Old Site Screenshots

Due to the internets unkindly desire to remove all content it considers "obsolete" I have choosen to preserve old screenshots incase the inevitable occurs. In every case I have placed the site which they can be found and I encurage everyone to visit them and gain the knowledge from those sites before they are gone forever!


Captian Newbies Tibian Adventures


*watches you enter his home* Don't you people ever knock? oh well, as long as you're here i might as well show you some of my friends adventures, his name is Captian Newbie, and he also has a friend who will be in most of the pictures. *gets the photo album* oh...heres a good one for you to see...

Here he is in the depot,the poor guy doesnt have any equip, so he decides to ask for some.

I guess he asked the wrong person...

Here's Captian Newbies first visit to Elane....

Well, he seems to have pissed her off.

This is a classic one...here is Captian Newbie making fun of someone who is stuck behind the east gate, no harm in it...right?

Wrong, here comes Peppi to make sure that no one makes fun of anyone else in Tibia...he's a pole smoker if you ask me. Takes a strong person to kill a newbie, eh?

Oh look! its that Peppi guy again...boy, doesnt he have anything better to do?

Guess not, how come he can ban people for fighting, but he can hit newbies with fireballs? kinda faggish to me

*shakes his head sadly* if only CIP could see this....

Captain Newbie Old school


Pissing on a grave

Don't know if this one is up on the other page or not (it is), but there was only one way to open the east gate at that time, otherwise you'd have to go all the way around town. this guy was pissed ;)

I don't know why we did this one, but the person next to captian newbie is his first mate and a close friend back then, so he has to be added for i don't know if there are many pictures.

Peppi killing captian newbie in the depot

Begging for stuff

Running through town

Bad doggie.

I laughed when i saw this one again

that's all i got on this comp

Gheric's World of Tibia


This is to his main site which is absolutely worth a look through. Many of the links are toast but the few that do work are interesting - atleast I think so.


A nice trap that makes it a little hard to live

this is my favorite way to kill a GS, cheap, simple, and easy. . .

The loot from a demon down on the way to mino city, like my mag level?

This is from before the x mas update when we all got together for a demon killing party, I think we killed 5 total that day. . .

Slayn causing a little trouble at the north gate

Aries, Flamehead, and Lightbringer killing a demon in hell. . .

Unknown Screens


This is the best Newbie Island Stuff

This 3 Pictures are all Newbie Island

Mino Mage says: Learn the secret of death !!!!!

Me says : Hahaha let me in first :-))

Where is the door to the Ghoul ??? i need exp :-))

i defeated him :-))))

me at Level 2 against 6 poison spiders :-))))

i am promoted :-))))

Fun Screens


I got BUGS on the Testserver :)

FREE FISH at Tempel :-)) !!!

Funny Waspwar on Nova's first Day :-)) !!!

Galeon's Screenshots

Just some screen shots I took over time...move to the next page. It won't be anything great...I made this whole thing today 6/16/01

Just saying Hi from deeper Fibula

Having the old fashioned Demon Rodeo...try lasting the full 8 seconds

Niehoff was a bit angry with the mercs for kicking him out some months ago...

The good old days when I was rich...

I'm sure everyone remembers the good old screen bugs...

These next three shots go together...

Another Demon hunt....nothing new to these guys, but the loot was nice this day

Good old Flamehead thinking the same as always

My own personal Demon Hunt Call...I'm the Rodeo clown

Here is Slayn making it hard to live, he did his job quite well.

Here is me and my rares again...killing a dragon hand to hand, 2 emeralds in the same dragon

If you'll notice the messages in the text box...Slayn had this effect on most people

Marquis died this day...strange thing is, he didn't even get any of this loot for his troubles

More of my various rares on a different char

Another one bites the dust...

This is Ender paying Guido a large amount in money and items for possessing the Demon Powered Shield(illegal) which he sold to Lightbringer. The picture doesn't make much sense because I lost the other screens from this series

This is chaos in old tibia...the newer Generation has no idea what real chaos is

My best rare ever...a powerful beast it was

Here is Aries stating the obvious, and Vejita babbling about his new found hope with MY sword...as if I was going to give it to him

Me and good old Flamehead killing some high level rare knight in plains of Havoc...fun times.

The trap I made that got the mighty Jeppo killed..hrhr.

A little trap we set up..nearly impossible to live through for anyone...I forget who it was set up for, but the next screen shot shows who got it I think ;)

This is Lightbringer showing his dislike for our Deeper Fibula trap ;(

Just a screen shot of the old Ghoul graphic...I miss the days.

