This is the place where bits and peices of memorable moments from Tibia are kept, an archive of events that changed the world we knew and marked the end of many of the golden years of Tibia.

PoDs Farewell

Hail Tibians!

It's time for a change. Tibia has let a weed grow for far too long and now this weed has taken a firm root. Only several guilds and warriors have the power to uproot this vile weed. Therefore, I challenge all noble Tibians to take up arms. A time has come where, to prevent bloodshed, we must for a short while spill the blood of those whom have forfeited their rights to respect by violating the rights of many innocents. PoD has not made a poor mistake. Nay, I say they have established a pattern.

Mercenaries, I look to you. You are strong and established. You keep strict and just order in Fibula. Carlin's less experienced protectors have been assailed. Please show the ideals abroad that you have already demonstrated in your homeland!

Red Rose, I now address you! You are good and fair and noble. Due to your kindness you have not before moved against this plague of evil. I beseech you. Do not turn a deaf ear to the Dark Warriors of PoD. Their power will only grow and send the lands into further decay...

Polar Patrol Guild: You are young and weak still but I challenge you to make a sacrifice for a short while. Keep the Ice Islands free of PoD ruffians.

Ab'Dendriel Guard, I hail you. Most noble Elvin Fighters, I come to you under grave circumstances. PoD has become and endangerment to the government of civilized towns. Please take heed to banish this evil from your sacred Elvin Fields.

Kazordoon Guard... You of all people I will kneel before in deep respect. You have long kept Kazordoon in safety and happiness. I call to you, asking you to act upon this message and destroy and PoD that enters your strong walls. Like Ab'Dendriel, PoD can not enter your home or else blood will surely be eventually spilled within.

Rising Dragons: You have been neutral in most every conflict for many a long age. You are respected and honored greatly for that and such a stance has allowed so many people to look to you with a smile and humility in front of your strong and noble army. Now, however, is the time to mobilize your resources. Send forth your legions to halt what could soon turn it's greedy eye toward you too.

AFT, ADK, SoJ, former RoL warriors, I can not speak to you with eloquence or wisdom as I am not familiar with you and your armies. However, I call upon you all to avenge the destruction of RoL, the threat to Carlin's peace, and to end the reign of Chaos.

Satori, now is your chance to show that you are a bold new, honorable guild. Join this crusade to protect peace, order, and sanity.

JaMaD, the three of you have long hunted in secret. Use that veil of secrecy to silently take down the villains in PoD. You have the strength to do it and from what your two leaders said to me, you have the will and resolve.

PoD, I lastly speak to you. If any of you turn against your decaying brethren, you will be protected by the great coalition that is gaining momentum. I pray you choose wisely. I say this: Disband...

My e-mail is

In all sincerity,

The Great Whipe

The summer update of 1999 brought tibia a rude awakening. Where once was backpacks of eplates their now was chain armors. Greatly skilled knights where replaced with general cip decided skills, levels reduced by half.

This was the great wipe, the biggest exodus of players this game had ever seen. Cip knew this game was easily abused, skills far to quick to accumulate, super powerful items the common norm. in an effort to bring proper balance to tibia they decided that the best course of action was to wipe it all away and start fresh. Every character had a severe drop in level, followed by a skill set of cips choice of what that level should have. Their equipment was turned into basic stuff of lower levels, and wealth was caped. Cipsoft made rares hard to get (though tibians where quick to rectify this problem with discovery and duping).

Before Ab'dendriel

Back before abby, there was only a little place called cyc camp. A small fire pit in the upper part of the map with some cycs around it (see map). It remained rather bland for a long time until it was finally replaced by the elven city.

The well known parcel city of greenswood existed in this area too, a shame it was destroyed by the same types of misfits that cause problems today.

Lonely Dwarf Mine

At kazordoons implementation, there was only one mine, two places in all of tibia to find the bearded fellows. That was Dwarcatta (dwarf prison), a locked world that is still pretty good to level in, and of course the main mine in the kaz city – very reduced from the size it is now but still a nice place to level. It was not till later that cip decided to give dwarves more roaming capabilities.