Tibia's history at a glance, un orginized and totaly messy!

Tibia's top 10 players, not who you'd ever think.

Arieswar, Kadgar, Jiriki no'e Sa'onserei, Tekvorian, Sir Baltar, Wonder Man, Dagor Dragontooth, Chrono Chross, Hellraiser, and Debo where Tibia's top 10 back in august 2001.

You can read the thread here.

Additional history that doesn't have a place. Most is YouTube videos.

This is a video made from Tibia snipits from some earlier times to present. Kind of interesting.

Another like the above but done a bit differently.

A video made my Dios Griego using lots of his old screenshots from version 6 or so. It's his early beginings in Tibia.

Here is a video John Silver made some years back. Sadly, his char no longer exists, but in 2001 he sold his character anyway :(

Here is a picture of a broadcast from John when he decided to turn pk. Origonal post on it can be found here.

And finaly a video of the old rune shot aiming. Firing runes was a lot harder then it is now.

These are the first contributions I recived 2 years ago for this project, please keep in mind that it still needs some work and rewording.

Written and emailed by: Hakkenden. Ajustments made by: Karr and Gorak.

Tibia History: through the eyes of time

One and only known first “high level” in tibia was (Caprii) A druid that spent a lot of time north of Thais, fishing while letting others gain to the ultimate level, level (31)

Caprii, was a nice mage, but would defeat non-player killers and annoying secondary role-players the same way. Caprii was a nice, yet deadly, dark hearted sweet mage, he later quit, but his style and legends of finding some of the first real loots in tibia, are never forgotten.

~ 1997-1998+

Around the same time, some early player killers were on the rise. These dark players played with style, perfection. Most were untouchable, many were feared, and here I will list some of the most know early to later (PKS)

The Terminator: A knight with high skills, back when login out didn’t take time to do, even in the thick of battle, The Terminator killed many players in the town of Thais. A Fearless knight; single handedly bringing chaos to the very foundation of tibia in late 1997 to 1998. The Terminator was one of the first Hong Kong players to hit the scene and dominate. (Axe)

Ingram: The Knight with Skills – Ingran was both feared and respected by some in his time. Once even having one of the biggest and darkest guilds (RoA) after him and other RoA haters. Ingram always seemed to get away from any assault made towards him (often by just loging out as there was no log out rules then). Ingram survival "tactics" and famous player killing ethics make him a legend in Tibia. (Swords)

Officer Dragon: A Knight that was under the eyes of the tibian public for so long. OD was and if a legend in Antica. Officer took down anyone; most of the time killing people in the very depos they lay. Officer Dragon was said to have 80+ skills back when those kinds of skills were rare. Officer Dragon was a quite PK, and once told the public he does it out of the pure thrill of roleplaying. Either or, his name is on the mind of anyone that mentions “PVP” (Swords, mostly two handers)

Blue Soul: Two words: HIGH SKILLS (A legend in Tibia, skills and PvP unmatched) – He died like everyone else, it just took time and patience’s. Used (Sword/Shield) Gouche fighting.

Stom/Kensu: Not a typical player killer, stom had a heart of a lion, and the resources to do what he wanted. Also one of the fathers of the two-handed-shield trick ;) (Loved to hang out in mino bar)

Some HK players had an affect in tibia, even the lower level, dedicated their lives on the pride of doing things with extensive “power gaming” bring forth an invasion of massive trainers and player killers. For instance, Doll chun yu, a known player killer would kill about 5 players a day, without getting killed at times in weeks, Doll chun yu was only held this kind of relentless killings from levels 8-12! Many known HK players were of the same description. Without the introduction of such a way of playing tibia, their probably wouldn’t be as many high skilled or high leveled players even in our current times. Very extensive and multi-aspect events that led to it’s impacted in how players back then and now view the phenomenon, or bitter evolution.