Alatars Screenshots

His site can still be found here.

One day we were missing the beholder ...

Diet for everyone ...

Never play skat with demons!

Beware of Frodo ...

Muriels daily introduction session ...

Aureus' Screenshots (and more)

Find this remarkable site here!

Note: I had to translate this site from German to English, greater translations welcome!

The first tibiain wedding

- a report of Aureus -

Screenshots of Jade

took place on Thursday, 16 July 1098 in the church.

The brautpaar were sun and Kalen Leah, were trusted it from Thor.

Many more or less well-known adventurers Tibias appeared themselves for this impressing event. After the introduction ("Gods Tibias! Do not let the server fall!" - "around it we" ask) sang the Druidin Ishara in  Song for Kalen and its bride. Afterwards these gave themselves the yes-word, until (hopefully never occurring) death separates them, and Death of ring exchanged, while the bell of the church tower rang (bell yells: "BAMMMMM")

To the conclusion the Tibianer sang together a song, whereby only Yorin really knew the text, and the others simply Yorin's Messages typed.

The wedding ran off on the whole smoothly, only some comments of the present fixed guests appeared somewhat inappropriate: -) ("Make love emergency was", "schnarch", "comes to the thing", etc..) In addition Kalen of the solemnly drunk wine became drunk,  while that could not pass sun, there her instead of wine (erroneous?) a Mana fluid to itself took ("Ahhh...").

After the wedding a large celebration took place at Frodo. There was cheese, ham, meat and wine for all, which used some fewer civilized guests in addition to empty itself into empty weinglaeser. In addition, in such a way the some is told the opportunity used its private nahrungsmittelvorraete to fill up. Also a Zyklop gave itself the honour and freshly congratulated that to Vermaehlten - only that is strange the Zyklop "Yorin" meant.

The crowning conclusion was then fireworks (Fire of ball) and a burning heart (Fire Fields) at the north gate.

There were small insignificant incidents here in addition, - a particularly nice contemporary pushed another in the fire and some Newbies had nothing better to do, as if interests in the Fire and Poison Fields to run; -) By the fast assistance of some friendly Tibianer as however for example Green Druid deaths could  fortunately to be avoided.

When a guest transformed into a Troll, two Newbies could be diverted only with trouble by assassination plots. As soon as the burning heart had expired, a present one said harm-gladly, with which heart was also the love expired.

All in all it was an impressive  experience - Tibia is prepared for a second wedding.  are called (target: my lebensmittelvorraete are again empty; -) )

Oh, I would have forgotten one nearly: I wish much luck to the brautpaar!

The demonstration

(Screenshots of Railur and Jade) On 23 August 1998 many inhabitants Tibias appeared themselves with Frodo. The reason: They demonstrate against the "Powergamen" - thus against Skillpushen with spiders and against that Abuse of the Beholders as Exp factory -, against the Protection zone as well as for new and/or more monsters.

Demonstrator, before -- afterwards

Durin, part of the CIP team and tibianischer housing broker, was likewise present, around itself the desires to listen to the Tibianer. Here its most important statements:

The best quotations the demo; -) :

"we want more work and less wages!" Ghorkan, which by the way left Tibia after the demo  (Ciao & hopefully we see you again nevertheless times, cucumber!)

"Durin is reliably AFK and drinks coffee!" Kalen Leah, when Durin says for a long time nothing

"the Drache is too nice!" Banshee


"Roaming of monster" in Tibia

To 2.11.1998 the following message on the Messageboard, as the Sever straight was times

again down was: 

Rear Tibians 
Careful! A plumb bob OF evil creatures of acres roaming across Tibia. 

CIP Productions

No, thus was not meant that the CIP team to Monsten is mutated. Instead a monster arising did not see, like it this country ever, announced. Approximately one quarter of an hour later functioned the server again. Were made for the first Ankoemmlingen distance clocks of cries and warning Broadcasts.  What had happened?  In place of the good old Beholders there now a feuerspeiender Drache stood!

The Daemon had finally learned to move on its platform freely!

3 or 4 kites selected themselves the east of the city as Picnicplatz! Together with this kites also Orks and Minotauren came there. In addition Mino hordes/hurdles of ring distributed themselves around the city, for example in the south and southwest.

