Terms and Terminology


Dream Challenge

While many guilds have a strait forward process of inviting trial or training members to become a full member of the guild, we take a slightly different approach. If you have completed the necessary time, passed all the tests required, and been recommended to advance, and once you have archived the rank of apprentice, you are then eligable to complete the Dream Challange.

Apprentices are the rank you must obtain in order to be able to participate in our dream challenge. A challenge to finally test if you are the right type of member for us. As a team or alone you must solve the quest to find out where I am hidden. Upon finding me at the first location you must listen carefuly and awnser my questions. This questions will be about the past, be ready to answer it truthfully and honestly!

When everyone has answered their question, everyone will be asked to confirm a group question. Then I shall move onto the next location, where you must find me again. I shall ask a second question relating to the present time, and you again should be ready to answer truthfully and honestly!

When all have answered their question, everyone will be asked to accept the question I will ask everyone. After this I shall go to the final location and await you to find me. I shall ask one last question about the future and you must answer with wisdom and foresight before being granted to move forward. Once all have answered, I will confirm your conviction and then enter the soul portal and all those who follow will become full members of our guild.

The path is not fully chosen yet, you must complete the challenge with a swearing in ceremony at the next guild meeting to ensure your future in our ranks. Roleplaying will be a must as this challenge focuses on what you know and how you display it.

The guilds first Dream Challange.

Guild Initiation Task

As part of being in the Nightmare Knights is to help your fellow members out when doing quests, hunting, with problems, new members should also demonstrait their ability to orginize an event by themselves. In order to become an Apprentice, the new member must be in the guild for one month (30 days) and plan a guild event involving atleast 5 other members. This could be a group hunting expidition, completeing a quest, or some other style event. You do not nessisarily need to do a demon hunt, or solve difficult quests like POI! The event MUST be planed, and must have 5 or more people attend it. Once you have forfilled this requirement then you will be raise up to Apprenticeship rank.