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1. Normal books
2. Books with extrordinary little text

Book Index:
1. The citys of the continent (Mainland)
2. The war over the Creation book 1-4
3. The first creatures book 1-2
4. The creation of humans book 1-3
5. The Birth of the Elements book 1-4
6. The Awaking of the Gods book 1-2
7. The Great Creation book 1-2
8. The vocations (knight, sorceress, druid and paladin)
9. The enemies 3 books
10. The Orc, a fact story of the race. 3 books
11. The Little Gnome
12. The troll attack
13. Dungeon survival guide
14. Tibia´s Renewal
15. "My travels"
16. The soulvortex
17. Tactics handbook
18. The fauna of rookgaard (a tree)
19. Magic
20. "This was a bad day"
21. The Deraisims
22. The Teshials
23. The Minotaurs History 3 books
24. The Elves. A long story about their names, gods and other things. 3 books
25. The Cenaths. 2 books
26. The Kuridais
27. The Chelabdils + A diary from an explorer who was in Chelabdils area.
28. "The manasphere" by Rail Ashkil.
29. "Manasphere?" by Othis Ethna
30. Dwarfen Reports. nr. VII, XII,
31. The 10 laws of Thais
32. Isaac Brewton, 908pg
33. Alistair Cropwell's Travel Notes
34. A Troll meny
35. A diary from an anonymos Dragon explorer
36. Accountancy in BOT (bank of Tibia)(Thais)
37. 20 tricks to get peoples money
38. Expeditiondiary of Erin Cropwell
39. A torn diary of some sort
40. The Bible (which I cannot read beacuse it´s latin)
41. Privat Notebook from Rookguard
42. Orcish Diary "now we have to enemies"
43. Unknown Minotaur book
44. Unknown Orcish book
45. A short story about the Thais Lighthouse
46. The good farmer 2 books
47. Thais Janitor Notes
48. <A thorn diary of some sort>
49. The attack upon Thais
50. A report from the Mintwallin Minotaurs
51. A Swamp Troll´s book
52. The war of Welcome 2 books + The Prison Isle
53. The Dwarvs extended vision
54. Dwarven guide to warfare. Part III, V, VI
55. "I, Ghoul" by Himhor
56. A book where most pages are unreadable, stained with blood.
57. Miners Entry
58. Create Dwarven beer
59. "The Brighteyes legend" by Damius Weirgroth
60. Miners Journal
61. The doomsday
62. A recruiting letter for the Dreammaster Goshark
63. The search of Fermuba, Gosharks daughter
64. The Dreammaster retreated
65. The Journal of Krendorak, the last of the Nightmare Knights
66. The Riddle
67. Diary of Palkar, leader of the outcasts
68. The flower pot named George
69. How to mix magical potions
70. The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
71. Important facts from galactic history number 1-2 (2 books)
72. Armaments, Chapter Two, Verses Nine to Twenty-One.
73. Diary of Hengis Wulfson
74. A proffesor trying to reanimate monsters
75. Chronicle of Mintwallin - the city of the Minotaurs. volume 1-5 (5 books)
76. A book found on the body of a dead monk
77. Gygils last words
78. Herbs and Plants of the Swamp, Volume I+II (2 books)
79. a troll´s report about a stolen key
80. A letter to Gesnar
81. The books of the owner of Paradox Tower (4 books)
82. The History behind The Single Black Knight (5 parchments/books)
83. a book from Dracona´s Black Pyramid

---- the collection of the demona books (Thanks Sejal) ----
84. Coordinates for the area around Dianscher
85. The magic city Demona and the history of the warlocks. (4 books)
86. The Dragonlords of Tibia
87. How to control the lava
88. The formulas of Lexis - Energyflow of the life rings
89. The honeminas formula
90. The research into the teleportation through the magic web.
91. The tridiag formula
92. The Donina formula
93. The teleporter to the surface
94. The magic web around our world
95. The power of the Talon
96. A teleportation through the magic web
97. The Warlock Quest parchment
98. Battle Tactics for mages
99. Big book with collection of maps
100. The World of Tibia

