot was taken.

The death of Bär was a relief for many people, he was hated by many in tibia and when Xowap (his main wont be revealed) slayed Bär it was a riot in broadcasts and a celestially victory for many. Many believed him to be the richest and most powerful man during that time, and his death signaled that even one with so much power could still be killed. Bär has been a facinating part of Tibian life and worthy of a tale or two by the campfire... but not on this page.

When mols first was added to the game many tried to explore its depths. The paths were endless and confusing, causing even the most well trained adventurer to become lost for endless hours. As you can see, this was no place for, young, stupid, adventuers ;P

This was when a guardian halberd was TRUELY a rare item. Lightbringer was the first to complete the demon quest when no one was thinking of killing demons, hailing them as too difficult to kill. With the explotion of peopel completing the demon quest and the easy "quest chests," this item is more common then bad elvis impersonators.

Rares, the dream of Tibians. Many people liked to display their welth in the newly established housing. This house belongs to Weyoun and is a particular favourite of mine. I have several pictures of his house, each with greater items than the last - lol.

Now you can see the pressure laying upon me to get my own!

Bär's sea-side hotel always had something interessting in it if you looked under the piles of disorginized stuff.

Old Kyoshi's (FlArEx) house. The irony of my comments prompted me to post it. This was a time long before I was convinced of actually acquireing a rare set.

Even Debo had some nice items at the time though I was more interessted in seeing who all the people where, sleeping in her house. She certainly liked mages...

A few semi rares in an random picked Edron house...

Spinstress's shop in Kazordoon, always a nice place to find goodies. Sadly he has dissappeared aswell and with him all the nice semi rares in his old shop...

You can see why I kept comming back to check on Weyoun's house. The shear ammount of rares he displayed was a nice eye popper for me and anyone else who stopped by to peak in. I dreamed that I could own the flat beside him or under him so I could drill a big hole into his room and take all his goodies. I think he caught on to my scheme because he moved out not long after.

Yet another Edron house with old semi-rares. For someone with not even one semi-rare, this house was a dream.

Posted a dozen times but still good. RPG, you died long before your time was due.

We will miss you!

A nice Bubble joke to pass the many hours of cyclops killing. Bubble killed cyclops in edron cyclopolis for ages.

The real reason for the screenshot is the Broadcast - 35k or more for a skull staff ?? Damn those times will never come back again. Tanya is long gone aswell.

Sadly it has to end - The old client that had served Tibia for soo long through so many generations, though so much history had to finally retire in favor for a new one. For me the signal of this change was the end of the golden era, the final mark that the world of Tibia would change forever.

The last post in this trip into the past.

So much has changed since the client update. Broadcasts where eliminated, the playing style changed, exhaustion, skull system and a thousand other things to change the world. This post captures the very last moments before that dream died.

this collection of screenshots is dedicated to everyone who played before verson 7. Without you Tibia could never be a success. It's time to lay the old client down to rest and become emalgamated into the future like everything else in this world.

The old can wither, but never dies,
to fade into a path of lies,
though thick and thin, with lots of tries,
our age is gone; lament and cries.

You can take away all we know, but you can never take away our memories...

Did I hear an encore?

I recently found a few more shots, nothing great but nevertheless a history lesson.

This shot is from my younger days when items were not fixed to one area (you'll never find that many movable coal basins again!)

Gather around powergamers of the world. Imagine a world that has existed for a long time and yet you "only" needed a skill in the 70's to get on the high score boards! Back in my day those who achieved a ranking on the high scores were called high levels.

Most people are "noobs" at this level today, lol.

Sidenote: The highest level player was Arieswar at lvl 70 or something crazy, and his skill was around the best at 80ish skills. Also note that this screenshot is from many months later.

The first steel boots I got. I bought these because not only did I need them but they belonged to a special friend, Ghaleon. These were his very own boots, the boots that he had for almost every battle he fought and their sale to me brought him magic level 15 for the last time.

It is said that those who posess these mighty boots also gain some special pvp skills awell... I can honestly say I never died to a player while wearing these boots. They were a steal at 150k a pop (at the time I got them, not many ever heard owning a pair ofsteel boots, even Arieswar had leathers!)

Level 50 so important then? Not at all, it's the broadcast below that is important here. We see that Karrism is just beginning to establish itself among the Tibians. Ypur, the fat finger typed version of your is a clear sign that Karrism has a firm grip even before the new client came into effect.

