Taken from the Tibianews history project timeline.

The beginnings of Tibia emerges during autumn 1995, when three students on a german university realized the great potential of the Internet. Unlike the text based multi-user-dungeons at that time, that game they had in mind should have a graphical user-interface, thus giving the player a better impression of the world he lives in. This is how the history of Tibia started. This is Tibia's history as we know it.

Comming soon!
Ferumbras Attack
Fortembrea Attack

Romeo and Jullet - Carlin roleplay

This was posted on YouTube, but it origonally was found on World of Tibia way back in the day. Its a play put on by several old Tibian players, and it was invite only. Its the roleplay version of Romeo and Jullet (broken down into 4 parts) in german. No idea who dug it up and posted it on YouTube, I can't read BR. If someone finds the origonal copy let me know so I can upload it myself. Enjoy!

Red Carnival (Red Rose Carnival)

As posted by GreyKnight on the World of Tibia site, august 2001.

"An announcement in the behalf of the Red Rose

Greetings Tibians!

The Red Carnival is coming. It will be the biggest party of this year and we invite you all to come to it.
It will take part at the 29th of August, Fibula, starting at 17.00 Central European Summer Time (GMT + 1)

We invite you to enjoy or participate in the "Red Games", competitions of a very special quality. You have to join together to teams of 4 vocations (druid, knight, sorcerer, paladin).
Be sure that only the best can win the games and be sure that your skills or your level wont have any influence of the chances.

You will have a great time here and we will try to hinder any disturbing of our peaceful party, so you can have fun all the day.

Last but not least every guest will be able to get a ticket for the special tombola which will be in the end of the Red Carnival. There will be some very nice items to win (maximum worth 20k if you want to know )

So speaks the Red Rose!

PS.: There will be a symbolic entrence fee of 10 gp."

Of course who could forget the Tombola, the most famous prive give away which was part of the RR Carnival.

Vampire Attack!

Cips first addition of vampires as a trial run. Sadly, they where still bugged which caused me to die and respawn ontop of my body with 1hp and thus die again. The compensation i recived was a lame vampire shield which was damn close to impossible to sell.

World of Tibia screenshot contest

Back in the day, (6 years ago) Axel and the WOT team held a screenshot contest (origonal thread is here)

As old screenshots disapear, i have detailed the entire thread here for your purposal.

Axels opening post

Restart of the Screenshot-Contest

Starttime: Now - August 1st 2001
Ends: August 31st 2001


1. Warrior Helmet
2. Paladin Package
3. Rune Package
4. Fighter Package
5. Food-Pack


2. only one Screenshot per Person
3. only Fileattachments on this Board are allowed and only under this posting here
4. You can edit your postings and change your Screenie (don't know if possible)
5. there is now differentiation in Level, Skills or Vocation
6. no Screenies about advanced in something or screenies with sexual, vulgar or swearing words
7. all kinds of screenies are allowed - e.g. funny, rich, deadly (but not any of point 6)

Please post some information about yourself (Voaction, Level, Hometown) and a short story under your picture

Jury-Members are:

and I

and now have fun taking your screenies and post it here

(there will be a little array which makes it possible to change the rules a little bit if I have forget something - but I don't hope so. If you have any question to make something more detailed - ask )

Hell Viper

Well. Let me be the frist to put a screen shot right here!

I have this one on my website, but i figure it would maybe be a winner.

This sreen shot is the First! screen shot taken of Tibia 5.11 sents the update after 6.1! The first sceen shot that I took while fishing useing Tibia 5.11 Client, its only 2 months old. And no one can bet this. Not with atless a Tibia 5.11, or older screen shot because this one is like i said 2 months old and we didnt have 5.11 two months ago. we had 6.1 LOL!

EDITED: oh, im a level 23 pally and the town i live in is in my signature.

John Silver

Here is a screenshot when i falled down at the gs-hole in poh whit john when he was lvl 16 well i had some damn luck i had some fire bombs on me

John Silver, Thais, 62 Paladin


same one

that I had from the old one :P


Screenshot of the madmage room, i took it just recently, and this is with my scout character that was my druid, but i got mad at the game so i went on a suicide run with him too bad i didnt get the demon in the pic

Cwan, level 22 knight, Thais


Check this out!

Here is a great & one of a kind screenshot!

