Magic Longsword

One of the most sought after items in all of Tibia, its power is unmatched by any weapon save that of the one use Ice Rapier. The weapon entered Antica in the early days before the wipe and was discovered by Arieswar and Taghor. As the item was illegaly added to the game, it was removed a few days later as described by the story below.

The sword showed up again around 1999, this time illegaly apearing inside a cyclopse, where it was found by Ghaleon. He made a deal with Arieswar who was the highest leveled character in Tibia at the time and he used it for a week before Guido found out. Arieswar's depot was deleated as punishment for not reporting the weapon (though some say it was for illegialy duping a second one).

It was not until the 2003 Tibia convention that the weapon returned. This time the sword returned as a prize to the orginizers of the Burg Waldeck convention from Cipsoft. Hagbard, a GM and one of the orginizers of the convention, held a private auction for the weapon only alowing cirtin people of merrit to bid on the item. Sioberry bought the item for around 5.5million and put it up for sale himself. Recca tried to buy the item for 6.5million in goods and cash, using Alex as the middleman, but Alex had other plans and stole the whole lot. According to recent posts, Alex had a change of heart and returned the cash to Sioberry. The sword only surfaced briefly in Lightbringers house for a super rare showing and has not been seen since.

The real story of the cyclopsemania sword

-info by arieswar

Taghor and Arieswar where exploring the poh dragon lair with the new found knowledge that a pick would sometimes open up a hole on muddy ground. None others knew this was the case since it was a new feture of the update. Arieswar block and killed the dragons and dragon lords that resided inside the lair and used the pick to hit every peice of mud patch inside. They had no luck, so they destroy fielded all the firefields in the lair and picked the mud spaces they left behind.

At last they found the proper hole and droped into the lower level. More fire covered the floor, but one fire field caught their attention as it had a body lying under it. They destroy fielded that spot and serched the body. It contained a key to an unknown location (Knightwatch Tower), a book and some other junk.

The key was a wonderful new find and just as they where about to leave the body of junk behind, arieswar checked the stats of the plain sword and his jaw droped to the level below them. Inside the bag was a weapon far beyound the power of ANYTHING ever used ingame, a wooping 80/60 skilled one handed sword.

Taghor recived a sov as compensation for Arieswar to keep the sword and aries used it for 3 or 4 days before Guido angerly came and demanded the weapon. Rumor had traveled fast and he was angery that a map maker had illegaly hidden it for himself.

Guido took the weapon and destroyed it, leaving in a huff.

The second cyclopse sword was found by Ghaleon inside a cyclopse. It too, was just a regular sword graphic, but with tremendous power. Ghaleon messaged Arieswar and offered him a deal for the sword and Arieswar gladly accepted, wishing to maintain his many level lead on everyone.

After Arieswar had used its impressive power for a week, killing dragons in 2 or 3 hits (their skills and levels where no where near 100 then), Guido found out about the weapon returning to Tibia again and decided to punish Arieswar for not reporting it, by deleated his entire depot, including the sword.

The Introduction of the Crown and Crystal wand

The introduction of the Crown and Crystal wand (the one that was displayed in Warrax's house for so long) entered the game in 2001-2002 (?). Knightmare made an announcement that he would be tossing some free items at Thais temple and soon a crowd gathered, filling the room and surrounding area with hopeful players. KM tossed the crown and crystal wand to random points inside the temple and fast snatchers claimed them for their own. The items changed from hand to hand before they found long term owners. The crown of course ended up with Lightbringer, who sold it some years ago for a million gp, and the crystal wand was bought by Warax and eventually was deleted along with his character. To this day only one crown remains, however due to quests, the crystal wand is in plenty, though still difficult to gain.

Blessed Shield introduction

The blessed shield was first introduced after the great character wipe ('98?), and given to Elleshar for his graphical contributions to Tibia. He kept the shield for a while, as its deffense was 50 which is really ridicules, before agreeing to sell it for the high price of 130k (sold for a rare set, plus some cash) to Mueslil (bär). The shield also came with a promise to never sell it, which was broken many years later when Muecil decided to sell the shield. He placed it for auction on the newly created World of Tibia auction section, where the price soon rose to unprecedented 5million cap. Lightbringer was the lucky buyer of this shield, adding it to his already impressive collection of rares. Elleshar was quite angery about this turn of events and chronicaled his anger on the now defunt World of Tibia board.

That thread is preserved here.

The shield resurfaced in an Ab'dendriel house of a player called Gryphee on Antica many years later (forgot the date, sorry!). This was the first time the shield had been seen since Lightbringer sold/gave it away. The shield appeared with a bronze necklace and ball gown in that famous pic. Though showcased for awhile, the rares vanished and rumor speculated that the shield was deleted.

