The early updates of Tibia and the emails sent with them.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

New Beta Version Of Tibia

The following information about a new beta version of the online multi-player game Tibia just landed in my mailbox a few minutes ago.

Dear Tibia-Users!

Here is the yearningly expected new TIBIA-Version beta 4.0. As the name "beta" expresses: due to the implemented features Tibia slowly becomes a complete game.

Our homepages was totally redesigned and freshed up. Besides an illustrated manual there are statistics on the server load and links towards other home-pages about Tibia. Especially we want to point to Yorin's Tibia Homepage at There you can find the official messageboard and other nice stuff. But we are very happy about every fan- or guild-page. Please send an e-mail including an image if you want to get a link towards your site.

The greatest and most interesting feature is the magic. It is performed with spells or magic items like runes or wands. The possibilities range from Healing via Fireballs to the Summoning of daemons. Every player has different skills according to his vocation. Having reached a certain level you can select one of the four professions: knight, paladine, druid, and sorcerer. This choice determines how quickly your power or magic skills raise.

We recommend to start over with a new character, but if you want to have your old character converted, send an e-mail saying what guild you would have joined. Detailed information is available on the messageboard.

The Royal Tibia Mail enables you to send objects to other players. Just buy a letter or a parcel at the post office, write down the addresse, fill it, and throw it into one of the blue postboxes. It will then be put into the depot of the recipient. The depot is accessible in the post office and can also used for storing personal objects. How it works? As soon as you enter a chamber, the contents of the depot are transported into the locker. When you leave, the contents disappear so that nobody else has access to it.

Some comments on dying and letting die: Considering the hot discussion on the messageboard about regeneration and playerkilling we have decided that attacking players will not be allowed within the city any longer except the two arenas. Later there will be guards that punish such crimes. In the wilderness there is no restriction to robberies. But if someone tries to annoy other players with insults, he can be banned for one week by "wizards" which are elected by us.

Dying is only half as fatal, because the experience points are only halved, not deleted. Your inventory, however, will still belong to the first player that visits your corpse.

Overview of the other features:
- If you switch to the status mode (half-left button) your skills of each weapon-type will be displayed.

- With the help of the outline map you can easily cover large distances by clicking on it with the left button. The right mouse-button zooms the map.
- If you sometimes miss a speech bubble during conversations you can now open a text console at File|Preferences.
- The map is being refreshed regularly.
- You can tell other players something about your character using the field "comments" at Info|ChangeData.

We thank you for the great feedback via comments or messageboard. Hold on! We will try to realize as much as possible in the next version (coming out in autumn ?)

Please excuse the problems that will arise during the start of the new version.

See you in Tibia!

Stephan Boerzsoenyi
Ulrich Schlott
Stephan Vogler

Friday, June 18, 1999

New Tibia Beta

Tibia is a multi-player online game by Stephan Boerzsoenyi, Ulrich Schlott and Stephan Vogler who sent word earlier today about a new beta version:

It has taken quite a while but finally the new TIBIA-version Beta 5.0 is finished! The focus was not on the implemention of new "funny jokes", but an attempt has been made to establish a basis for great new enhancements still to come.

The old version of TIBIA was, as you often had to notice painfully, very instable. By the continuing implemention of new features without an overall concept, the data on the server, and therefore also the serverload, have grown immensely large without the single parts still fitting together properly. The only solution to this problem seemed to be doing away with the old 'prototype' and completely rewrite the programme. Due to the fact that we were only two programmers, this task has taken much longer than we've expected.

Even if the one-day testing-period after the easter holiday may have given a different impression, the new server is by far better than the old one. We were able to fix all the reported bugs and serverdowns quickly. The only remaining problem is the high serverload due to the numerous security-checks within the programme. As soon as we are sure about the programme working properly, we will remove them.

With a feeling for beautiful details the creators of the maps have provided for the new, visible improvements such as the new map, which is four times larger than the old one. We would like to express our gratitude towards those people. We also want to thank all those who have sent us graphics for the new objects that can be admired in TIBIA, particularly Alatar, Ghorkan and Zionic. Enjoy exploring the new world of TIBIA!