Haer'Dalis - Druid level 15
Location - Ab'Dendriel

The char to the north with red/brown hair is stom. The char to the south that is hard to see is sir baltar and i believe the char in between is arieswar. This was taken above northgate in thais a few minutes after Ferembras was slain.
Description Curteosy of Cecil


Levitation (no fake screenshot)

Hehe, i was hunting in the chambers of Necro house when i got muddled with my spells and i couldnt keep my wand under control..... Then suddenly i was lifted in the air and the ghouls and skels stand there looking surprised like beeing petrified because i was standing on the wall i thought .oO(wow, looks like i found the spell of levitation )
I made myself comfortable on the wall, put my runes out of my backpack and threw them on the ugly creatures at my feets
After some minutes all of them where dead or hiding in some clouds. But... how should i come down now ? *thinking*
Luckily the brave knight Imdel came and helped me to come down

Havey, Sorcerer level 30
Citizen of the terrible Thais



I was exploring and found the old demon place...

Knight, Level 37, Sweden...


Have you ever seen so much people in the temple??

This happened after some BCs of Knightmare that soon something wonderfull would happen.

All hurried to the Tempel of Thais and stood on each others feet.

Then suddenly two items popped in the crowd, a crown and a crystal-wand(the crystalwand is not on the screen cause too many people blocked the way so i could only screenshot the crwon)

Have fun




Hello! My name is Sabine
A friend of mine told me about this contest.
And it sounds really fun
"The important is not to win, it's to parcitipate"-and have fun ofcourse
Iam level 15 paladin right now, just to keep you informed.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When I was in depot to buy arrows, something happened.
The depot started to get crowded.
I have no idea why.
Now I see this fun, but during I almost got panic



Ferumbras's death..

Ramsus Rajen level 42 knight this was taken at the battle of ferumbras in front of Oldraks temple where he was trying to get to his daughter... many brave warriors died that day..


Her royal majesty must have been quite annoyed with her favorite agent...



druid, lvl 13, m lvl 21, Thais


Watts, level 11 Druid of Carlin

I remember back in the days before the update. It was a time where Fibula was full of rots and people. People who have heard of the millions of rots that spawn nearly every 10 seconds. It was paradise. Full of life. Unfortunatley, it was full of lurers as well. Even more so than today's Fibula.

Indeed it was a horrible day. A maniac has lured around at least 5-10 DS. It was a total nightmare. And I was smack dead centre of it all.

I had no idea how to get out of my situation. I took one step right and saw a ds on my radar. I ran the other direction only to have 2 more appear on it. I ran north and more west and ran into another DS. I had no idea where i was going, I just knew such a low level Druid wouldn't survive against a DS blow. I had no choice but to run straight for the exit. I ran south and saw 2 DS on my radar, then it happened.


I ran right into a DS and it slapped me for 53hp damage. I ran off to the west and found myself in a dead end. A dead end with 2 DS close to slapping me to death. Quickly, I looked into my backpack and took out my firebomb rune, prayed and used it on myself.

WHOOSH. The Firebomb not only lighted up the area so i could see, it also lighted up me. Lucky for me, the DS were just outside the fire barrier.

I let out a sigh, took out my nearly fully made bp of gfbs and started blasting those 2 ds into bits of bone.

(BTW, could a moderator delete my last message that didn't have the screenshot?)

Vir sapiens

Which Tibiaplayer doesnt hate this Words....
(I have cut this picture so much because it was too big and I didnt want that the people know where I live)

I am a little lvl 8 druid, who lives at thais

Lord Quickill

This is a reall cool place

Lord Quickill, Knight, lvl 25


Desert Library..

After a few hours of searching after the Desert library, me and my 2 friends found it .... , it was pretty cool, one of many quests in desert dungen.

The one on the picture are from left (Rontego, Arieswar, [Dmad])


Let me clear something, my other post was NOT my screen shot, It was Matter Over Mind's

~ Vegabond, Farmer, 29, Rookgaard ~

I awoke in my house one day hearing a few more growls than normally, it seems this night my beloved pet minotors had children
it was a full liter. from my usual 8 minotors came 27!!!