Some Nutural/Evil players (Legends)

Betrayal: A name that has to be brought up. Betrayal, founder of the Rider Of Apocalypse or (RoA) and also being military adviser of Paladins of Darkness. Betrayal at his prime was in today’s standards not high level, but he proved that skill of knowing your self is what made someone great. From his early levels down to his peak of level 33, betrayal killed countless players, and he didn’t have to answer to anyone but himself. Betrayals best used weapons and form of attack were his (Burst Arrows, and Firebombs) paladin skills, using both surprise and know-how of his vocation to maximize his advantage over the battlefield. Besides being one of tibians famous (pvpers) betrayal was one of the outmost respectful and fearless leaders of his time. HAIL

Addition made by Gorak

"To clarify some things. If I am not mistaken, you could not attack with melee/distance and use runes in a bp at the same time. If I remember right, when you attacked someone, the attack window opened (and only one window would be open at a time)thus not being able to use runes. When you went to open your bp, your attack would stop. In addition, he was no pvp master. After he didnt have to answer to anyone (quite false), Gorak (level 31) and Ingram (~level 12-14) requested a duel against Betrayal (yes he was at his max of level 33 at the time) and Scythe (~level 16-19). In this battle Betrayal did not use bursts and firebombs, but decided against using any pally tools and tried to use Firebombs and Sds. On the other side, Gorak did use bursts, and for this reason both Betrayal and Scythe died.

After Gorak looted his chain legs (which were given to Sonne and Kalen leah on their wedding by cip, due to it being the first tibian wedding) a war started out. In this war, many RoA died, Betrayal died many more times including members such as Arieswar, and freinds such as Sir Warlord (highest level of the time).

In sum, Betrayal did have to answer to people, and at the end of our war (which lasted an entire 3 days) he agreed to get rid of the random pks in his guild, and I would return his chain legs. The RoA slowly dissapeared after this. Yes, the level of Betrayal was right, but basically everything else is quite slanted."

Jeppo: A druid with power. Probably better known as the “Mage of Mages” or “Evil bane,” Jeppo killed countless players, and was another “untouchable” players to even set foot in the land of tibia. Jeppo had the nastiest, most deadly Sudden Deaths in his time, and brought the words like “Evil” and “PK” to the common persons mouth. Jeppo also brought all the rumors to an end when he single handedly defeated Arieswar, yet rumors spread of the legitimism of his attack on him. Nevertheless Jeppo open the door to many followers. The legend he is will never be forgotten. (Best attacks: GBS, SD, Explosions)

Opa Wetterwaches: A German player, the first level 60+ high level in Tibia history. With arrows and bolts at hand, this gentle giant loved to kill dragons, mostly in fibula. Maybe one of the nicest high levels ever.

Roy ..L: Known as one of the first knights to even kill a demon. Roy was one of the nicest and one of the biggest adventures in tibia, not known by many for his disappearance in 1999, Roy was better known for the amount of data made on his quests and adventures. He also had large amount of stories and resources of his daily grinds, which made him make his own website ( Roy’s) which addressed his tibia life. Probably, the father of all knights, he legend is early and spans even down to the highest peaks of tibia history. Roy was the nicest, more free spirit in his days on tibia, and he will never be forgotten as the “the one”.

Rza: “The natural born killer that’s been forgotten?” One of the most forgotten names in tibia history, Rza has been part of almost everything. From verbal fights, to bar brawls, Rza’s name has been broadcasted across the land. PK/Tuff guy extraordinaire.

Deathwalker: One of the Knights of Knights, early Deathwalker is known for his active part in saving tibia’s once loss of respect. Deathwalker’s other known talents is his boyish good looks, charm with the ladies, and countless hours in or around hell. Deathwalker is someone many looked up to. Some rumors of having (Duped items) and abuses of power, which had disgraced his reputation, but, nevertheless, rumors and reality aside, deathwalker has been a solid foundation for imitations. He was very highly looked up to, and had many friends, for a long time, everyone knew who he was. Without a doubt he is a Legend.

Lady Rebel (Rebel): A nice player she is! A humble GM – Rebel has supported tibia is many ways, serving as tutor and being a leader to many, Rebel earned her way to were she is now. A legend. (More detail later)

(For Mr. Chaos) I’m working on more things, this is just 1/4 th of the names of some legends. Thought I listed the most prominent names first. I am working on some stories and things I have witnessed and have been in contact with. It will keep on coming as they say.

Again written and emailed by: Hakkenden

An old tibia

Before it became its public beta, tibia was a small personal project in a university in Germany.

There some talented students took some of the skills in programming and used many different things together, either from early sketches, to even ulitma 3 graphics to come with a semi unique game.

