Premia, and The Demon Quest


Premia's Screenshots

Some of my Premia life. This is the "secret council" we called to discuss the problem with the Legion of Mayhem, who where causing serious problems. It was so secret that some idiot acually invited a few of the very guild we where discussing! War was declared on us the same hour.

Sadly most of these players are long gone to dust...

We found the solution we wanted, though it came by Cipsoft's intervention, not our half assed efforts.

Who can forget the snow ball update? Here is a case where snowballs and dogs can be useful. The distance advance here is the reason those white, cold, fun balls were removed with strong words against their return. I can still remember the rioting posts of disgruntled people. "Pallys shouldn't get all the advantages", one mage argued. Little did he know that Cipsoft would take away all advantages and clipped the pvp domination of mages with "exhaustion". You always get what you wish for <rolls eyes>

People like highscores these days, so why not show a highscore from Premia's first weeks and months of existance? Nomak and Morak (me) battled for second place for months but Doombringer was powergaming faster then we could recover from dieing through kicks.

Some of these people are still playing, but most gave up ages before.

This is how I hunted GS in POH without continuously dieing from lag and kicks. I always seemed to die anyway, and the GMs were quick to take notice and change this most useful tactic. 3 GS at once? No problem! Some even used spears to kill them, making GS hunts free!

The three highest levels of Premia gaining exp together. Not something you see these days eh?

This is when Nomak killed Victonic during one of the many wars we had. I'm not to sure where this picture comes from though. Vic was a formintable enemy and turned out to be a great friend. The Premia wars where exciting and filled with comical bravado.

Me and Nomak in Mintwallen. Sadly no demons here anymore, not like we would of been able to kill any.

I cleared mintwallen quite often with nomak and this time was special for us becuase it was our first time. The minos where hideous to look at, but I loved them anyway! I miss the old graphics.

Locked in a room and I forgot my key, not an uncommon event when your Karr Chaos.

My bp is full here, even though it apears to have more slots they where just for show, you still only where able to use 20 slots.

My hand as a priest in the wedding of Akitra and Druid Infernal.

Broadcast still existed on all worlds, it would not disapear till later.

Every good wedding has presents, though it's the sentimental value that counts!

My team was the first to clear this quest on Premia thinking that perhaps the riches of old would spawn here given that it was a new server. As a paladin I choose the worst junk imaginable so if I died I wouldn't have to return for my goods, a tactic that seemed to work.

More waiting.

Domsan was always wanting to find that ultra rare.

No special rooms like todays 10k quest, this was a chest that fell from the celing. As you can see it gave a two handed sword, a small diamond, a steel shield, and some gold (51 I think).

Premia Demon Quest

The most asked story of me has always been the Premia Demon Quest which was Knightmare organized and gave the 3 most fabled items, The Thunder Hammer, Enchanted Plate Armor, Golden Legs.

On June 16th, 2002 Premia had been recently introduced and Cipsoft had released the update which featured the new island of Darashia. Me and several friends where exploring and clearing the Mino Tower when we recive a red broadcast (GMs had white BC, Cipsoft had red) . It informed us that an evil Demon has spawned on Premia, somewhere on Darashia and that he was practiciting deadly spells. To save our world we would have to defeat him (or steal his magical items).

The plot was a bit dry but never the less we assembled at the market on Darashia. Doombringer was the highest level at the time with 50ish, but he wanted no part of dieing and so refused to go. Nomak was the second highest and a good friend of mine but he was busy working and never logged in. If someone has a list of names of who went please let me know so I can make a list here. Those I do remember: Akitra, Sinner, Ishy kubaba, Ugraal, Xyldrael, Rauko Gurth, Mega Phobia, Vicotnic, Domsan, Gragner, Dalith, Sinth Ka'agar, Kusutoko Yomuro, Dizzy IV, Galarian, Hihual, Vawaz, and others.

At first we went to the hidden parts of Dwarfia, and found the light house. Thinking the demon might be there we ascended the tower with great difficulty as we where very low leveled and had only two mages with us with the unbelievable level of 30ish with magic around 40-50. Upon discovery that this was the wrong place we searched under the surface and took the south path where the necros are now.

Domsan setting up the rules.

We made it to the vampires, but found no Demon, no artefacts, and nothing except the death of Gragner I believe. Many had become discouraged at this point and left our party. It was only a handful that finally went up that north path and into the pentagon room. We found the rope up and sure enough a nice demon was waiting for us along with every undead worshiper in the entire continent.

As we had only two mages we knew we had to protect them at all costs and use their benefits to the fullest. I put my entire treasury to this quest, re-supplying the fallen and refilling the mages. Victonic, who had been my enemy for the entire time on Premia, set down his feud with me and others and took his possession as key mage. Akitra assumed the role of second key mage and together formed a tactic to destroy the undead legions.

