Areiswar's poem about no delays

Mainboard: Tell ya the Truth i kinda liked that poem just not that my friends that died in it.....
Written by A person that thought it was a good poem... on Samstag, 14. 8. 99 at 07:02, as a reply to "Cute one but if you did not notice Villux Batch is a Paladin " written by AriesWar.

One day, Betrayal the dark paladin,
logged on a REALLY bad mood.
He felt like killing, so he decided to sin;
so what if he likes being rude?

So he went to the depot and pulled out a bow,
then with 800 bursts he was ready to go.
He smiled to himself as he saw some sd's,
and the smile grew wider when he counted all of these.

50 sweet runes now filled his packs,
and his arrows made up for any magic he lacks.
Oh look, here comes mr. Villux Batch!
This looks like a very easy match.

So with a click on the name,
he felt no shame.
Out came the bursts,
which ignited his thirst.

As the poor knight tried to run,
This just caused even more fun.
Try as he might, Betrayal didnt lose sight;
and another body fell in the night.

Betrayal then laughed and shot some sds,
and soon 4 more people fell to his knees.
Deathwalker, Yakamoto, Flamehead, and Clay.
But this was just the beginning, everyone would pay!

Betrayal roared with laughter, and out came a yell!
"There's no where to run! I'll see you in hell!"
He spotted Arieswar coming out of a grate,
he killed him in 4 shots,
and stole his e-plate.

Betrayal shot field runes all over the place,
he licked all the blood that fell on his face.
Soon Opa Wetterwachs approached from the west,
He pondered a second,
then he gave it his best.

Opa shot at him quickly and he was losing health,
but then he went up some stairs, moving with stealth.
As soon Opa followed, Betrayal shot her down,
He blew 8 sd's with a deafening sound.

Pocketing her items, and healing with runes,
he figured he could take out any of these goons.
His RoA friends now fought at his side,
The invincible army let no one hide.

In tibia that day, was a victory for evil;
This brought fun in a game, it was truly "medieval"
As the scared players left, and more logged out;
This brought forth a mighty and triumphant shout.

"To all that are good: hear what I say!"
" All that oppose me I will slay"
"All that revolt will be killed today!
"Don't you ever forget, we're the RoA!"

-Written by a knight who will never forget his favorite guild.