I was a lil scared, but as a farmer, I know that I must keep the minotor population down in order for my Crops to survive


So here's a little bug screenie.
I was wandering around Thais depot and found a corpse being thrown around, after looking at the corpse I saw a possible bug in the game.
I'm a lvl 9 Druid from Thais

knight kreft

my screenshot is under :


i make that screen near Ab' Dendriel

kreft/knight/14/Ab' Dendriel



I had to put up a Screenshot


I heard from my friend that there is a screenshotcontest here.
So I'll add a pic... a stone golem pic...

Shimmer, Druid, 11 (soon 12).


Mad Mage Room

Lets check!

Dave Death

Fixed my entry

After being told by many people that my screenshot didn't work no matter what I decided to upload it to a new webspace, because its too large to put on these boards...

Dave Death 42 Knight of Thais

I actually got bored one day decided to be creative and make something, it took like an hour and a half to actually get all the boxes and FFs I needed then I waited for night. Oh and can you guess what it spells? <G>

~Dave Death



I was wondering around in outlaw camp when suddenly a warrior came in front of me and said.....
Knight, thais

Hmm....wonder if he relly though that he would get some money...


This screenshot does not come from Tibia, but it comes from the Tibia Website. dennistt, Knight, Thais (I don't think it does much now)

Note the Players Online!

Lady Rebel Rimule

A screen shot of our Tibiathanksgiving in our crate house, a few days later our beatiful house was destroyed by looters and vandels.


Well I had nothing to do this day... So I started to explore a bit with Stormhawk. After miles of walking, we found some evil demon skelletons which had to be burned in selfdefence. Behind those evil monsters, we saw fantastic shining armors and weapons lying behind some rocks. To our disappointment... These were to heavy for us to move.

Summer, 43 years old lady from the beautiful town of Ab'dendriel


Need no comment


Guido: hae, it doesn't matter, we're all Id.iots... who else can be so sick and play/code this here


Here is a funny one ;)

Two GS are XXX together:

GS male (Back): Come on baby!!!! Make it HIGH before we die!!!

GS female (front): ArrrAaaahh~~~~Honey, We can't die before our little baby come out!!!

GS male (Back): ya, baby, it's my first time to do sex on the fire, it's kind of hurts but...Arrrhhh....baby, it's coming out...coming!!!!!

GS female (Front): aaaahhhh...I am ready, aaahh....Ouch...so high....come on, come on....aahh....o yea~~~~~

Rita Wong

Here is my screenshots =^.^=

Help Me~~~~~


Level 24 Knight of Carlin.

What's this picture? Oh, it's nothing.

Just another day in Carlin.


Drunk as A Skunk

Erael: Level 10 Druid, Hometown is Thais.

Well, I was wondering through the fields outside Fibula Village, drunk as usual, when I saw this strange sight.


Here is when i got the impossible level that CIP said i could never reach :-)
Cool huh?


Greg McFinnley

the dragon on rookgard

surely everyone of you will know where to find the dead dragon on rookgard, but only few dared venturing there when rookgard was only 1 week old and the bug in the bear dungeon was just fixed. in these times greg had already left for main island, just after throwing 100s of fishes into the hungry crowd that had gathered in the sheep place. his brother ian was about to become a famous rotworm rider too and brought the dead dragon body to rookgard city, together with his fearless comrade narandra greenhill. the exposure of the dead dragon skin to bare newbie eyes lead to big confusion. many even thought, one was able to find living dragons on rookgard and offered us up to 400 gp, a legion helmet plus a plate shield in order just to tell em where to find the green beasts, in the early days this was great wealth, even fishing rods were rare and people ran around about half dead. the screenie shows the dead dragon skin when it was shown for the first time in the midst of rookgard city, the confused newbies gathering around us.

btw. knight/lvl45/thais




i did'nt take it but's it me standing on the wall

Illunion/lvl17/Rookgard (Evista/lvl20/Thais)


terror from the deep

Invasion of the fishes:

It was a beautiful day. No cloud was visible in the sky. Strange people where broadcasting strange things. Other people where just powergaming as usual. It was as we all know it. Tibia...
But where did all the fishes come from?

Caldrin Nui E' Charghail, Mage lvl 40, Thais


Final winner thread is here.


The Winner of the 1. WoT Screenshot Contest

The decision was a hard one, but now I can.

Ok, Tibians, here are the List of the Winners of the 1. WoT Screenshot Contest

1st prize:
a wonderful warrior helmet goes to...