The shield returned went up for sale again, this time on a polish ebay like website which required the buyer to meet Gryphee in person to do the deal. A rich offworlder who's main I have already forgotten (he was level 540 mage I think) purchased this shield for 4000 PL (1,200 USD). This offworld mage was selling the shield for 1.2billion gp, the same price that the Cyclopsemania was sold for, but had a cast where he was looking for 5000 euros for the shield. It was sold fast for that real life price where the shield now resides with a new owner.

That is the history of this blessed shield. However I know of others which exist. Would be nice if this shield would go on display for people to gawk at. Too many rares just sit in depots these days.


In Elleshar's words: "Greetings, well...what happened many years ago was that this game had some legal troubles due to CIP using graphical design not belonging to them (Google: Ultima 6 and 7, and you will find similarities). They reached out for help to redesign the graphics, and I agreed to help them out together with some other people(at the time, the CIP company was a few sweaty boys in a basement). As payment I asked for a "rare-set", which Guido refused to give me. He told me that I could get just one item. So, after thinking things through I thought a blessed shield would be useful. As a blessed shield was worth more than a rare-set. Guido gave it to me as he had previously agreed to give me "one" item. That was how the blessed shield came to Tibia.

But I did not have much use for it myself, and running around with such an item when you could loose it at any given time when you died. Well that seemed a bit risky. So I thought it was better to sell it and get something useful for it instead. I asked around and got a few good offers from most of famous dupers at the time. The most interesting offers came from Lightbringer, Slayn, Yi and Müsli if I remember correctly. Müsli did not offer the most for the shield but promised to keep it out of the market inside his depot. I sold it to him for a rare-set containing HOTS, MM, e-plate and SoV and I think an extra MM and some gold. I can't really remember. I think me selling the shield pissed Guido off a bit. Might be the reason for me not being a senator after being part of helping them out with graphics and being a game master for a couple of years..."

The Demon Leg quest

The first few pairs of Demon Legs entered the game many years before, but this quest is the reason why so many of these legs exist today. Lightbringer and Genisis GE explored Edron after the update. In the depths of the hero cave they discovered the newly re-added Demon. They where the first to kill these new demons, and eventually solved the fairly difficult mission of clearing four demons from one room. When they went to the chest at the end of the circular room, the chest held a pair of demon legs, 8 small diamonds, ring of the sky, dwarven axe, an ankh, a blue tome, a never before seen medusa shield, and a one of a kind guardian halberd. As all quests with rares spawned only once per map reset, they did not expect to gain more from the chest so they divided the items and left. It was sometime later when Antica became brave, that other teams cleared the demon room and found the same loot. Every day teams found the loot and soon caught on that these rare items where easily obtained. Knightmare had forgotten to set the spawn to only once and so it was abused. After a while of heavy abuse, KM removed the quest and replaced it with a harder version, and the items became what they are today: a demon helmet, a demon shield, and a pair of steel boots.

Introduction of the SoH

The Shield of Honor entered the game on January 7th, 2002 as a gift for those who purchased a premium account of 7 months. This prize was the first and last offered by Cipsoft, as they received many complaints from players that Cip was selling wealth. This item was a special promotion for Tibia's 5th anniversary and as a kick start to the introduction of premium accounts started only three months earlier. This snippet of news can be seen in the Tibia news archive or as follows:

"On 7th January 1997 Tibia went online for the first time. This means that today is Tibia's fifth birtday! Because of our anniversary we want to give a special present to all players who sign up for a 7 months premium account or extend their premium accounts by 7 months. They will receive the so called shield of honor. This is a limited time offer. The payment must arrive until 31st January.

Furthermore we want to announce that a few weeks from now we will introduce new premium account features. These include in-game support for guilds, the possiblity for experienced characters to refine their vocations to achieve new titles, as well as new spells. Stay tuned!

Finally we want to remind everyone that character transfers between accounts are only possible until 15th January.

The History of the Rose Shield, Mercenary Shield, Kreal Shield, and Rose Armor

In Tibia’s earliest days, before accounts, before rentable guildhalls, before even the introduction of Kazordoon or any other town other then Thais, there where few guilds that lasted. Those that did where awarded with their own guild hall and rare keys to open them. A few of these guilds where given the honor of having their own special item as an award. Only three of these received the honor, the Krael guild, the Red Rose and the Mercenaries. Only a few copies of these items where ever made, and those few where awarded to those individuals who truly where worthy to receive the honor of owning one. Over time the rare rewards, Krael shield, Rose shield, Rose armor, and Mercenary shield where given out. Outcries of unfairness where screamed for many years before Cip decided to listen to them and made most of the items questable and changed the names and graphics of a few of them. The only item that escaped identity destruction was the Rose shield. The Kreal shield became the ancient shield, the Rose armor became the Noble armor, and the Mercenary shield became the Griffin shield.