---- Ankrahmuhn Books (Thanks Ulrich) ----
101. Researchpaper 74-08 G
102. Researchpaper 35-22 D
103. Researchpaper 77-04 D
104. Researchpaper 33-16 H
105. Researchpaper 56-09 A
106. Researchpaper 02-56 A
107. Researchpaper 44-33 C
108. Rahmen Tah and the Vizier, Part I + Part II (2 books)
109. Tales of a Stranger, Part I + Part II (2 books)
110. Suns and Stars, Part I + Part II (2 books)
111. The Larokhons
112. The secret of the high mask of the ancients
113. The great pyramid of Ankroteph
114. The lamp of Tazur
115. The Ancient mummys
116. The Lost Garden
117. The Book of the Seven Tombs
118. The contamination of the water reservoirs
119. The master of the games
120. The Greedy Tax inspector
121. A book that reveales a hidden lever
122. "Will the world never learn?"
123. the examination the Rathal I Pyramid
124. Year 10 in the reign of Harrah II
125. the princess Tahmehe
126. The tibian world-wonders!
127. a diary from a excavations camp
128. a book in a strange language...
129. Legends of the Kha'labal I - The Hyena King
130. Legends of the Kha'labal II - The Wailing Bride, Pt. 1
131. Legends of the Kha'labal II - The Wailing Bride, Pt. 2
132. Legends of the Kha'labal III - Gha'Zuul the Necromancer
133. Legends of the Kha'labal IV - Drefia's Downfall
134. The Kha'labal Chronicles I - The Creation of the Kha'labal
135. The Kha'labal Chronicles II - Shadows from the North

---- Port Hope ----
Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle edition Vol.1
Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle edition Vol.2
Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle edition Vol.3
Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle edition Vol.4
The Lizard People
The Ghosts of the Jungle
The Pyramids of the Apes Vol.1
The Pyramids of the Apes Vol.2
Report 27AAF36
Report 67ABFG33
Report 13XAH07
Report 78ACFF04
Report 67ZUFL90
Report 34DFOO12
Report 56IOLP56
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 17)
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 18)
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 19)
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 20)
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 21)

---- Shattered Islands books (Thanks Clubster) ----
The Howling Grotto
The Quara, Curse of the Seas
Treasures of the Southern Isles
The Shattered Isles
The Golden Whale
The Klabautermen
The Great Sea Serpents

---- Nightmare Knights Dream Challange Books + Pits of Inferno ---- I am Doomed!
Dreamer rules
The first dreamasters
Blind eyes lament
Excalibugs is hidden
Prophecy of excalibugs return
Say no to evil
Codex of the good and just
The art of dreamwalking
Nightmares are not your enemies
Book of lost heros
The dream machine
The necromancer called Ratmeat
Prophecy of evil
Necromancers' nectar
Elven depature
The Secret Diaries of Emanuelle
High level theory
The snoreing dwarf
Coalblack and the Seven Elves
Telmur's debt
The Nightmare Chronicles Volume VII
How to Seduce Women in Seven Steps
Roll, roll, roll the barrel
Sleepwalking for Fools
Dreamwalking for Beginners
Dreamwalking for Experts

---- Other books ----

129. Dangers of Adventures by Netlios I-IV (4 books, V-VI are missing)
130. How to mix 11 diffrent Magical Potions + "On Magic Potions" (12 books)
131. "On different Fluids" (6 books)
132. Notes about gharonk language
(6 books)
133. On the game "Tibia ball"
134. The Adventurer's Guide To The Dungeon.
135. Remarks on the legend of lake Amros by ...
136. Adventurers Guide Through Tibia Volume 1.
137. About the true nature of objects by ...
138. About strange mechanisms
139. Diary of Morrin
140. Royal Archives - 943 p.g
141. Royal Archives Criminal Offences 900 - 950 p.g
142. A part of a messege from the inhabitants of Isle of Mists
143. "The war against Goshnar is on hand!"
144. A buying list
145. A pray to the gods of Tibia.
146. The last writing from an unknown, fighting tribe (?)
147. The begining of the Knightwatch order
148. Return of the scouts.

-:- The Normal Books -:-
The citys of the continent:

Fibula is a small village on an isle southwest of the mainland. Its under
the rulership of the Thais monarchy. Its rumored that beneath this isle are
cabes and dungeons of unknown but certainly ancient origin.

On the mainland is the city of Thais, ruled by the wise and just King
Tibianus. His explorers found the new soulvortex on this isle and build this
base to protect and train the incoming heroes.