Also notice I am wearing rares (no great shield yet, that came a week after this shot), with a p-ammy and NO AoL! The AoL didn't exist at the time of this photo, this is how Tibia was played for years. I did infact die a few times and lost some items, but was fortunated to recover them.

PS: Were dwarves really THAT ugly? brrrrr...

Red magic advances? I miss those... I also miss knowing how much hp I have left after every damage that was caused.

This was a nice place to train too, the Kazordoon IRT existed even before the new client, way before. Hammerfall kept Kazordoon safe from the troubles of the rest of the world... he would probably turn red in anger if he saw todays Kazordoon and the council he left behind.

This was the first GS I bought. I hated two handed weapons with a passion and I never ended up using this weapon very long. I've paid 120k for it, having 80k left. There was no Behemoths, no Warlocks, and no Demons ingame during this time. The golden armor, steel boots, giant sword and many other items were rarish and even unobtainable for the most part. The prices of these items reflected this, and after their new masters began dropping them, they became worth less and less. For a 120k investment, it's now worth 17k lol.

This is a picture of being spammed by people you couldn't possibly type in to ignore. One of them would lure a GS to your training spot (Cyrus Blackheart will remember this place in POH) and then the spam begins. They hope that you die in the confusion, though clearly I did not.

Yes, that is what an invisible ghoul looked like, or rather didn't look like heh. Old invisible was a billion times better then the crap we have now!

Sorry it took so long but I finally found a pile of old screenshots never posted before. Please enjoy them! One day I will put the full pictures of them up on a site somewhere so people can enjoy the beauty of what was.

This is the old warlord sword before the stats were changed, if it stayed the same it would make the cyclopses sword look like a thieves dagger. Sadly it's stats were trimed like everything else :/

This is a picture of an old friend from many years ago. This picture is truely a slice in time. Golden armors in those days were very rare to get, most went from k-arms directly to DSM without ever seeing a GA (C-arms didnt even exist exept than in legend -crown set was the dream of many young Tibians. Today these golden beauties are worth less than their cost in gold. Though the dragon lair is still a favourite place of mine.

Xelorion, this pic is for you !

A long time ago I and some friends decided to solve the desert dungeon quest. We were doing it right away, not cheating and going straight for the answers. Took month to finally figure it all out (with some help) and we dreamed of gaining a steel boots (leathers was about the best anyone could own then) or some other valued artifact. This is the portals we explored for the ending clues.

This is when we took the reward, as an anxcious young Merc, Omega Guardian asked paitently if the chest was filled with what we had dreamed.

This was the loot after many months of work and alot of brain power used (and gp for that stupid key!)

You can see who told the tall tales to me in the first place. I vividly rember cursing his name for some time after this. I officaly decided that any quest as hard as this was to solve, and to not get anything decent, was a sign that no quest was worth the hastle. I tossed the questing towel in after this one.

Edit: I'm blind, I did the same quest on premia hoping to get the reported super rares that had first poped out of this chest when there was only one world, Tibia. Yea, nothing here foaks. I got taken for a ride twice, yeash!

Arilion posted this pic on my thread, whats funny is i bought my golden legs when they where super rare from him for 200k. He writes: " I guess that some of you remember Gadwin, the lvl 42 royal kicking joffas ass when joffa were 68 master. Her he shows me his g-legs, back then they were worth 300k and SoV was like 700k "

Arilion posted this pic on my thread too, a picture of a golden helmet (HOTS, Helmet of the Stars) ontop of an eplate, ontop of a giant sword, with a mm a space below it.

as promised here is some more retro screenshots. i found these a while ago on Gheric's web site, go there and youll find lots of nice goodies.

their too big to post here but their definatly worth a looksee!

here is a stone golem that was just introduced, no one had any clue what they where.

The next is of the famous warlock that made an apearance ingame, as you can see it caused quite a stir in tibia.

This one is of the old gm chars and what they looked like. Note the name ;)

Here is one of car men sui and other pks, you see Smokes old name here and some other pks that where popular at the time.

This one screenshot that I can relate to. I came place, the trolls east of thais, to find it blocked by afk trainers billions of times. As there was no runes to annihilate furniture then, it was impossible to repair yourself to find the cheaters!

