Old Flat system

Old site found Here.

Thought it would be fun to educate new tibian's on the old flat system.

Declaration of the tibian property management for private rooms:

Only lostboy is renting rooms in the town of tibia. The character House Supervisor assists him. A waiting list doesn't exist. Therefore there is no need to write to lostboy that you want the next free room. At the moment the demand is much greater than the supply with rooms. Anyway a raise in price is not yet planned.


How do i check if there are any available rooms?

Compared to the number of players there are only very few rooms. Because of this the rooms are rent most of the time. You can check for free rooms within this homepage. You can also contact lostboy in Tibia or check his info.

How do i get my own flat?

Everyone above level 4 is allowed to rent a room. First check for free rooms. Then contact lostboy with your wish to rent that room you selected. You can contact him using Tibia mail or e-mail but you can talk to him in Tibia as well. Using this homepage you can rent a room too. This method is the fastest.

Is it possible to put my name on a waiting list?

No. A waiting list doesn't exist. If all rooms are rent there is nothing i can do. Whenever i get a free room i will broadcast it. The one talking to me first gets the room.

I have just rent a room. What happens next?

It could be that sonmeone was faster than you and the room is already rent, or you get a Tibia-parcel. Inside are two keys for the room and the contract. Read it carefully and keep this contract. There are 4 important terms that you have to obey.

Why is it not allowed for me to rent the room to others?

Just like real life you can't rent your room to others without the permission of your landlord (lostboy). This has several reasons. First the landlord doesn't now who lives in which room. Second price gets ruined for rooms get rent to others over the official price.Third keys get lost. If a key is missing the room isn't secure anymore.

I have lost a key. What shall I do now?

You wont get a new key. If you lost both keys you will lose your room. If one key is missing and you can prove that it got deleted because of a servercrash, you will get a new one. Some people use this to get themself more keys and embezzle them though.

What do i have to pay atention to?

You can read most of importance in the contract. But it is explained here, too.

1. You have to pay your rent, without any request, at the beginning of each month (real months not Tibia months). If you don't pay you will get a warning and you have to pay for repeated warnings. To avoid this you can pay in advance.
Don't forget to put your name on the parcel with the money.

2. If you don't pay your rent you have to leave your room. If you refuse this some objects in your room will get distrain.

3. If you lose a key you have to contact lostboy immediatly.
The room isn't secure from this time on.
Lostboy isn't able to change the locks.

4. You may give one key to another person living in this room. Anyway it isn't allowed to sell the room or rent it to others for a higher price without telling the property management.
If you don't want the room anymore you have to return the keys to the property management.

Rooms available

Sunset homes

This apartement block has several (in comparison to other houses) small rooms on two floors. The squaremeter price is, despite the excelent location (to the west of the depot), the cheapest in tibia. One squaremeter is only 25 gold. Nearly all people that live here speak german.

Sweet Living Rooms

This wonderful apartment block is located north of the sorcerer Muriel. On it's 2 floors even the most sophisticated people get pleased. The big and comfortable rooms provide you with much space you can use for many different things. It can be used for meetings too. For this reason the Sweet Living Rooms are more likely to be rent to a guild

Beach Home Apartments

This beatiful located apartement block provides many rooms. Beach Home is located at the west of the town. The area is very peacefull. Beach Home provides a room for every need. Here are the cheapest rooms of Tibia located but it has big rooms too. Some rooms are quite small (only 12 squaremeter) but they provide enough space to live. On the ground floor mostly german speaking people are living, while the first floor is entirely rent to english speakers.

Ovet Houses

There are even two residences located south of town. They have several rooms with a total of 60 squaremeter. They are the only houses with a private garden. This two houses are the most luxurious home you can have in Tibia. The price has dropped to 40 gold per squaremeter lately. Only the most deserving persons ever get a chance to live here.

Tibia Motel

This rooms have the best location. This causes the high price of 45 gold per squaremeter. The motel is located at the old Guardshouse. Since the guild doesn't exist anymore tibias property management has got it and the rooms are now for rent. The rooms are very secure since there are 2 doors, one locked door is on the ground floor, and upstairs are the rooms. Only guests are allowed to use the first floor, and only guests can use the balkony. 