It is a shame these noteworthy items where destroyed. History sometimes holds no value to the masses that only see unfair privilege.

The first Warlord Sword

The first Warlord sword to enter the game xame in early Tibia. One of the Gods decided to sell the powerful weapon to the highest bidder. The person bid the outrageous price of 300 stacks of diamonds (as gems could be bought and sold for the same price, it was a common money unit as only gold coins existed). The player only enjoyed the sword for a little while, before it was removed along with the depot of the owner by the angry God who had been told of how the diamonds had entered the game. Duping would not be tolerated.

Currently a warlord sword exists in game but no details on it are known…

The Demon Powered Shield

Back when the graphics where less pleasant to look at, a powerful shield entered the game illegally. This shield was known as the Demon powered shield and along with the ungodly defense of 50, it had an attack power of 5! This shield was duplicated and spread to every player who wanted to buy it (was sold for around 30k then). Cipsoft eventually discovered this abuse and deleted every player who had a shield in their possession. The famous Flamehead escaped deletion by chance, as he had died the day before and lost the shield. Rumor has it Lightbringer talked his way out of deletion, claiming to not know that the shield was illegal.

Dwarven Shield's New Groove

For as long as I can remember these shield where entirely worthless. They held no practical value and where only dropped by dwarf guards (which their was only a few). During one update this changed dramatically, even though the only two original places to find dwarfs where still largely un-hunted by Tibians. The Kazordoon armor store decided one update that it would purchase the basic shield for 300gp.

My friend Sir Seggallion had tons of these shields saved up. He liked to help new players by giving them some starting equipment and as a result had tons of these worthless shields and other beginer stuff saved up. When the update came he sold all of his precious shields and made a fortune. Other players soon discovered this great opportunity and bought up shields from all over tibia, running to Kazordoon to sell them to the npc. I hunted in the prison mine for shields of my own to sell.

Cipsoft very soon realized the insanity the price had caused and cut it down to its present day 100gp.

Banors Holiest Armor, Golden Armor

About an age back, older then my thoughts go, I spoke to someone famous who owned one of these when they where hard to get. They where not droped by any Warlocks then, as not even Ferumbras had made an appearance. I seam to recall this being droped by Demons though my mind can never be certain. As a one of the greatest armors and most rare it was trading higher then even the Dragon Scale Mail. A normal knight at that time would expect to move from a Knight Armor all the way up to a DSM before ever owning a Golden Armor. This nice armor was coveted by those who owned it, and its old graphic still ranks high as one of the greatest graphics ever to enter Tibia, a damn shame they changed it. Anyone with more info on this armor should contact me.

The Rise and Fall of the Dragon Scale Mail

This armor has had an interesting run since its introduction in '99, with the addition of Dragon Lords. These armors where very hard to gain as few DL spawns existed and even fewer people where able to hunt them (you try killing these beasts at very low levels, where even level 100 is outlandish). The price of these green mails rose in early 2000 to trade around 300k a peice. This price droped drematicly when Arieswar, and a few others, discovered a bug in POH DL lair that every DL after server save would drop a DSM. The price quickly droped to 100k a DSM before CIP interviened and delt those who failed to report the bug a cripling blow, reseting their accounts and adding banishments. Today this armor is not as great as it once was, but it still remains the third greatest armor you can obtain.

A Warrior Helmet for 20k?

Before Orc Leaders, before Black Knights, this helmet was a rarity. For some reason it became rare, driving up the price to 20k per helmet. As there was no Royal Helmet, and since the Demon Helmet was still a rarity this helmet rose to meet the demand. I am not sure what caused the shortage, but I was very surprised to see this helmet rise to such a price. With the introduction of some new monsters the price fell to more realistic values, yet remained high until over saturation finaly sunk the price to djinn levels.

When Platinum Amulets had a use

Before Amulets of loss, before all the fancy necklaces that grant benifits, before even the full Amulet of Life, this was the best neck peice you could obtain. Giant spiders where the only creatures that droped these then, as demons where out of the game for a while. The price of these precious items rose high as the sky, trading for 20k or more. Now these items are totaly worthless as most would rather have a nice 50k amulet of loss around their neck then a 2 arm amulet. People today don't know risk.