2nd prize:
a package a paladin never will missi goes to...

Lady Rebel Rimule

3rd prize:
a package of runes gives a magican power goes to...


4th prize:
a bag of food, enough to make childrens big goes to...


5th prize:
a collection for an old fighter or a wunderfull set for a newbie goes to...

John Silver

Please don't worry if you are not on the winners list. The next Contest will follow soon.

And the Winners:


Please reply with your name and your tibian hometown under this thread. The prizes will be delivered soon after you replyed.

The Second Screenshot Contest, Rook Addition

As posted by Tigrin, February 2002.

"Screenshot Competition

The 3 best screenshot of a location or happening on Rookgaard shall win a prize.

the prizes are

A plate set + spike sword + dwarf shield + wolf tooth chain

A full Rookgaard set minus an amulet

a backpack of healing or attack runes {sudden death or premium account runes not included}

The rules are simple:

#1 Screen shots MUST be on Rookgaard

#2 No quest item spoilers or locations

#3 No Fakes

#4 You do not have to be a permenant member of Rookgaard to enter the competition.

#5 The winner will be decided on March 18th and shall get their prizes accordingly.

#6 If you are on Nova i shall try to obtain a copy of the prize that you chose on Nova. No garuntees.

First place is your choice of prizes, Second place is your choice of the remaining 2 and Third is the remaining 1.

I shall be deciding which screen shots are the best with the help of varius assitants to be named later. The final group of screen shots shall be put into a poll for people to vote upon. and the winners shall claim their prizes.

If you have a screen shot you would like to post but cannot then let me know and i will gladly post it for you. "


To Beowulf

If there are any screen shots here you fancy enough to put up on your own site then feel free to help yourself.

A note on the rules. Any screen shots posted here may be used on Beowulf's website if he deems them worthy. If you do not want your screen shot used then please include a note.

For the sake of fairness i'm going to limit each person to 1 screen shot.

And if anyone would care to donate more equiptment or items for prizes i'd appreciate it. Either to replace the current prizes or to add to the total prizes in the event of a large number of people entering the competition.

As well i shall be adding 1500 gold in main {antica only} as a prize.

Screen shot by Unleash the Dragon

The first screen shot in the competition.


I originaly intended to have this competition for the low lvls. To assist them with gear or money etc like that. I think i forgot to mention that.

Now i will split the competition in half. Level 10 and under shall get the original set of prizes + the gp + the runes as their options. Level 11 and above shall get the bp of runes or the gp to choose from. If i can come up with any more prizes etc then i will glad add them to the list.

No Rookgaard amulets as prizes please. I would hate to have to give away a perfectly good amulet.


#1 Screen shots MUST be on Rookgaard

#2 No quest item spoilers or locations

#3 No Fakes

#4 You do not have to be a permenant member of Rookgaard to enter the competition.

#5 The final 10 screen shots will be chosen on March 10th

#6 The winners will be decided on March 18th and shall get their prizes accordingly.

#7 If you are on Nova i shall try to obtain a copy of the prize that you chose on Nova. No garuntees.

#8 Only 1 screenshot per person

Under level 10
-A plate set + spike sword + dwarf shield + wolf tooth chain

-A full Rookgaard set minus an amulet

-a backpack of healing or attack runes {sudden death or premium account runes not included}

- 1500 gold on Antica

Above level 10

- 1500 gold on Antica

- A backpack of healing or attack runes. {No Sudden Death or Premium account spells}

If you cannot post the screen shot then email them to Rifrin@hotmail.com

King Kahuna

A dead dragon.


I am the King. Obay me.



THat last one would hurt a bit. Pick your favorite to enter into the contest.
As rule #8 states "only 1 screenshot per person" But you may post as many as you like.

King Kahuna

I don't want any price :-)
Let the people in need compete about it.