In the far northwest is the city of Carlin, that is ruled by amazons. The
stuborn so called queen refuses to accept the rulership of the Thais
monarchy over the whole continent.

In the east of the grat bay, west of Thais lies a rotten town of criminals.
Little is known about it and only the most ruthles people even think about
travelling there.

The dwarfen town, north of mount sternum, the central tibian
mountainmassive, is the home of the tibian dwarfs. If you are looking for
smiths of unparraleled skill you should travel there.

Farer north, at the northern shores you find the elven city of Ab'Dendriel.
There live the elves, masters of nature and masterhunters.

The War over the Creation BOOK ONE

Uman was distressed by the actions of his dark side, and he asked Fardos to
help him with his attempt to separate from his
bad side. For a long time they manipulated and pulled on the essence of
Uman-Zathroth, but only to detect that this unitity was
destined for eternity.
But a small part of Uman-Zatroth, a godly fragment separated itself due to
this pulling and strugglig, and it assumed the shape
of Kirok, which one would call the crazy one. Kirok was from precipitous,
scizophrenic nature. On the one hand he was
brilliant and creative, on the other hand one he was ludicrous and full of
folly. Thus Kirok became the protection patron of the
scientists on the one hand, and the jesters and jokers on the other hand.
Meanwhile the gruesome children of the dark gods raged more and more
savagely, and the devastation of the world
continued without cessation. Some of the other gods did not want to witness
anymore, how their creation was troubled and
subjected by the creatures after the spirit of Zathroth, and some decided to
do something about that.
Crunor created the wolves in order to protect his forests against the orcs,
but these were too numerous! Only in the deepest
forests and in wild herds the wolves learned to defeat their bipedal

The War over the Creation BOOK TWO

Basteth wanted to come to aid her cousin, but her creatures, large and
dreadful as they were simply could not walk ashore.
She was only able to send the snakes, but they were too weak, and the orcs
too powerfull. Thus she gave them pus from her
festering face wounds as dangerous poison. But too bad! Still the bad orcs,
equipped with cyclop weapons, were too powerful
and too malicious.
But when the Orks threatened to cover Tibia almost completely, the dragon
came! They had decided that only they
themselves were to be the true and absolute rulers of Tibia. They did know
no mercy in their rage! With fire and magic
they annihilated the orcs, devastated their cities and drove them into the
underworld. Even the cyclops, which hurried
furiously to the battle, and auxiliary troops from enslaved trolls were no
match against the fiery anger of the dragons. Enormous
cyclopic cities were laid into ruins, unbelievable forging factories were
lost for all eternity, and until today the cyclops are upset
about the orcs because of these losses.

The War over the Creation BOOK THREE

But on the other hand, many dragons fell due to the onslaught of the
enormous hordes of orcs and their allies. Until today
none of the old peoples has recovered from the great war. Tibia was
completely scattered with the corpses of the great battle,
and all life threatened to be suffocated thereby.
There the gods decided that Uman should unite with the earth in order to
create a godly being, which would take care of the
dead. But Zathroth used a deception and appeared to the earth as its other
side, Uman, and conceived in his place a being.
This was the birth of Urgith, the master of the undead.
And immediately the dead ones began to raise themselves on his calling, and
they all were his creatures. Like the orcs before
them, now the undead covered the body of the mother Tibia, and his children,
the rats, were Urgith's messengers and scouts.
Then however Uman and Tibia united, as it had been agreed upon, and Toth was
born. Toth became the guardian of the
dead ones and sent his large worms which began to devour the undead. For a
long time the struggle lasted and again no end
was to be foreseen.

The War over the Creation BOOK FOUR

The good Gods created and threw race after race into the struggle about the
world. All of them were defeated! Almost
everyone of the old races, which we know only as the Ancients, was defeated
and buried by the sands of the time, because
they were on match to the agressive rage and the emontionless intrepidity of
their opponents.
According to our knowledge, only the delicate elves in their cities deep in
the forests and the dwarves in their fortresses deep
under the mountains survived the corpse wars, although at some campfires
rumors are spread about other races, created by
both sides for this unholy war, and of which some individuals are said to
still be around.
Just as strong and powerful as these peoples were, they were one-sided and
of little flexibility. Worse still: Some creatures
succumbed to the temptations of Zathroth about power and great knowledge.
They switched sides, and rumor has it that the
most powerful of the Ancients were hurled out of this world by the good Gods
for their betrayal to suffer eternally in the sphere,
which was created in order to punish them for their misdeeds, and changed to
what nowadays is called the daemons.
All their magic, which was probably given to the old peoples in excess,
could not make them victorious, and they and their
buildings disappeared gradually from the face of Tibia.