Steel Boots in Fire Devils?

Belive it or not, their was a time when owning a pair of steel boots was the ultimate prestige. These boots where so rare that even the greatest knight Arieswar did not own a pair! There was no fancy behemoths, no silly pirate boots, none of this boh or soft boot crap, it was simply you owned a pair of leather boots, the same pair you first found in a troll, or you where very rich and lucky and owned a pair of steel. I bought a pair of these ultra rare boots from Ghaleon for a nice 150k, and I sware they brought me extra luck just for having them on. Rumor mills have stated that these boots where first droped very rarely in Fire Devils, which where only found in small numbers in the Desert Dongeon. Where ever they first came from, the boots stoped droping and where rare up until the introduction of Behemoths. Today these boots trade so low that its almost impossible to sell them, thanks to the speedy BOH or the mana enhancing Soft Boots.

How the Hots and Eplate got Duped

Part one: How it entered

As seen on Taghors history site:

"Ahh i begin to love this site

Long lost people appear to add their comments. A very interesting Comment was made by Karl, a former wizard (That’s what the GMs were called in the old days). And since i think you all should hear about the story of the first Helmet of the Stars, i will add it here:

Hello Tibians and a special “Hello” to Taghor!

Even though I haven’t talked to you in about 5(?) years I hope you remember me.

I stumbled up on Durin (in a bar in Regensburg) some time ago and since then I am back online in Antica from time to time now. I just found this homepage and since you are looking for old stories I might contribute one. I heard you are mostly looking for stories about where the rare items came from so I start with the story where the first Helmet of the Stars came into the game - or better: into the possession of a player.

Before I begin, I have to point out that it was not really the first HOTS that was gotten by a player, but the first that still exists today. There was an update (maybe in 1999? – please correct me if I am wrong) where all now rare items were deleted and the whole setting of the item system was reformed. It was necessary, because it was very easy before to get those items (dragons dropped them all) and every level 5 player already had a full set of the (back then) best items in the game: HOTS, E-plate and a firesword. So to make Tibia more interesting, all these items where replaced by a steel helmet, a regular plate armor (or was it a chain armor?) and a regular sword. From that update onwards, the rare items were hard to come by. Maybe it was not as hard as it is today, but still a lot harder then before.

So when the server came online with the new update, Thais was swarming with people filling the temple right away and giving good old Quentin a shock by the sudden appearance of so many players logging in at his residence. Some were upset by the now lame equipment they were wearing, some were rushing into the depot to check what happened in there. One player run ahead of all others to be the first at the demon to see what treasures he would hide. This was Galadriel, the probably mightiest sorcerer back then. She wouldn’t have had to hurry that much, because there was no one else that was so eager to see the big red one, but still she did. There was only one place in Tibia back then where you could encounter a demon, and that was deep below Thais, south of Mintwallin. It was not longer then 10-15 minutes after the server came online that I got a message from Galadriel: she had defeated the demons and found as a treasure the famous Helmet of the Stars and an enchanted plate armor. She was a bit upset, because she thought it was still to easy to get the nice stuff. What we didn’t know then was that this mighty treasure only spawned once, so it was Galadriel who was the first and only player that had these nice items for some time.

I hope you liked this memory and maybe you can use it for your homepage.

I still got more memories to share, like
- Where to find an E-plate, HOTS, firesword and cyclopmania sword in the alpha version.
- Where to find the first SOVs, after they were introduced to the game.
- Where to find a cyc-sword with the stats 80/60.
- Where to find spell scrolls that taught you spells independent of your profession.
- Finding the first great shield of Tibia.

But since I don’t know if you want to tell some of these things yourself, Taghor, I will stop remembering old times now and let you decide if you are interested in stuff like this at all.

Keep up the good work Taghor, and hopefully we will meet in Antica soon.

Good hunting,

Karl i can only say i am very interested in this kind of stuff. Please contact me at to talk about it.

So people i am sure you like this kind of memories? If so, leave a comment and encourage Karl to post more. (but then as an Auhtor)

Part two: How it Mass Produced

KrAzY/Villux Batch, was out on their newbie characters looking for high levels to kill with ice rapiers (they where dupers and easily made more of them). Galadriel, holder of the only HoTs and Eplate in game, walked by at x roads. He killed her in a single shot and was surprised at what she droped. They had no idea that she had these spectacular items and promptly began duping them. While other players went to their depots to survay the damage after the great wipe, Galadriel went to the demon spawn and found herself these items. She was disapointed, thinking that these items where still common yet kept their discover to herself, until she heard that they where one of a kind, keeping them even more secretly.