A prety famous kill, this was when beautiful the sorcer was feared and rightly so. This evil guy terroized the game for ages before finaly getting deleted or hacked or some other fate I fail to remember.

If you have some please contact me on antica or private msg me and we can arange a transfer. Please keep tibias history project going, its soo important that we presurve where we have been.

Been working on this project for 3 years, I WONT be beat by Taghor and his new project!

Help an old dwarf out, send me those screenshots!

Our old GM friend matt defending his wife, and also this guy getting wasted by the invisable monster - that is the power of a hunter my friend, though the 8 dmg doesnt clearly illisturate its true destructive power. Those hunters invented the howizzer long before guns even entered tibia! (no guns are in Tibia, stop messaging me to tell me so!)

Old vocations room - I spent alot of time trying to decide what vocation I wanted to be (thats not me in the pic).

Heres another picture from tibias old days. You can see how a paladin was run back then. You can see the ammo inside the backpack, thats where your ammo was spent. If the shield was replaced with a bow, the a in the corner would tell you how much ammo was left. Most kept a shield on to block in emergencies then switched to bow or crossbow when they needed to attack.

Also you can notice the variety of different bodyparts you could use to create your character. This is a good list of them but by no means all of them!

Haha I nearly forgot about this. Back when you could rent flats ususing lost boys flat system involving keys. There was no protection zones inside the homes so if you hapened to be standing afk inside your home you could be shot through the window and killed!

Alot of other interesting things happend around flats. You had to be level 20, considered a serous level at the time, to rent the flat and you won it by lost boys auction. You where given two keys, which you hoped where not lost in a crash or you would have a hard time getting them back, not to mention if someone killed you they could enter your room!

I remember a case some ages back where lostboy took a golden armor from a players room becuase he was behind in his rent, it was rare at the time and caused a bit of a stir. Also note that when map resets came, ususaly with update or bug fixes, you lost everything in your house.

Of course there is vast improvements today on the house system, a promise cip made and took several years to acualy impliment. As cip said, it was alot more programing then they had thought.

The quest for old screenshots shall never wither! Here is another AWSOME place for old screenshots. Check out the old depot here!

I have traveled to the outer regions of the internet in order to find for you the lost arcives of Tibia's past. After hours of relendless serching I have found some possibly never before seen photos, stored away in the darkness that is photobucket. I found 17 such shots, enjoy them.

these two photobucket albums where exceptonaly good and I found alot of nice pictures inside of them. Go check them out!

Through my searching I looked through over 17 thousand picture, yes I looked through that many photos, I counted.

Let me note that after seeing so many pictures, I'd like to point out several topics where are over done to death. If you continue to post these topics in your photobuckets then you agree to liking to flog a very dead horse: Tibia splash screen, anihilator tresure room and demon fighting there, demon helmet quest loot shots, stat level advances - ohhh god I hated these, tibia void sceen.

Without further ado, here is your screenshots!

The next two are of claxton, on some of his early advancements in a time when these achivements where nice. Of course his final skills where far more impressive but I decided to keep them private.

One of the few deaths Ghaleon had then, not sure what happend there, perhaps a war?

This one is a picture of CCs broadcast, one I remember. It was easy to just type in a few words and people would message you offers or prices. It takes alot longer to broker a great shield deal these days...

An old group photo taken when ebombs where still mass hitting. Taken around the time of Carlins introduction?

Unknown. It's old so I posted it. I have no clue what it says or represents. If you could tell me that would be good!

How could we forget zamp? He was a very vain person so naturaly he liked to show off. This is one of the many pictures I have of "his" loot. He was a rich person, and we all know why. Still a nice shot of riches that where worth alot then! (still worth alot now i guess)

Last shot is not an old pic but an add for tibia while I was looking for Tibia pictures. Cip must realy be big time!

Original thread at:

This is where old screenshots are posted that I have found. Some of these belong to websites which may not last forever so I'll reproduce the screenshots and the words plus links and credits so that they won't be forgotten (where possible). Other screens are ones I've had or have found in my travels. I am always looking for old screenshots, so drop me a line I'd live to gather every old screen in the world!

Karr's Discovered Screens

Talen bug yo

The old server load, where you could see just how many players where online. Was removed when cip decided to add more servers.

level 48 was my magic number, and after a long absence i gained it back. note that there was no way to tell a male and female apart ingame.