Rannie's Screenshot

Nice pic. Too bad i missed the event. Ohh well maybe it will happen again some day.


the newbie zoo was a long time ago, the event was organized by vegabond but he wasn't on the screenie cos he was out luring some other monster... hehe


me cheat, i would never...

ps, look at my weapon, gave it to guido not long ago, hehe I got screen shots of that too.

this one here too, i gave al dee a good deal on my equipment
see hes trading with me.

just felt like adding this cause its true


lol well he DID look hot in white bcs, but now that i can make white bcs too (not that i'll abuse it), oh let's just say... i'm now as hot as u are


here i am returning my scimitar to guido.


hm, thank you tigrin, i hope some nice pics for my page will come up

and let me add my favourite rookgard pic, i think nobody can beat that if it comes to special monsters on this isle


though i have to admit that i still dont know this happened, this is a real mystery (and no, its definitely no fake, i took the pic myself some days after rookgard was implented)


Anyone know a good way to let many people know about the thing? I've gone through 2700 mana already on the b/cs about it. So far only RD members have posted anything.

I'd love to have a counsellor or gm b/c about it so everyone sees it but thats abuse of power. Hopefully i don't have to cancel the thing.

@ Beowulf: I tried to find my screenshot of the beholder on Rookgaard but its not on my old pc anymore. I think my brother might have deleted it by accident. I think i passed by there as Eden {before they were hacked}.

Orre the superhero

I wasn't really thinking of joining this contest but since there aren't many poeple posting their screenshots I'll guess I'll include this one


Ok now i'm getting mad. 40+ minutes on this and i have to undo everything. Here goes. Its broken into 4 parts. If it makes the finals then i'll try to make it 1 screenshot.

remember those last 4 are from Bovol. And are 1 screenshot. I have them on my computer in a storyboard form but that makes them to large to put on the boards.


I'll put up a pic that is being submitted and tell the story later after i wake up in the morning.

Zulep ran into 2 fake gms. GM Celebon and GM George i think it was. Then GM Duque there showed up and namelocked them.

I will try to get the full story again. That was off memory.

This is Zuleps submitted screenshot. The other was just to go with the previous one.


oh I had some fun in rookgard, back when it was full of newbies and not super leveled guys.
when i searched my computer this is really the only picture that seems appropriate; the rest are spams and insults along with some friends trying to be funny.

this was one of the many happy costumers from my rookgard character Sellestial Warrior, i dont really remember what the trade was anymore but this is something what the conversation went like
SW (me): have fun in rookgard
<long wait>
tamuk:wait wait, i think i know who you are
tamuk:yes yes i remember now
tamuk:you are lactos tolerant, arent you??
<the name i had for my self in the character info; it means you cant have any milk>
SW:yes thats me
Tamuk:you live in house next to my, i know you in rl
SW: oh thats you, hey man!!
<rest is on the screenshot>
there was something after but i dont really recall. by the looks of it i would say he is a sweed
hehe cheapshot

Tribal One

Mooning Cipfried

I was almost killed on a hunting trip one day. I was certain Cipfried was expecting me to arrive at his temple at any moment. Instead I survived the trip by the skin of my teeth. So I decided to pay Cipfried a visit anyways.

Tribal One

A date with Amber

This is how she looks when all the newbies aren't looking.

Note: These are not entrys to the competition.. they are just posted to hopefully make you crack a smile.

Jonny Five

submited by Jonny Five

Indignation's picture

Don't mind the bad coloring. Its not a problem with the pic but an old computer.

Shandyc's pic

nice way to communicate. To bad some newbie will take them for the gp.

Lord Andreas' Screenshot

I really don't like these boards at times. You have a height and Width limit on everything. Means so many good screenshots get chopped up.

Seething Knight's screenshot

i forgot the pic. Submit reply and browse are to close together.


I am a day late with this as it has been the 11th for 50 minutes.

I have decided to split it into groups rather then lvl. The character on main or newbie shall receive the prize depending on where they are.

Kulag has won for the Rookgaard portion. {it was a simple decision as it was only him and Bovol in the comp for Rookgaard}

Mainland consists of
Seething knight
orre the superhero
lord andreas
I shall create a new post for them with voting options

The Rising Dragons consists of:
King K {i know you didn't want to be in the comp but i figured maybe if you were competing agaisnt people similar to yourself you may change your mind.
Unleash the Dragon
Jonny five

There shall now only be one prize awarded per section unless the votes are close. {minor rule change but i hope no one minds}

Prizes for Rookgaard:
-A full Rookgaard set with bronze amulet {i have no silver ones anymore they're all loaned out}

- 1500 gold {on rookgaard}

- A basic Mainland eq set {Plate set, Steel or dark helm, wolf tooth chain or a scarf, spike sword, dwarfish shield, scale armor}

