Old Screenshots, and I mean Old!

I am not responcible for spontanious crying. This is a time before time, when the world was a very different place. Not even the elder years of version 6 where fathomed, this was a time of Alpha and Beta, the begining of all things. Most of the old screens are located on the old site screenshot link. Forgive me if some are repetes, its way to hard to keep tract of all my screenshots.

Anyone remember this nice screenshot? It was one of bars more civial broadcasts. I think its safe to say that he was the first person to make a lottery. He even had a lottery before this one, for an Eplate if i remember right.

These three where taken in very early rookgaard, so early that the graphics hadnt been changed yet. The graphic update that followed was perhaps a few months after maybe?

Rook trading room the only way business was conducted back then

The temple of Rookgaard.

Minos on rook, the famous spot that many high level rooks today still hunt at.

Screen above: Dragons and dragon lords ohh my - old school.

Some loots and a dead Martin. A clasic forsure. Yes that sword is a three blader, an unimpressive sword then.

This looks to be an old shot from the cyclopse lair that existed exactly where it still is today inside those underground paths north of Thais. I think it was called cyc hell then.

I misslabled this pic at first, it looks to be the dragon lair north of thais, and you see how dragons where easily blocked by poison fields. Also note the HOTS in the upper corner, dragons drops those and they where very common. I belive thats a firesword ontop of an eplate down there at the bottom, also fairly common (the firesword was the best sword then I belive, and it was called gouch fighting or something silly like that).

Mintwallen demon perhaps? what I do know is that this bad boy was so easily blockable by everyday helpful stuff that it was almost laughable to kill them. I think this person who took the shot is invisable, and correct me if im wrong but demons couldnt see invisable then?

Old dragon slaying pic, nice times there. Check the map out and youll see how some of the tunnels looked back then. Also see the salmon that dragons use to drop right up until that green ham crap.

Lured dl at thais temple! Watchout most people couldnt kill dls very easily. Also see that stupid glitch by the temple that apeared every now and then in the old tibia lands. A few places on the world map just couldnt decide what tile it wanted to be!

More old pf dragon blocking and hunting. Who needs a blocker! PFs where acualy useful then.

Demon slaying back in the day. See the runes on the floor. Thats how you acualy killed a demon. Since you where unable to attack and use runes at the same time (switching to bp would cancel attack) you had to place the runes on the floor and attack. Was evil for paladins, also the arrows didnt break then.

Horn of plenty time? Parties where a hoot back then.

Cyclopes where ugly but provided alot of exp to people since they where the best monster to kill at one time. Back then any distant item fired remained on the field to be reused.

Yes those are hots just lying around on the floor. Jellous yet?

The demon room, a nice place where demons could be easily blocked by as simple things as chests. Flowers where also popular to block demons with.

A hideous light wand on the ground there.

The introductiong of Dragon Lords proved to be more fun then cipsoft intended. No that hole is not a quick escape from the temple. There was plenty of client failures graphic wise as you can see by this picture.

Dragons blocked by poison fields, wouldn't that be nice.

Misplaced screenshots, but not forgotten.

No clue about this shot, possibly a treasure room of some kind?

Hideous fire as always but this is the surprise introduction of the giant spiders in the middle of cyc mountain. Sadly it was abused over the years resulting in its removal.

Above the merc hall, this was from the early days of Fibulas introduction. This is where I spent a lot of my time during my merc days, though I never was in them so early. These maybe mercs, I cannot see the name though I reconize the standard merc dress.

This is from the days where people used the bars to drink, sit around, and enjoy perhaps a brief respite from the daily exploration grind.

Multiple screenshots of lord knows what. The south west screen is a picture of hell, where bad players where sent. The sign conveniently says "Die to free your soul." I wish Cip would put this back into the game, a 30 day banishment and a death for botting would suit me just fine. Deletion also wouldn't be bad.

More parties.

Our least favoite words. Back then killing slime babies gave experience equal to that of a regular slime, this person was trying to milk that even in the early days. I think in this case it was the slimes doing the milking. How many more humans for a level up I wonder?

Fire in the crossroads is such a beautiful sight. To quote another game: "Ahh, to consume all earthly possesions in flame." The hideous beholder, and cyclopse make an appearance here. The orc spearman was the same graphic till well into the first half of the 2000 decade.

Way back you could acually have a party and not have some idiot come and trash it for fun. The game had much more mature players in it, which ment you could roleplay and acually find others to play along, or have a fun quest that didn't involve rares or money and people would still join.

Mad mage room leveling, off a snake no less.

De ja vu?

There is no such thing as broadcaster lag, but that didn't stop Ghaleon on his crusade to stop people from mana wasting over the air waves. Good luck seeing this spell back ingame. O land as you can see from this picture was a nice place to level.

Mad mage room with a demon you ask? Just business as ususal back in the day.

Yes, more unbelievably cheap demon killing tactics. Kind of makes you understand why Cipsoft pulled them from the game doesn't it?

Yuck, a room full of backpacks. These days you'd hope each was full of crystal, back then you would of hoped each was filled with gems, the currecy of choice. Unless you prefer each of those to contain the only coin, gold.

Not a damn clue where this is.

Arrows back then just droped to the ground, enabling you to pick them back up and reuse them. Back then even cyc killing was a team effort, back when people wern't so greedy and claim entire hunting grounds for themselves.

More impromptu parties and look who came to visit. Mr. Beholder was in need of a drink, the finest mud available!

How many milliseconds do you think a player made bar would last outside north gate of Thais? back then it was just another fun event for players to enjoy - back when players enjoyed things other then pging.

More bars...

A party! Wow conaria is even in this pic.

This I have no clue why two demons would be inside Murels house.

Temple pushing and weapon display. Giant sword on the bottom and ? sword ontop?

More leveling in that mysterious room.