Tibia was one of the first (Successful RPGS) in Europe, because it was online, and because it was simple to pick up. The beta was then linked to some germen websites in Germany; the fist players were mostly young adults that used the social aspect of the game to make their own world? As the game became something that would promise fun and popularity, the young "team" in the university change some code and redone some of the things that were copied: to make the game in the first place. Also, the game was later supported to handle more players; 50. The code when redone made its appearance on some dedicated websites for RPG games.

The beta with some short time blew out of proportions. Tibias beta was "bottom necked" by the amount of players that came in waves to play Tibia.

This project (Its 1997 early 1998) was the time were the peak of the game came to, not in terms of the amount of players but for the amount of success overall the game provided. The future, both in a physical aspect as well as the in-game experience had to be thought about greatly, and it sure was. The team made then make tibia.

An important project, it was gone from a fun graduate project, to a euro online BLOCKBUSTER!

The rest..is history, Tibia is now, a game with title, style, and flavor.

Now "CIP" instead of just old wizards, are now chiefs in the prominent company called "Cipsoft"

CIP's team is growing, with the growth is coming change and new unique flavor, Tibia is something in a Class of its own in a lot of ways.

Who knows what CIPSOFT will come up next?

-Manga style to Karr

Once again written and emailed by: Hakkenden

I stand, near sam and say hi!

Toka: Hail Sam

(The view of gorns is great this time of daw)

(Sounds of Horses) (Trumbet)

Peasent: Hail its Arieswar!

(The man him self in my close vision)

You see Arieswar he is a Knight lvl 57

~A lone small mage stood near to gorns, he had all white and was very bright in the light~

(Arieswar jumps off his steed and makes hes way to his way)

Arieswar: Ahhhhhh.

Arieswar: Ahhhhhh.

Arieswar: Ahhhhhh.

Arieswar: Ahhhhhh.

Arieswar: Ahhhhhh.

Arieswar: Ahhhhhh.

Squall: ^^


Arieswars fallen, great trouble, the horror.

(Arieswar was macroed SDed by a pk HK called Squall lvl 17 in 1999 and it was tragic to witness)

Arieswar sold SoV,E-plate,MM,HOTS. And not a soul cared but the ones close.

Instently couldnt less low lvl chars came on to take the remains of the body of this once brave warrior on a dark after noon in gorns, Thais.

(Seen in the eyes of Idnam the Sage lvl 15)

Recorded Fact. Abuse and cheats of players in times.

Mino bar, the real mino bar has been an old tail told to me long long ago.

Its the bar located south of THAIS?


Ok mate. - A great hang out for old tibians, a lost part to its distruction in 2001 with update

Deathwalker:Demons cant think?

Serf: level 2: Nope they cant sire

Deathwalker: what?? Dont make me get off my toller and bow to the beasts, to only be eaten and throne up later?

Serf: Master..ash ok ok.

Deathwalker: Shut up..

Serf: :O

Serf: Look its looking at us


Deathwalker: They are wicked and viel sinners of the undergrounds, look at

there minds, i cant bear this.


Serf: Stand there sire, plz this is wonderful, they love you.

Deathwalker: They are not looking at anything else.

Serf (Takes off a worn battle jacket off)

Mana fluids, UHS, EXPLOSION BURSTS, EXPLOSIONS, Line the floor

~Demons die, die but they dont fret from stearing at death! El deathwalker (evil)

knows evil, who is the boss?>Muhaha

(Seen in the eyes of a unnoted forgotten soul)

Record of when Demons were abused, 1998.

Written by: Elosaydar

The Lesson of Ab'Dendriel

Years have passed since I promised to write The Lesson of Ab'Dendriel. Yet today I have decided to set myself to the task. It has been a long day, and in some ways a sad and difficult one. For today, I have learned the lesson of Ab'Dendriel again. Many years ago, when I found Ab'Dendriel, the city of the elves, I also met my Master Lliannan the Bard and my good friend Kaladon, Archdruid of the Black-Forest. I was becoming quite fond of my cousin Ygrane, though we did not know of our relationship at the time. Months passed and I was asked to serve on the Elven Council. These were exciting days, and it was the time when I learned most about the politics of groups, and the delicate line one walks with power. Not that we were so powerful. We only sought to bring elven values to the elven town.