-A backpack of rune with a user level less then magic 5

- A katana room key

Prizes for mainland:

-2000 gold {in mainland}

-a backpack of runes requiring less them magic level 15 to buy

-a backpack of roses {red} {may be usefull but i don't know why}

-A war hammer or 1000 arrows

Prizes for Rising Dragons:
-Read the Rookgaard prizes

-Read the Mainland prizes

-Large amounts of mainland newbie equiptment to pass around {ask Evista about the amount}

@Kulag: post on the "Screenshot competition - Rookgaard thread" or send a letter to Kelon, Carlin with the prize that you chose and i shall do my best to get it to you as soon as possible.

The Second Satori Turnament

Greetings Tibians!

Due to the great success of the tournament we arranged last year, we, the Satori, decided to hold another tournament which shall determine the finest warrior out there in the Tibian realm.

This year's tournament will take place at the 22. and 23. of June, starting at 16:00 GMT on both days (that is 17:00 in Germany, Sweden, 11 am Eastern US (Atlantic), 8 am Western US (Pacific), 23:00 in Hong Kong).

The main purpose of this event is providing entertainment for all of you, but of course there are prices for the noble heros who will make it to the end.

It is designed for 32 contenders to fight against each other through 5 rounds in a knock-out system.

The tournament is basically the same as it was last year. This includes handing over your own equipment to a Gamemaster who will take care of it during the match, while the match itself will be fought using random equipment sets obtained through some kind of lottery.

Here are the rules:

General rules:

1. You must not move any parcel or anything else on the tournament area.
2. You need to show respect and a good behaviour in front of the organisators* and your opponents
3. You must follow the commands of the organisators*.

Fighting rules:

4. The fight will end when one of the opponents is lightly/heavily wounded (first rounds/finals) or, if both opponents wish it, dead.
5. You are only allowed to use the equipment and runes in the parcel you chose at random before the fight.
6. Druids and sorcerers are allowed to use one spontaneous spell of their choice per fight (like Strike spells, Mana Shield or Ultimate Healing) except Summon Creature, Poison Storm and Ultimate Explosion .
7. Its forbidden to pick up any items laying on the ground which were not part of your original equipment (like spears), but it's allowed to push them away in the arena.

If you break any of these rules except Rule 5 you are disqualified of the tournament and have to leave the area immediately.
Breaking rule 5 means Death.

*= persons dressed completely in white varying only the color of their shoes.
black shoes = guardians
green shoes = organisators
blue shoes = chief organisators

If you think that you are able to compete with the best fighters of Tibia, you should sign up for the tournament.

You complete your registration by sending 1000 gold pieces (or preferably 10 platinum pieces) to my depot in Carlin (Claudius Bowen, Carlin) and DON'T FORGET to write your name on the label, so that we know who sent the money.

There are only 32 slots for competitors. They will distributed on a first-come first-serve basis.

If there should be more then 32 persons willing to take part and having a valid registration, they will be put on a waiting list and will take part in the tournament if one of the original contenders does not show up. If they don't have the chance to take part, they will, of course, be returned their money.

I will post here who will take part and who will be queued, also any changes which might occur.


Claudius Bowen

Participants with a valid registration

are so far:

1. Xanadu
2. Lastat
3. Little Mac
4. Starwise
5. Vivi Oruntia
6. Nietzsche
7. Occuda
8. Zamp
9. Forester
10. Dark Dragon
11. Achernar
12. Grim Reaper
13. Lightbringer
14. Superior Crusader
15. Zews
16. Strenni
17. Silent
18. Charmingkiller
19. Bopeluh
20. Sir Legolas
21. Ravus
22. Flavian
23. Yarien
24. Krassti
25. Hurgn
26. Xelcrium
27. Eliips de Trevielle
28. Kefur Darkhammer
29. Gorbag
30. LordHelmchen
31. Muselmann
32. Maxwell the Mighty
33. Hazey

The First Tibianic

The AFT (Alliance of Free Tibians) put on a rare spectacular the likes of which where never seen before. Taghor decided it was time to show Tibia what real rares where so after the update for a fee of 100gp you where able to go down and look at the rarest items in all of Tibia, and at that time these all where rare!

