Here is a list of sites i have used to help aid me in this quest, some of them are very old and worth a look before they disapear entirely! In just this last month, 3 sites from the old list where removed entirely! If you find an old site please post it in our forum so i can add it to this list and make copy of it so we dont lose its information forever!

Old Eridan de Alien Page (the page was taken down recently but you can still view the info using wayback)

Silent Order - Tibia History

RPGVault - News Arcive

Holy Knight of Fighting

The Shaolin Monks of Tibia

Riders of Apocalypse

Gheric's World of Tibia

Cobalt Tower

Yorin's Tiba

The Ivory Tower

Old Flat Site

Snow Shadows Site

Hell Vipers Site

Ghaleon's Screen Shot Page