Fast however a quantity of courageous heroes appeared itself, over the surplus Monsters fell and for them soon from had made, for example Sir Martin I., Karl, Galadriel, 1st knight, rx78, and many more.

The Sever said good-bye soon again (load by too many monsters?). When it was again "UP", gabs 2. Attack wave.

"particularly more smartly" a hochleveliger Knight came on the "almost ingenious" idea, a kite to down-push over from the Beholder the stairs toward Ghoule/Daemon. Someone hardly came nothing-suspecting down saw itself it direct beside a kite. But Sir M. killed it (the kites not the Knight:) ) fortunately fast.

A question remains open: Limited was a temporally action or an update?

For the update would speak:

- BH do not skillpushen exists any longer (some people must itself probably umgewoehnen now on "normal"

-Monsterkillen... nix more with "in 2 weeks into the Highscoreliste"...)

- would have followed for the desire more monsters thereby

- the desire that the Daemon is no longer completely so simple, also.

- that CIP had to probably do some around this action to organize (e.g. the Daemonen to teach how one to the west and the east moves.)

If they find, make the time to something to do them it then on the next day again retrogressive?

For a temporally limited action would speak

- that the server is obviously not with so many Monsterberechnungnen clear-come and 10 min on-line before it starts 30 minutes again.

- that the message was that monster "roamen" and not e.g. the number of monsters increased

- that Tibia became more difficult a quantity, Newbies no more to wolves could not dare because

Minos close are, kites directly before the town-gates are etc..

We will see, which is correct. Anyhow it war/ist a welcome alternation!

"I died. But I don't care, it is much fun now. I don't care about levels " (quotation rx78)

Viech :)




Beholder place

replaced the Beholder


The east of the city


Orks, Minos

The east of the city

Annoyingly if one fights a kite


Strifen v. south the Storm knights castle to eastern that 
Cycs completely in the south



Southwest the first wolf herd in the south of the city (south gate)



On its platform, but 
freely running around!


The Wizard Kalen Leah by the way means, it is a temporally limited action.

Early Thais (Tibia City)

This is what the map looked like without fancy houses and such.

Oh and this is somemore flats and the full Thais map.

Beach Home Apartments

Ovet Houses

Sweet Living flats

Some things never change...
The way to Marvik the Druid

Step 1   to the east gate.

Step 2  this ladder hinauklettern.

From the wood  on the grass go to step 3 here.

One can  see the cave entrance now to step 4... 

... click simply the staircase.

Step 5  still another ladder down and one is in the cave. After in towards steps to the east one sees then Marvik. In order to become Druide, Marvik greet ("rear ones") and then "join" to say.

Everything old, everything random

This is that hut you pass through on Mill ave, beside North gate. Arn't those ovens ugly?

The bridge to the castle...

Most of these screens are from Beta Tibia.

This was a nice bug, caused alot of headaches. Logins never have been without difficulty.

I think the dark tiles are bugged in this picture. That red avatar is the closest we have ever come to looking like a dork, er dwarf.

Completely fucked, that's all.

Mixed parts.. (as a note, if you clicked on the head it opened and you could dupe, see our history of items for more info)

Sams new anti business method, the closer you get to his shop, the farther away it moves... not!

Human wall: An idea inspired by Atlus?

This was the old lower hp, mana, cap, and ammo left bar - this bug doubled the bar and fubar'd the rest.

Very common bug from the old day. When you loged out/in you sometimes ended up with your stat screen on the title screen.

Caution! Watch out for road construction/sever destruction/dimentional failure.

More failures, watch out for randomly spawning walls.


Yes, that is a skelliton. Thank God they changed it.

Mr. Demon

Mr. Demon in action at Demon Hell

This non intelegible blob is a fish. Yes, a fish. Unstackable BTW.

Frodo's Tavern. Those are casks, not ACME TNT.

Party time~

Gorn's Shop.

A cirtin place south of Thais. I wonder if that north flowerpot conseals a pick spot...

Thais church.

Nasty ass swamp crap.

You are dead. No little Jimmy, he's not just sleeping.

Just what every backpack needs, a posical stick (chocolate flavor), a mixing padle, heavy magic mistle, sausage roll, and two bongs. Oh wait, i mean a torch, shovel, heavy magic mistle, rope, and two life fluids.

Orc Spearmen

Beside X roads, a bit basic but a nice fountain.

Yes, you could access the side and upper part of Sams back then.

Depot, once a good place for PKs.

EWWWWW! Those trolls are horrid! East trolls BTW.


A nice mini party