The lounge before the show. I was in no hurry to see these rares, I wanted to enjoy some time with the other foaks who had decided to come down to see the show or who where acual contributors like LB (Lightbringer was a major rare colector at the time so most of the rares where his on the ship). If you noticed that old letter in my hand, then you should know that this was the letter each person got when they paid their fee, a log of the exibit and its contributors (Link to this document can be found: somewhere else, i have to upload it still). Note the comment made by LB, it was acualy possible to kill a person with a summoned dear, you just needed them to be nakid and afk for a very long time ;)

Those godawful dots and lines on my screen is an effect called "dithering." At the time i was using my old computer which graphics card was junk so the fancy light effects called shade and shadow or what-not was replaced with this crap. I had this anoying crap for about a year before i finaly caved and bought a new card. Note the absence of a Grey Tome, for some reason either of the two lenders where not able to be reached in time for the exibition, so sadly it is not on display. Note: The guild Celebnoli was still alive then, a very well known guild to be good and peace oriented, and run by the old GM Elosyadar, one of my very good friends now retired.

Warlocks where very new so this want was still impressive though less rare then most of the other peices. Note: For some reason im missing the two most important screenshots in this set, the wooden wand seen above the common blue spell wand, and the Elven rod seen just becide the blue spell wand and might wand, why they didnt show up ill never know - woodenwand is now lootable in the Paradox quest and the elvish turned into a stupid cip wand.

Not incredible but still impressive (before we found out ghosts droped them).

Again not entirely impressive but still unknown that priests droped them.

The yellow spell wand was the rarest wand in the entire game, only one existed and it was owned by its founder LB. The story on how it was found is posted somewhere in the history section. A shame it turned into that stupid wand system set now.

Rare firedevil drop at the time and sold for 10k a wand or more. As only one place had fire devils, and still does i belive, it was even harder to find.

Behemoths where still largly a unkilled monster, so this wand was still rare then, though not as much as it should have been.

A blue spell wand, the orc shamons specialty and entirely unrare and only got into this rare ship becuase it made a wand set.

150 stack of coins. Back before crystal or platinum existed, monsters use to drop all their gold in single piles. So when people went DL slaying, they sometimes droped stacks of gold greater then 100. Very few stacks like this remain and it wasn't possible to stack over 100 yourself.

The absolute most rarest instriment. Was a gift given to LB if my memory serves me correctly. Pepelu was reported as having a set in this time too, and possibly another person...

There's my elven wand pic, stupid thing was hiding on me.

Now we are getting into the good stuff. Also note my ammulet spot, see how that is a p ammy and not an aol? Back in my day we didn't have this fancy item loss item so it was risky. If i died i could lose all of it or any peice of it - a risk i was willing to take as all other rare warers where. There use to be alot of gangs out there who pked only known rare holders.

Thats your clasic E-bomb, with its 15 shots and full screen hitting power. Became rare nearly imediately after the spell was taken out, perhaps people didn't relize it was gone and kept firing runes or perhaps they where just too damn fun to keep?

Ferumbras loot, was bought by Bubble a few years ago I belive, owned by LB at this time. Thats alot of gfbs for one rune!

A glitch rune, also was a sd with the same 0 shots. It was acidently created during some of the bad lag and crash server days. If you shot it, it would disapear like nothing happend.

Absolute power, this rune was called the creature burn and it was excruciatingly rare as its forging ability was removed from the game for a long time. This was another Ferumbras loot and remains the best knight rune out there (arguably).

This was perhaps the only star amulet in existance and an item i desperatly wanted. It's beauty was only parreled by its outragously unnamable market price. Now a days every dollar store sells these for a buck a dozen.

Beat that Guido! Finaly a rare that is still rare! No idea where it came from, but this ugly peice of crap has yet to become popular quest chest item. Unsure of which legends are true about this item, it's existance is almost entirely a mystery...

Another rare that acualy remains rare. This isnt minator loot or troll loot, this is an acual silver necklase and its very expencive and very rare. Only a few of these badies exist and you'll rarely see one on display - especialy these days. Start showing your super rares people!

The first crystal wand in game owned by Warrax. He was the first to nab it when Knightmare decided to dump a Crown and a crystal wand in Thais temple. Theirs a pic and story of this in the history of added items section. Damn it still is a georgous wand and one I wanted badly.