The djinn probaly stash their extra GS here to sell back to the giant behemoths down stairs a few floors.

Back when you acualy could get on the high scores with just lv 43. Now even a new world doesnt remain like this for long. Highest level was Arieswar, at lv 80ish.

Back when Nova first came online (19th of December, 2001) this is what it looked like before they came fully online.

Here we have a picture of sleeping bitch, er i mean beauty. As you can see i was very much a soldier back then with my speach.

As you can see this is what the old Behemoth looked like. Its still an ugly fucker if you ask me. You can also see the map problems we had back in 2002, where after an update the map would screw up and move all over the place so i could be in the middle of a dongeon and the map would be some surface place. This still happens to this day, still an anoyance.

Poh has always been a place where people get bored waiting for the respawn and just go and make messages out of bodies, flasks, or any of the large pile of junk lying strewn about. This arrow is acualy pointing to a lured gs, hence the numberous dead bodies. Why they didn't kill the gs and just left the bodies in an arrow i wont ever know.

This is before I got my first Great shield, and before I bought the only pair of golden legs on the market. This was known as Karr Villa for a number of years and still retains this title in some of my stories. Note the T book under the hots, its a pile of the first ones i started collecting. Please mail me all your unedited T books to my Antica Venore depot as im going to print my darkest hour book in them.

My first trip to the Kaz boat when it came out, had no idea where it went at the time. Thats what I call ingenuety, taking graphics that already exist to make something completely hideous and outside of the graphics intent. Thank god they didn't animate the trip as I'd be there hours with this kind of resistance (not one curved edge on this boat).

I remained at level 20ish for a year or two and now you can tell why. Maybe I just outright sucked at playing Tibia?

I was fishing and these two losers came after me. Why I didn'd make a run for the temple i wont know, but they are still a Merc BB to this day.

You'd think escaping to a noobie character would prevent me from being a target? Not hapening, and they blocked the rope up with their firefield rune - how kind of them.

Even minor loot like gems and gold set my mouth into a foaming. No mater how little the tresure, you wouldn't ever see a quest that was worth your time where someone else hadn't already claimed it's origonal prize. Note the mino statues are hideous.

This is why you don't let people use your characters! Maxwell the Mighty's efforts here where not rewarded as Starry was quite upset when this was released.

I can't help it, when a sign tells me not to do something I just have to disobay it. Now a days it wouldn't be harmless efs that hit you, but 50 demons or some other crooked death devised by Knightmare the Map editor. From the broadcast you can see that people did acualy sell ingame stuff for Runscape stuff. A shame the following week they changed the game and added some new ultimate rune set, sucks for the guy who paid a rareset for the old best Runescae stuff HA.

This is when me and Mage Alex where solving the Desert dongeon quest. We had no idea what was in these portal or what would happen if we entered them so I enlisted some friends to come and help. Luckily it was easy as pie and we solved the quest the way it should be solved.

As you can already tell, the Steel Boots i wanted wern't here.

For 10k Menrec lent me his newly purchoused Demonia books so i could read and copy them into my own library. I wasn't sure if you could get them again I hapily paid for them. I had a similar deal with Tekvorian I belive, but he didn't claim it fast enough. Note: a 31 sqm house for 31k!?!?!? Fuck, not these days. Even closet space is at a premium.

More Demonia books, and yes, that guy did sell his cheese stacks - not in todays markets lol

More bloody Demonia books...

Last batch of Demonia books, and I just noticed that I am wearing a Platinum Amulet, not the fabled aol or any of that crap. None of that wholesome goodness existed then, you died with what you had - at this time only a 10% chance to lose the item on everything, yet the way my luck was it was 90% chance for me to lose something, and closer to 99% chance for me to lose sword, shield and helmet together. I did die twice and lost those three items, but I grabed my emergency stash of runes and bolted it back to retrive the goods, stupid cip and their crap servers producing lag and kicks.

A special thanks to Arieswar and company for saving my Great Shield that one time in Poh, it was very much apreciated!

Old GM list and the MCing they are able to do.

This is how you escape getting a name lock, except this one didnt hide it well. I cant remember if he suported Hokuten or not.

Claxton gaining magic level 19 on his paladin. He's deleted though.

Claxton gaining 93 distance. As you can see Tharkas is in need of a healing.

Screenshots that arn't orginized yet