Is all Celebnoli know, it is difficult to have a peaceful society in a world as violent and bloody as Tibia. So we made laws, and created the Guardians to enforce them. There was a similar governing body in Kazordoon which had created the IRT (Imperial Response Troop) to enforce their laws. From this point the histories of the two cities went widely separate.

Perhaps the dwarves were more suited to a government with laws than those who were attracted to elventown. Or, as other historians have speculated, it may have been the unique geography of Kazordoon that allowed the IRT to protect the city and enforce its laws. In any case, whereas Kazordoon took a relatively peaceful path from then until today, Ab'Dendriel degenerated into a terrible battle on two fronts: the Guardians fighting the law-breakers, and law-breakers and many citizens alike fighting the Guardians and the Council. The Guardians themselves degenerated in to an angry, yelling mob, not much different from the outlaws they were supposed to be evicting.

In the last days before I resigned from the Council, our very own Duque was serving as Commander of the Guardians of Ab'Dendriel. He made a valiant attempt to bring about order and loyalty to Council and Elven Law. Yet his human heart was broken when he discovered he was hated not only by the outlaws, but the citizens and the Guardians themselves. And, if I am honest, there is one more point to be drawn before I record here my conclusion. The Council itself became an absentee body of ghosts, almost never seen in the city they had sword to protect and serve. For many months, Ygrane and I were the only Council members speaking to each other on a daily basis, trying to sort out the difficulties and manage the problems of the city. (I do not blame the ones above me in the Council, for I know they must have been called away by important matters. Nevertheless, they were absent, leaving Ygrane and I to struggle along as best we could.) Citizens complained visciously about this absent Council with its "unjust laws". And where did they think they got the authority to put something like this over on the Ab'Dendriel citizens?

Where, indeed? And where did we go wrong? The only thing we were trying to "put over" on the city was peace, love, and respect for certain ancient elven ideals. In fact, it was the dream of the Celeb-nol, even before the guild was born in Tibia.

My conclusion is that you can not run a city, create a government, or even give a simple gift if those "above" you are absent or do not care, and if those "below" you hate and resent the fact that you exist. So Ygrane and I retired from the Council. Duque left the Guardians. And I began to dream of the guild that now is the Celebnoli.

Today, I sat with a dwarf in Tibia, drinking a cup of wine and sharing tales and reflections about difficult times, from long ago, and now. He also is a Gamemaster. I had gotten a difficult communication from the Constructors (*see below) that I was an idealist , trying to make the Tibian community into something to match my own desires. The Constructor who told me this was not too happy with me.

Nor, I have realized for some time, are so many of the Tibians in the Antican community too happy with me. Or perhaps it is just that the ones who speak the loudest are the ones who are most unhappy. In any case, I learned the lesson of Ab'Dendriel again: You cannot give a gift if those above you are absent, or do not care,and those below you hate and resent the fact that you exist.

And I found myself listening to the wisdom of this old dwarf as he told me, "We are alone. The Constructors do not often have the same dreams and visions that you and I share. Tibia will certainly, someday, change. But not today. And not in the next time," which, for a dwarf, as an elf, means a period of unimaginable years.

I sat in silence for a time, enjoying his companionship, glad to be in the company of one who was not formally a Celebnol, yet shared with me the dream. After a time, he asked me what I would do.

I'm going home," I told him. "To my Celeb-nol brothers and sisters. Too long have I stayed away, fighting for a cause - again - that is not wanted on the ground I was fighting for." This time it was not a city, but a world. Yet the lesson was the same. So the Old One picked up his staff and made his way back home. To the Celebnoli, where the ancient gifts are given and received, by and amongst those who care for the ancient Celeb way.

I will not leave you again.

*The Constructors: The CIP team. Those who have built the worlds. Never again will I call them gods. -Elosyadar

Email from cip in the early days

Wednesday, May 20th 1998

Dear Tibia-Users!

Here is the yearningly expected new TIBIA-Version beta 4.0. As the name "beta" expresses: due to the implemented features Tibia slowly becomes a complete game.

Our homepages was totally redesigned and freshed up. Besides an illustrated manual there are statistics on the server load and links towards other home-pages about Tibia. Especially we want to point to Yorin's Tibia Homepage at http://yortibia.home.pages.de There you can find the official messageboard and other nice stuff. But we are very happy about every fan- or guild-page. Please send an e-mail including an image if you want to get a link towards your site.