We were very disapppointed about the never-ending quarrels about 'power-gaming', 'player-killing', and the pestering of other players and our wizards. We intentionally didn't take part in the discussion; instead we have taken technical counter-measures:
- The statements of an annoying player can be 'ignored' by typing the command "#I ".
Typing just "#I" shows a list of all ignored players (maximum number of ignored players is 8). The action can be cancelled by typing "#U"
- With a new formula for calculating the advance of skills and a certain ratio of level to skill will make it more difficult to do 'powergaming'
- Being prevented from logging out for 30 seconds during a fight, life will be much harder for 'player-killers'! Guard-guilds will thereby have the opportunity to punish such troublemakers.

Besides the creators of the maps and people who made the graphics we want to thank Knightmare and Deuderonomy for their stories in and around TIBIA, the translators, Zionic for TIBIA Down Central (hopefully we will take away 99% of his visitors in near future), Lostboy for the setting up the domain "" and the collection and arrangement of all TIBIA-websites, Kalen Leah for his support in answering the huge number of emails, Graubart for the cover design of the starting screen, the attendants of the message-boards, and all who rendered TIBIA a great service.

See you in Tibia!

November 22, 2000

Tibia Update

Tibia Version Beta 6.0 is here! After the introduction of the newbie-isle and numerous changes in the gamerules during the last months, we are proud to present the next great update. This time, we did not only improve the game itself, but also moved our server to a new place and created a new look for our homepage.

Because our studies and with that our performance at the University of Passau is coming to an end we had to look for a new home for our server. In we have found a strong partner who provides us with a powerful computer with fast access to the internet. In return we will put banner adverts on our homepage, but in this way the game remains free of charge and adverts.

The new Tibia homepage has more content and a better structure. There you will find current informations about the game and the official forum of the Tibian community. In order to further improve the homepage, we want to ask everyone to submit tutorials, stories, hints, and pictures. We're looking forward to all contributions.

Although there are only a few technical innovations in the game, the update will drastically change the appearance of Tibia. Due to huge efforts and great support by many artists we could finally remove all graphics that remind too much of other role playing games ;-) thus giving Tibia another piece of individuality. We hope that you will quickly grow fond of the new style.

At this point, we want to express our thanks to the artists that made this step possible. To Mantus for the lots of beautiful weapons and items of daily use as well as numerous spectecular monsters. To King Crimson for the realistic trees, bushes, and stones. To Elleshar and Ralgar, who have untiringly worked out the list of missing objects. To Aureus for all objects of his upcoming area. Also to Knightmare, Conaria, Wastl, Lomaxx, Apoc, and many more. Thanks to all of you!

Besides that, there are some small changes with the client program: Another mechanism shall prevent multiple clients at one host. The names of ignored users may now also include the wildcards '*' (stands for arbitrarily many characters) and '?' (stands for exactly one character). For security reasons the password will no longer be saved in the preferences; it will be displayed for the last time when you start the new client. The last improvement concerns the communication with the server: A new technique shall reduce the so called screen-bugs.

Have a lot of fun in a nicer Tibia!
The Tibia client is available in Windows and Unix/Linux versions. There is no charge to play, although it is necessary to connect to the server in Germany.

January 3, 2002

Tibia Turning Five

Tibia has grown up. On January 7th, 2002 we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the public release of our game. Especially the last year has been very important for the development and the prospects of Tibia. So let us remind you, the active players and those who have retired and might come back one day, of the most significant changes and give you an insight into our plans for the near future.

The four of us have finished our studies in 2001. Therefore we had to face the decision between getting a well-paid job and running Tibia as a hobby, which surely would have meant stopping the development, or dedicating all of our time to Tibia, which implied that we had to earn our living out of the game. We chose the latter option.

The first step was a change of the player administration in July. All characters of a player are now combined in an account, which can be managed on the website. Only two months later we performed the next update which mainly affected the rights and abilities of our gamemasters. There are now so-called gamemaster characters, which are able to teleport themselves to certain places of the map and to other players, so that they can quickly check facts or assist players crying for help. Moreover, there are counsellors, which cannot banish players, but support the gamemasters by reporting violations of the Tibia Rules or by advising other players. We want to thank our gamemasters and counsellors for their efforts and appeal to all players to make their job easier.