Kensu, who knew the duping technice as ill describe below, made 30-50 of the sets and gave them away to friends who liked to die and lose them. As is always the case with duping bugs (like the recent case at the bk swamp) he got lazy with his duping practices, and stopped using nubie characters and began using his own main to duplicate. This bug was discovered by Kensu and Aureus, and was abused by Kensu heavily resulting in his deletion. Aureus of course reported the duping bug and it was eventualy repaired (though the damage had already been done). The duping phenominon of the 99's and 00's did not end with this glitches' removal as other people where secretly abusing duping bugs at the time.

To dupe back then using the inventory method, you put a fishing rod on the ground and right clicked on it, then stepped on the rod and clicked it above your head. A single window would open like a backpack in the consol, the graphic looked like the old blond head, and it had the grey and red up and down arrows, a crosshair marking, red outline box as a target (the old targeting system), and a full red box like when you attacked something. Each of the inventory spots had an item in it, the items you had in your backpack. You just took the items out of the wierd inventory and put them on the ground, logged off and back on again and youd have your full inventory back plus your items on the ground.

The Introduction of the Yellow Spell Wand and Demon Set

Arieswar, Lightbringer, and Flamehead where the first to enter the old demon room in Mintwallen after one of the early updates. Arieswar was scared becuase of the large number of demons inside the room, but together they lured them away and got to the chest on the far size. Underneith/inside it was 2 demon sets, a one of a kind Yellow spell wand and a sword of valor. The wand went to Lightbringer, the sword of valor to Arieswar, and Flamehead took one of the demon sets. The second demon set was devided between Arieswar and Lightbringer, LB gaining the legs and Arieswar keeping the armor which he gave to Lady Rebel and who still has it to this day.

Rise and Fall of Spell Scrolls

Back in the early days of Tibia CIP decided to add a few special scrolls to the game in order for players to learn spells ment ususaly for other vocations or perhaps it was yet another item stolen by illegal means? At any rare these spell scrolls could be learned by any vocation that reached the required magic level. Great Energy Beam, Summon Creature, Great Healing, and the covated Ultimate Explotion where the four spell scrolls available. Some paladins on antica are able to summon, only half a dozen druids are able to cast ultimate explosion, some paladins are even able to use the great energy beam, yet not one knight ever was able to gain magic level 8 required to gain the unbelivable great healing spell. These spells as you can guess where terrible for game balance and where removed before the version 6 update of 99.

Rings Before Use

For a large number of years 6 types of rings existed in Tibia. The power ring (purple), the life ring (blue), time ring (green), might ring (new old one)(yellow) and death ring (red) where the main rings, followed by the buyable wedding ring, and the super rare Might Ring (trading for 120k at the time). These rings held no purpose beyound their use in a quest or two, their sale value to npcs, or their rarity (death ring traded for 10k a pop). For many years people complained that the rings where useless, everyone wanting some use. Everyone rejoiced with the introduction of the new client and the appearance of a ring slot. Everyone looking for use out of the rings and came up with nothing, resulting in the spot being used for wedding bands or decoration. Now many types of rings exist, each granding a special ability for a short time, long gone are the days of rarity and display of rings. Here is a topic with one of the many discussions as to how to make rings useful.

Rare Runes

Many runes and spells have come and gone in the history of Tibia, the runes left from these days are a reminder that powerfull spells should be better balanced. Two of these rare runes are the Creature Burn, and the 15 shot Energy Bomb. The creature burn rune was a powerful fire magic rune that required mag 7 to use, and did decent inital fire damage, then kept burning the target like the envirum rune of today, it was a very nice rune and a few existed until cip reintroduced the rune at a much reduced damage rate, today known as the Soul Fire rune. The 15 shot Ebomb is very well known and a largly sought after collector rune which in olden times created a 9x9 energy diagonal square doing the same damage as an Energy Field rune. According to Cheron, you needed magic level 25 to fire this monster, before it was reintroduced by CIP as the small 3x3 rune we have today of the same name, and far fewer shots. Other rare runes include a light blue rune with an upside down anchor on it, designed for mag 26, adori mort vis - use unknown. Another recently brought up rare rune was the yellow mana fluid rune, any information on this rune would be appreciated - it no longer exists in game as far as anyone knows. Today you can see a few rare runes that are rare because of the number of shots they have, some being the result of bugs (0 shot runes), others the rare loot of ingame quest (Ferumbras loot, Fortembra loot, ect), or as new quests like the 3 shot uh and 2 shot sd.

<note to self, add pictures of them here>