One mage would go up with mana shield, then the second would go up and UE right after. Both mages would then go down and refill. It took several UE in order to clear the room but it gave us the space we needed to give Mr. Demon a shot.

As you can probably tell from this screenshot with all the bodies and items littered about, our first attack was horribly unsuccessful. The demon quite literally blew us into pieces, and our total damage was laughable compared to the demons hp, perhaps no more then 500 damage at best. Each energy wave dropped its target, each summon crippled the blockers, and through it all the damn undead monsters we had previously killed where re-spawning. After most of us had failed, we planed for more. After several times without success and nothing but appalling death we had to develop a new strategy.

This whole place was a fast spawning hell, even when cleared with UEs.

One of the many return trips we took while on the quest, each time we marched to yet more death.

The demon was causing too much pain for us, and our team was getting smaller with people giving up saying it could not be done. The GMs who where sent to oversee the quest for Cipsoft (Lawbringer AKA Knightmare) kept teasing us with funny broadcasts. Sadly all bribery and threatening did not help us get any closer to solving this very difficult quest.

We where finally down to the last hour that remained. We had one option left to us since the demon was beyond our server’s ability to kill. We would all go up and "distract" the demon while everyone else would go for the coffin containing the coveted artifacts. We needed every possible blocker we could find so Victonic offered to pay 1k per person who came to die in the service of this quest (which was a lie). Some did show, and it was Domsan who Victonic convinced to be the meat shield for one of the final UE bombardments. He made the mistake to force him into this possession by promising him a rare item.

We fell quicker then we planed. As I finally died to the demonic force for the last time I saw in the corner of my screen one person. Victonic running towards the coffin. As I’m told, Mega Phobia was the last to fall.

It was tense. I waited in Darashia temple for either Vicotnic to appear beside me or to hear his private message. Finally I received the happiest news in my Tibian life "I got it." I was a councillor at the time and I had the ability to BC. I BC'ed something about finally beating the quest. GM Lawbringer made a funny reply of his own about the demon being mad that his items where stolen and leaving in a huff.

Save was closing in and we got Vic to the depot and logged out.

In a surprise turn of events Vicotnic did not screw us all over like we had thought. He played fair and handed over the two items to me, keeping the Eplate for himself as was our deal. It was up to me to distribute the final Golden Legs, as I had planed from the start to keep the Hammer. After much consideration and arguing, I decided that the legs belonged only to one person, the second mage who had made this quest possible. Akitra received these legs and Domsan was pissed. He felt betrayed because he had been promised a rare by Vic.

Domsan was spaming me hoping that it would change my mind.

I also was having a nice conversation with the good GM Lawbringer.

Domsan was a great friend of mine so after long arguments into the morning I finally gave him the hammer. After pretending to toss it away he gave it back. A risky manoeuvre but was worth it to prove that money doesn't trump friendship.

This next screenshot is the one I put on WoT to announce the victory of the quest. Back then it was the most powerful weapon in all of Tibia, the most powerful club in Tibia, the most powerful single handed weapon in all of Tibia, the most... you get the picture.

I had made grand promises after that quest, promises I could not keep. I had looked up to players like Sir Balthar who sold their Ferumbras loot and spread the wealth around to others who had fought against that powerful wizard of old. That is how I wanted it to be, to give everyone a taste of victory.

Unfortunately many players made it impossible. Every day people had the ignorance to private message me asking, demanding, or threatening for a piece of the Thunder Hammer. They weren’t interested in waiting, they wanted immediate payment and in sums and values that would make even Sashra blanch. What nerve to demand from me something I was not obligated to do; only something I wanted to do!

After a week or two of this nonsense I had enough and I put it up for sale.

I showed the Hammer here to Argos who posted this picture.

This is what I sold the Thunder Hammer for: (prices where a lot higher then so its about 3milish)

Antica: HotS, E-Plate, 2 GS, Steel Boots, 150k, 4 DS, 4 K-arm, 3 K-leg, 3 WH, 1 P-amulet, 1 bh-shield, 1 FS, 26bp's with Hmm's, 2154 Burst's

Premia: 50k, 10bp's with sd's


I left Premia and never looked back. A lot of angry people continued to follow me and flame me for years, they still do 6 years later. No surprise that it was the same people who had threatened and demanded. Vicotnic killed the last person who asked him to share and Akitra is reported to have given some small amount of goodies away to the more polite of askers. What a shame this quest produced only 3 rares, others deserved at least something for the time and effort they put into this quest. If I had of stayed on Premia everyone would of gotten something, yet sadly its always a few who destroy it for the rest. Those few I did honor in private well deserved what they recived and continued to recive all the help I was able to give, they know who they are, and they never asked once for anything.

I regret nothing.