The greatest and most interesting feature is the magic. It is performed with spells or magic items like runes or wands. The possibilities range from Healing via Fireballs to the Summoning of daemons. Every player has different skills according to his vocation. Having reached a certain level you can select one of the four professions: knight, paladine, druid, and sorcerer. This choice determines how quickly your power or magic skills raise.

We recommend to start over with a new character, but if you want to have your old character converted, send an e-mail saying what guild you would have joined. Detailed information is available on the messageboard.

The Royal Tibia Mail enables you to send objects to other players. Just buy a letter or a parcel at the post office, write down the addresse, fill it, and throw it into one of the blue postboxes. It will then be put into the depot of the recipient. The depot is accessible in the post office and can also used for storing personal objects. How it works? As soon as you enter a chamber, the contents of the depot are transported into the locker. When you leave, the contents disappear so that nobody else has access to it.

Some comments on dying and letting die: Considering the hot discussion on the messageboard about regeneration and playerkilling we have decided that attacking players will not be allowed within the city any longer except the two arenas. Later there will be guards that punish such crimes. In the wilderness there is no restriction to robberies. But if someone tries to annoy other players with insults, he can be banned for one week by "wizards" which are elected by us.

Dying is only half as fatal, because the experience points are only halved, not deleted. Your inventory, however, will still belong to the first player that visits your corpse.

Overview of the other features:
- If you switch to the status mode (half-left button) your skills of each weapon-type will be displayed.
- With the help of the outline map you can easily cover large distances by clicking on it with the left button. The right mouse-button zooms the map.
- If you sometimes miss a speech bubble during conversations you can now open a text console at File|Preferences.
- The map is being refreshed regularly.
- You can tell other players something about your character using the field "comments" at Info|ChangeData.

We thank you for the great feedback via comments or messageboard. Hold on! We will try to realize as much as possible in the next version (coming out in autumn ?)

Please excuse the problems that will arise during the start of the new version.

See you in Tibia!
Stephan Boerzsoenyi
Ulrich Schlott
Stephan Vogler

Another email, sent at tibia’s 5 th aniversery January 3 rd, 2002

Dear Tibia-Users!

Tibia has grown up. On January 7th, 2002 we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the public release of our game. Especially the last year has been very important for the development and the prospects of Tibia. So let us remind you, the active players and those who have retired and might come back one day, of the most significant changes and give you an insight into our plans for the near future.

The four of us have finished our studies in 2001. Therefore we had to face the decision between getting a well-paid job and running Tibia as a hobby, which surely would have meant stopping the development, or dedicating all of our time to Tibia, which implied that we had to earn our living out of the game. We chose the latter option.

The first step was a change of the player administration in July. All characters of a player are now combined in an account, which can be managed on the website. Only two months later we performed the next update which mainly affected the rights and abilities of our gamemasters. There are now so-called gamemaster characters, which are able to teleport themselves to certain places of the map and to other players, so that they can quickly check facts or assist players crying for help. Moreover, there are counsellors, which cannot banish players, but support the gamemasters by reporting violations of the Tibia Rules or by advising other players. We want to thank our gamemasters and counsellors for their efforts and appeal to all players to make their job easier.

On November 5th we were ready for the crucial step. Would our players be willing to support us and buy the new Premium Accounts? And they are! Although one can still play for free, hundreds of players purchased a Premium Account in order to get all those benefits, which are only for paying customers: a fascinating new Knightmare-area, the island of Edron, with several new monster races; houses, which are auctioned and then can be used exclu- sively by the owner; beds in the houses, where you can sleep in, thus regenerating while being offline; new spells with striking effects. Be sure that we will continuously extend this list.

With the growing number of players, our server was overcrowded nearly every day in November. Therefore we re-invested part of your fees, bought another server and launched a second world right before Christmas, thus doubling our capacity. This new world, Nova, is an exact copy of the old world, Antica, except the fact that all characters have to start from scratch. If you ever wanted to be among pioneers setting up a new community without any old-established, dominating players, choose this world. Of course, you can have characters on both worlds in your account. Just select the world when creating a new character. We are now able to setup more worlds whenever the need arises, perhaps with slightly different rules, e.g., a world with no playerkilling.