On November 5th we were ready for the crucial step. Would our players be willing to support us and buy the new Premium Accounts? And they are! Although one can still play for free, hundreds of players purchased a Premium Account in order to get all those benefits, which are only for paying customers: a fascinating new Knightmare-area, the island of Edron, with several new monster races; houses, which are auctioned and then can be used exclusively by the owner; beds in the houses, where you can sleep in, thus regenerating while being offline; new spells with striking effects. Be sure that we will continuously extend this list.

With the growing number of players, our server was overcrowded nearly every day in November. Therefore we re-invested part of your fees, bought another server and launched a second world right before Christmas, thus doubling our capacity. This new world, Nova, is an exact copy of the old world, Antica, except the fact that all characters have to start from scratch. If you ever wanted to be among pioneers setting up a new community without any old-established, dominating players, choose this world. Of course, you can have characters on both worlds in your account. Just select the world when creating a new character. We are now able to setup more worlds whenever the need arises, perhaps with slightly different rules, e.g., a world with no playerkilling.

Now that we have implemented the infrastucture for future growth, we can finally concentrate on in-game features again. We known that there are several things that you are missing badly - a better chat-system, the support of guilds in the game, a safe trade-dialog, just to mention some - and we will tackle them one after the other. Furthermore we finally want to replace our five years old client program by a new one with a state-of-the-art graphics engine and a better user interface.

Finally, we want to thank you, our players, for your support in those five years. We can only implement the technical preconditions, but you are filling Tibia with life by adding roleplay, forming guilds, organizing events. We are happy that our game is so fascinating that some of you have been playing for years, and we promise that we will work hard to keep it interesting for some more years.

Have a lot of fun in Tibia!
Your CIP Team

Febuary 13, 2002

Tibia Site Update: New Features Soon
The website for Tibia added a short announcement on Sunday that outlines a new update that will be released shortly. As you can see, it will introduce a guild system made up of various features:
In a few days we will present a new update for Tibia. It includes a guild system and improvements for all premium account players like new spells or a vocation promotion. The guild system offers ranks and titles for all members, the rent of guildhalls, a guild channel, and a short presentation at our homepage. Of course each guild needs some premium account players to be founded. For more details watch the news.
Tibia is a 2D online world seen from a top-down perspective. It was developed by students at a German university. Last year, they formed a company, CipSoft GmbH, and began commercial service.

Febuary 24, 2002

Tibia Site News: New Version & Patch
A new version 6.6 of Tibia was released last Monday, then updated with a patch two days later. Here are the two announcements from the site, with the more recent one first:
Client Patch 6.61
Unfortunatly there is a bug in the new client that may cause it to crash. Please download the upgrade to the new version 6.61 for windows or linux if you already have the version 6.6. If you don't have the client version 6.6 just download the new client as usual here.

Tibia version 6.6 is online!
We proudly present the latest Tibia version 6.6 with a lot of new features, especially for premium account players. But the new release also includes many bugfixes and minor additions for all players. Please download the new client from our homepage.

Since the very early days of Tibia, players united in guilds. Guild members share the same spirit, protect each other, and build a community of their own. From now on guilds will be officially supported by the game. In the community section of our homepage you'll find a list of all guilds. There you can found a new guild and invite players to join it. Every player can see your position in the guild you belong to. Additionally all guild members of a guild can communicate over a special channel. Finally guild houses can only be rented by official guilds. Note that if you currently own a guild house, you have one month from now to officially found your guild, in order to keep the house. Please take a look at the manual for more information about guilds.

Another addition of the update is the introduction of promoted vocations. Become an Elite Knight, a Royal Paladin, an Elder Druid, or a Master Sorcerer. King Tibianus and Queen Eloise grant this promotion to all premium account players at or above level 20. As effect your regeneration improves, your loss when dying is reduced, and you may learn one special spell. But there are also new spells for premium account players without promotion.

As evolution goes on, the monsters have adapted to the constant threat from humans. So please be careful, even when attacking well known creatures. However also the Tibians haven't been idle. They invented a new technique for hunting - traps. You can buy them from Beatrice in Edron.

Finally we want to announce that there are several new gamemasters who will look after Tibia. Please refer to our community section for an always up-to-date list of all gamemasters. Our thanks go to them and all testers who helped us during the last week to improve the quality of the update.

Have fun in Tibia!
Tibia is a top-down online world developed by a group of German students who subsequently created a company, CipSoft GmbH, to take the game into commercial service.