An old friend, this is of course the Thunder Hammer after cip gaffed the stats on it. This hammer was owned by Patyn (sp?) before it was sold for an undesclosed fat wad of cash. He showed me his whole set on the floor of the warlock hero spawn for something to do, the screenshot ill post elsewhere. This hammer is still outragously rare and sickeningly priced, good luck finding one for anything less then 5 sultan tresurerooms.

A beautiful peice of jewlery. It was not so much rare then but still a nice peace for the room. The wedding ring market went under the day warlocks started droping these bad boys. I cant even fathom the prices people where paying to get ahold of a set of these for their loved ones.

Sort of rare at the time, not much to look at and not entirely impressive.

The guild Red Rose's badge of honor. This item was produced by cipsoft for the guild in the oldendays to give to their most honorable warriors. Very few where made and as you can see the once Rose armor turned into the noble armor. Thanks to all those idiots who squaked about unfairness that only super old guilds got rare rewards.

Miraculosely they didn't botch the shield up so it remains very rare and few outside of the RR guild acualy own one. The RR was a very special guild, they had two items that where super rare and only for their best members. LB made a secreat character to get into the Mercenarys (Manostra) in order to gain their mercenary shield, he was already a part of the RR and had recived their full honors.

This is the same crown that was droped that day along with the crystal wand by Knightmare in Thais temple. Theirs a pic and story of this in the history of added items section. The Crown was owned by LB which was later sold to an unknown person, it remains one of a kind to this day.

Not every picture is a kodac moment, and you can see that i missed the text on this one. But this is my first impression of the ultimate rare room. You realy do not want to know the total value of all those rares in this room. Alot of them where outragously idioticly rare and worth entire accounts of characters depots in gold. Note: See that the GM's still show up in my list, this was before cip had the bright idea of making them invisable to everyone else. Thank you cip, now its impossible to see if any of my gm friends are online.

The ultrarare Bright Sword was a very sought after peice for weapon collectors. Only three of these bad boys existed and two of which where owned by GAS and lent to a friend to keep safe. Some idiot chick pushed a bag with one of these in it and of course some theif nabed it. A lot of cash later and the weapon was recovered.

Ahhh the Winged helmet, the Helmet of Herms. Still a rare item and not often on display but its a very nice looking item, infact that entire "golden set" was beautiful.

This is why everyone came to the exibition. Every rare on this boat is nothing compared to the shield. At its implimentation, it held an unparalled defencive power of 50, and remained so until cip decided to tone down the rares and changed it to 45, then another 5 points to rest at 40. The shield is still two points better then a Great Shield, but was alot higher in olden days. The price of this shield is very high indeed. The cyclopse sword is absent from this shot as it's owner, the theif Alex, refused to give it to Taghor for the exibition citing fear that he may return it to Recca who was presuring the AFT to return it if it landed in any such exibition. It's rightful place is where the f-axe is.

This is what the old Merc shield turned into, a funny named and useless shield that looks terible compared to the Merc relic.

Incredibly rare at the time and fetured in many of the tresurerooms around Tibia in early days. The ring held no power yet and was an ugly mofo, but sold for a prety penny and was rare. Looks are not everything I guess.

This was rare at the time, before all the hoopla with the Demon Leg quest. LB was the first to complete this quest and recived this amoung other goodies as the reward. No bloody chests people, this was one shot stuff except for a bug that respawned it every server save.

Horned helmet, the very rare Outlaw quest. Spawned once per map reset which was twice a year and was a nice peice of craftmanship.

Golden hoop was more the right word, it was a jewlers worst nightmare, a size 600 ring made acidently for a size 6 finger. I know giants who would have am easier time using this as an arm band rather then a ring. Cip finely decided that huge rings where not in style and shrank it down a bit.

Super rare old demon loot, not very likely to be found these days. It's a mirical if you even see one of these on the market. I saw one sold some years ago for 4million, perhaps the price is still around that. To bad its two handed, it would be a wallet smasher otherwise. Weapon listings of this rareity come, like christmas, once a year.

I was pooped after all that fun I had taking screenshots of the Exibition and decided to rest up before leaving.

As you can see, Alex made his own apearance at the show, not letting his reputation ruin his fun. Over all the event was an awsome expirience and I said before i left that I wanted another one in a couple of years and guess what? Another rare event did happen, and that will be detailed next (when i recover the screens).