Now that we have implemented the infrastucture for future growth, we can finally concentrate on in-game features again. We known that there are several things that you are missing badly - a better chat-system, the support of guilds in the game, a safe trade-dialog, just to mention some - and we will tackle them one after the other. Furthermore we finally want to replace our five years old client program by a new one with a state-of-the-art graphics engine and a better user interface.

Finally, we want to thank you, our players, for your support in those five years. We can only implement the technical precon- ditions, but you are filling Tibia with life by adding roleplay, forming guilds, organizing events. We are happy that our game is so fascinating that some of you have been playing for years, and we promise that we will work hard to keep it interesting for some more years.

Have a lot of fun in Tibia! Your CIP Team

More letters from cipsoft...

November 14, 2002 4:38:01 PM

Dear Tibia-Users!

Tibia has seen several huge innovations during the last year. They will form the foundation for a continuing growth and improvement of our game. Let us remind you, the active players and those who have retired and might come back one day, of the most significant changes and give you an insight into our plans for the near future.

Surely, the most obvious improvement was the new client program, which finally replaced the old one after more than five years. The new client uses DirectX and provides a redesigned layout, a revised graphics library, true color, soft scrolling and animations. Moreover, there are several new features like a comfortable chat system with different channels, a safe trading system, a VIP list where you can see whether your friends and foes are online, and an installation program. Two great artists, Mantus and Lord Ariakas, have re-drawn and animated dozens of creatures, and you can now choose different figures for your characters.

The new client attracted a lot more players, and so our servers were overcrowded every weekend. Therefore we bought better hardware and implemented some sophisticated optimizations in the server code. Now more than 800 players can play on each world without any freezes. Moreover, we launched two new worlds, which are located on servers in the United States. So all players in America, Australia, and Asia can experience a better gameplay with less lag there.

There were also a lot of new in-game features. Since the very early days of Tibia, players have united in guilds. Guild members share the same spirit, protect each other, and build a community of their own. Guilds are now officially supported by the game. In the community section of our homepage there is a list of all guilds. You can found a new guild there and invite players to join it. In the game, every player can see your position in the guild you belong to, and all members of a guild can communicate over a special channel. Additionally, guild leaders can rent guild houses and activate a private message board in the Tibia forum for their guild.

Another new feature was the introduction of promoted vocations. Players can become an Elite Knight, a Royal Paladin, an Elder Druid, or a Master Sorcerer. The rulers of the cities grant these promotions to all players with premium accounts at or above level 20. As effect, their regeneration improves, their loss when dying is reduced, and they may learn more spells.

The map has further been extended. On the desert continent of Darama premium players can explore oases, pyramids, and haunted ruins. Besides that, some old areas like Kazordoon and the Plains of Havoc have been revised, especially the enlarged mines of the dwarfs. We will still add more areas soon, so that there will be enough room form up to 1,000 players on each world.

Just recently we launched a new world, where playerkilling is strictly prohibited and prevented by the server. This means that you cannot attack other players nor cast aggressive magic spells against them. Moreover, explosions and magic fields only harm monsters, but not other players. So, if you had bad experiences with playerkillers on the "normal" worlds, we recommend you to start over on this new world. Altogether, we have now five worlds available, you can choose from. And the number will continuously be increased.

Exactly one year ago, we started to offer premium accounts for Tibia. Those players who pay a small fee each month receive several benefits in the game, for example, access to special areas and special spells, the possibility to rent houses and found guilds, and many more. A lot of players have purchased a premium account so far, and we express our great thanks to them, because without their support we couldn't run Tibia for so many players, invest in improvements, and dedicate all of our time to Tibia - Thank you!

Christmas is coming soon, and of course we will present an update just before it - the same procedure as every year. But as the new features should be a surprise for you, we will not reveal any details yet. Watch the news on our website for upcoming information.

See you in Tibia!
Your CIP Team

Stephan Börzsönyi
Guido Lübke
Uli Schlott
Stephan Vogler

PS: For those players, who have not played Tibia since the update introducing accounts in July 2001 and want to come back now, we offer a last chance to assign old characters to their accounts now. All characters, which are not assigned to an account by the end of this year, will be deleted then.