The First Creatures BOOK ONE

Zathroth however was delighted by the destructive potential, which Fafnar
showed, and he looked upon her with delight. He
flattered her with compliments, and he succeeded in seducing her.
Thus they conceived Brog, the fiery raging berserker. Brog possessed only
little of his fathers wisdom, and the heat of his
mother burned only deep inside of him. There however the fire became more
ravaging and more hurting, and the rough titan
raged and cried that the elements were shaken. Inexpressible pain troubled
him, until the blocheaded Brog compacted his
magical powers and hurled a major part of the fire far away from himself.
From the fire, which did not want to cool down,
however immediately the first dragon, called Garsharak, rose and he bore
many further lower dragons in the course of the
centuries from his fire and his magic, of the like we know today.

The First Creatures BOOK TWO

Brog however laughed over the dragon, which he had create, because he roamed
over Tibia and was a terror to the few
other creatures. Brog was fascinated by this created being and its terrible
children, although they showed him neither loyalty nor
respect. Thus Brog created further life, imitiating his shape, in order to
please him, and so the cyclops entered the world.
Zathroth however was angered, because he thought the cyclos stupid and
awkward. Too little trouble did they spread in the
world, because they quarried in Tibia for metals and enjoyed to process it
with fire and force. They were too few for his likes,
because they hardly grew in numbers.
Thus Zathroth reprimanded his blockheaded son and ordered him to create new
life. For he himself still could not understand
the secret of life. Under his guidance the first trolls, numerous and
vexatious, developed but still without the malicious cunning,
which Zathroth desired. Next father and son therefore created the orcs. And
the orcs turned out just like the dark God wanted
them. They flowed over Tibia, spread out and began to devastate it.

The Creation of Humans BOOK ONE

There the Gods created the first human, Banor, the godly warrior! This
entity was filled by the godly power and was full of
courage and responsibility. After his image and with parts of his body the
Gods created him attendants, Humans.
Nobody knows, which Gods brought their powers into the recent creation, and
some say that Zathroth spoiled also this
creation. Yes, some even state that the good Gods created a twin for Banor,
which should embody the powers of magic,
whose raw form however was stolen by Zathroth, and he had manufactured from
it the first daemonic lords to lead his
attendants from hell.
Whichever it might be, in any case the humans took on the fight against the
crowds of the undead and probably against the
dragons, orcs and their unholy attendants, too, and Banor was a glorious
leader for mankind.

The Creation of Humans BOOK TWO

Thus the age of the wars of the unliving began. The battles were furious and
bloody and for along time no side was
apparently winning. Uman gave humans the art of magic and instructed them in
the magic crafts. But even the sorcerers could
not turn the tables. Some of them turned thereupon away from Uman and called
Crunor their lord, in order to serve from then
on as druids for the forces of the life. Together with the godly world tree
Crunor they created many of the creatures, that
populate the wilderness today, although a variety of these creatures was
extinguished in the wars of that time.
Banor however chose the noblest of the mortal ones, Kirana, as its wife, and
she bore him Elane, which possessed as much
virtue as combat and magical powers. And she became the first of the noble
paladins. Until our times the leader of the paladins
is in honors to her a woman and assumes the honorary name Elane.

The Creation of Humans BOOK THREE

All this however could not turn the war luck against the dark hordes.
Whereever Banor appeared personally to lead the
armies of humans, they triumphed, but on the other battlegrounds they were
too often crushed by the dark crowds.
Thus Banor asked the gods to help him and the gods in their infinite wisdom
created the portal of the souls. By means this
mystic of gate souls from planes of existence far, far away of Tibia could
be called in order to assume the shape of heroes.
With these champions as leaders the humans turned the tables in the great
war. They alone under all the mortals had the
possibility of becoming similar to Banor, uniting power and cunning. Thus
the hordes of undead and their terrible leaders were
slowly but inexorably overwhelmed.