Contracts for the flats

And the Contracts that you were given when getting a flat. The first one is from when lost boy did it, and the 2nd when durin was doing it. (both are in german)

German Version (Lost Boy)


1. Bezahlt wird monatlich. Jeweils zu Monatsbeginn ohne zusaetzliche Aufforderung. Einfach ein Parcel mit der Miete an lostboy schicken.
2.Wer nicht bezahlt muss mit einer hoeheren Miete rechnen. Wer weiterhin nicht bezahlt verliert sein Eigenheim.
3. Geht ein Schluessel verloren bitte sofort an lostboy melden. Die Schluessel duerfen an keine andere Personen weitergegeben werden.
4. Die Zimmer duerfen nicht weitervermietet werden.

Verwalter lostboy

English version


1. One pays monthly. In each case to monthly beginning without additional request. On send simply a batch with the rent lostboy.
2.Wer paid does not have to count on a higher rent. Who further paid does not lose its home of one's own.
3. A key goes announcing lost please immediately on lostboy. The keys may be passed on to no other persons.
4. The rooms may not be sublet.

Manager lostboy

German Version (Durin)


die preise richten sich nach lage und groesse
Tibia qm (ist ein feld!)
25, 35, 40 und 50 gold pro qm

Sunset Home: 300 gold

Beach Home Ap. 420, 525, 210, 630 gold

Sweet Living flat 640, 800 gold

Ovet Houses 1800 gold


English version


Rear one those praises depends on situation and size
Tibia square meter (is a field!)
25, 35, 40 and 50 gold per square meter

Sunset Home: 300 gold

Beach Home Ap. 420, 525, 210, 630 gold

Sweet Living flat 640, 800 gold

Ovet Houses 1800 gold


Flat News Arcive


The mage contest determined two new flatowners. The winners BJG Spawn and Banshee each get one of the Elai Flats.
The Elai Flats will be rent only to druids and sorcerors.


From time to time there will be auctions, quest, events or games where you can buy or earn flats.
3 Flats got rent so far.
Problem bought an Ovet house at an auction for 56.000 gp.
Ralgar, Ciryon, Aureus and Conaria got an Ovet together. They are well known and respected persons in Tibia and I show them my respect this way.
Jasmin got herself a flat at the Sunset Homes by solving a quest and bringing Anshelm back to life first.


New Rule: If you want to rent an Ovet House you have to be at least lev 20. I made this decision because only people who were with us for a long time should be able to rent an Ovet house. They usually are lev 20 or above. Additionaly I avoid that a second char of someone rents the house(they are mostly below lev 20). This way it's nearly impossible that someone owns a Ovet Hous and a flat. I wasn't able to think of anything else to reach that effect. You need lev 5 to rent one of the other flats.


Cause of the update CIP deletd all keys(including yor flat keys). At the moment CIP is designing a new flat-system without keys. This may take some time. Former owners will be able to keep their flats. But all you paid in advance is deleted so you have to pay your rent again.


Since Peppi left Tibia his beach home appartment got vacant. I held an auction for it yesterday. The high bid of 22 000 gp was placed by Rebel who is the new owner of the room. So there aren't any rooms left to rent.


Some people haven't paid their rent for several months. For this reason I opened their rooms and took some items of equal value to the debt. Pay your rent in time so this need not happen to you.


Gorok was able to rent the Ovet House A. Elrik won the mini quest and got the flat G of the Sunset homes as a reward. I wish a lot of fun with your new homes.


Today the page got updated. It now provides the latest information. Some rooms cant be rented anymore. This has several reasons. I can't change the locks of the doors. Some rooms have keys that dont unlock the door, others haven't got keys any more and some rooms aren't secure due to missing keys.


CIP deleted the recent map of tibia and used the original map instead. This didn't happen for a long time. All items you had in your rooms got deleted because of the map reset.


Today a free room got rented. Due to high demand i held an auction. The highest bid was 11000 gold pieces of HK love letter / ps.