If you have some history youd like to contribute to the arcive, or even a screenshot or two of the past. Post at th NK forums, under the help forum, or email me with the subject line "Tibia History Project," at lordchaos_3@hotmail.com

The yellow spell wand, the demon sets, and the SoV.

-info by arieswar

Lightbringer, Flamehead and Arieswar when to the old demon room in minowallin many years ago. Arieswar was scared becuase the room had alot of demons in it and it was arieswars job to lure them away. On the way Arieswar found a sov, his first ever and still a rich item to find then. After the three of them faught those vial beasts, they found the tresure rumored to be hidden there - 2 demon sets, and a yellow spell wand.

The goods where split up amoung the heros, the yellow wand, the only one that exists even today, went to Lightbringer as did a pair of demon legs, one of the other demon armors plus the sov went to Arieswar, and Flamehead recived a demon set for his trouble. Thus the first demon two demon sets walked into tibia, along with the legendary yellow spell wand.

The real story of the cyclopsemania sword

-info by arieswar

Taghor and Arieswar where exploring the poh dragon lair with the new found knowledge that a pick would sometimes open up a hole on muddy ground. None others knew this was the case since it was a new feture of the update. Arieswar block and killed the dragons and dragon lords that resided inside the lair and used the pick to hit every peice of mud patch inside. They had no luck, so they destroy fielded all the firefields in the lair and picked the mud spaces they left behind.

At last they found the proper hole and droped into the lower level. More fire covered the floor, but one fire field caught their attention as it had a body lying under it. They destroy fielded that spot and serched the body. It contained a key to an unknown location (Knightwatch Tower), a book and some other junk.

The key was a wonderful new find and just as they where about to leave the body of junk behind, arieswar checked the stats of the plain sword and his jaw droped to the level below them. Inside the bag was a weapon far beyound the power of ANYTHING ever used ingame, a wooping 80/60 skilled one handed sword.

Taghor recived a sov as compensation for Arieswar to keep the sword and aries used it for 3 or 4 days before Guido angerly came and demanded the weapon. Rumor had traveled fast and he was angery that a map maker had illegaly hidden it for himself.

Guido took the weapon and destroyed it, leaving in a huff.

The second cyclopse sword was founf by Ghaleon inside a cyclopse. It too, was just a regular sword graphic, but with tremendous power. Ghaleon messaged Arieswar and offered him a deal for the sword and Arieswar gladly accepted, wishing to maintain his many level lead on everyone.

After Arieswar had used its impressive power for a week, killing dragons in 2 or 3 hits (their skills and levels where no where near 100 then), Guido found out about the weapon returning to Tibia again and decided to punish Arieswar for not reporting it, by deleated his entire depot, including the sword.

A real human shield.

-info by arieswar

Some years past, there was a trick where you could wear a shield with a bow at the same time, or be able to use a shield with any two handed weapon. Rumor has it that this was caused by duping in a cirtin way.

Also, you use to be able to wear two shileds simaltanously and recive the blocked power of both shields at once.

The Blessed shield

Many years past this wonderful item was bestowed upon a particularly talented map editor, Ellashar. The 50 deffence shield was greater then even the impressive Great shield, which boasted 42 deffence. The shield lived for a long time inside his depot until he decided to sell it and consulted a good friend of his who he trusted would be a nice new owner for it.

Muecli (bar) paid a very rich sum of 200k (was alot then) and a contract saying he would never, ever sell the shield. So the shield lived in secret with bar.

Many years passed, and the very welthy man bar decided he would sell this grand rare. So it was that he went to the only other tibia site out there, www.tibia.de, and used their newly created auction forums to sell the shield.

It was a tough battle of bids but there could be only one winner and so it was that Lightbringer paid 5million for the holy shield. He showed the shield off for years before finaly retiring and reportedly selling the shield, as well as most of his super rare colection to anonomous buyers.

Sites of the past

origonal cip team and other helpers.


beta 5.11 system requirements


oct 23 2000 guilds and such


july 11 2000 players online


oct 13 2000 players online


kms first genisis eddition, in german


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nov 1999 guild list


old screenshots



Old vocation levels and cash needed.
Sorcerer level 7, 2000gp needed
Druid level 6, 100gp needed
Paladin level 4, 800gp needed
Knights level 5, 500gp needed

History of the Citadelica


History of IRT


Words from Taghor about the past