The Birth of the Elements BOOK ONE
Schocked Uman and Fardos tried to grab hold of the dispersing being of
Tibiasula, but it was about to slip out of their hands
like their creations before. They wove a powerful spell, the spell of the
creation, in order to bind Tibiasulas essence to the
column of time. As Zathroth laughed loudly, in his vain triumph, he did not
understand their words, and so the secret of creation
and life stayed hidden from him forever.
They however wove the fleeting elements to powerful strands. Althought they
did not succeed in uniting them again but the
individual parts became something new, the first real creation.
Thus the living part became Tibia, born from the element earth, Sula became
the sea washing around it. Air rose over the
creation and layed itself like a protecting blanket over the creation, and
the fire seeped under it and began to warm it up.
Behold: Each of the separate parts of the god was full of life and divinity!
But none of the elements possessed the spirit of the
Tibiasula, but they were wild and impetuous, following always the impulses
which corresponded to their nature.

The Birth of the Elements BOOK TWO
And Uman and Fardos were chagrined about the dastardly deed or Zathroth.
They decided to create from the elements
something new, similar to Tibiasula. For a long time they looked for a way
of achie this end. Finally Uman found a solution: the
birth, which created live from live. One of the Godly had to unite with one
of the elements and could thus create a new entity.
Thus Fardos and the Fire united, and the Fire bore two children, Fafnar and
Suon, the Suns of Tibia. Suon of calm and
considerate nature. But Fafnar, its sister, was self-willed and stubborn.
She rose vainly over the elements and began to scorch
them. Therefore Suon also rose up in order to stop his sister. A wild
struggle started and pretty soon it turned out that Suon
was the stronger one of the two. So Fafnar fled under Tibia into the
parental fire, but Suon wanted his sister to promise him
never to scorch the other elements again.

The Birth of the Elements BOOK THREE
Thus he followed the vain sister and sought her it. She however was quick
and escaped from him again. She escaped on the
other side and again rose over all elements, and began anew, to scorch
these. When Suon followed her now, in order to punish
her, she didn't let it come not a further test of strength and escaped the
brother immediately. He followed the teasing and
aggravating sister tirelessly into the embrace of the fire. But Fafnar was a
step ahead of him and had already fled again onto the
other side over the elements ... and in such a way this continues to go on
even today.
Uman united himself with the earth, which we know as Tibia. And the earth
bore him Crunor, the first tree. Crunor was full of
charm and vitality. Also he loved his own shape, but he was wiser than
Fafnar and possessed the gift of modesty. Inspires by
the creation he bore from itself all the plants, small and large! And they
spread out on the body of mother Tibia, like a dress - it
was a delight to see.

The Birth of the Elements BOOK FOUR
Fardos connected himself with air, and its child was called Nornur, fate.
Nornur envied the brother Crunor because of his
shape, as he was hardly more than wind and nebulae, and he asked he brother
for assistance in creating a shape for him. But no
matter how hard the brothers tried, Nornur couldn't appear to be much more
than a shadow of a ghost.
Thus Nornur decided to create creatures in order to reveal himself. Thus the
spiders came into the world, which are able to
web their ghostlike spiderwebs, which copy Nornurs shape, and thus praise
and honor him.
Also Uman and Sula, the sea, found together, and they conceived Bastesh, the
unfathomable one. She was exceedingly
beautiful, and the Godly were astonished. But Fafnar, the sun, looked upon
all this beauty full of envy! When the newly born
Bastesh looked up to her, she attacked her with fiery claws in the face and
scratched it dreadfully. Probably Bastesh would not
have survived the attack of her sister, had not the other Gods hurriedly
come to help and driven away the ravishing Fafnar.
Bastesh however was frightened and disfigured. Full of fear she fled into
the embrace of her mother Sula. In the depths of the
seas the unfathomable one hides herself since that time, and little is known
about her and her workings. Only the fact that the
sea has been populated since that time by numerous creatures, may tell us
that Bastesh seems to create these in the depth. In
addition it is said that since that time the water of the seas is salty from
the tears, which the disfigured Bastesh sheds out of
anguish and pain.

The Awaking of the Gods BOOK ONE
In the beginning there was only the big gaping void.
It was omnipresent and nowhere.
Into this desert entered Fardos, the creator, and Uman Zathroth,
incorporating magic. Nobody knows where they came
from or whether they always have existed and just awaked from the deep
slumber of the infinity.
Fardos fulfilled by the need to create and give birth. He stepped into
existence and began immediately with the act of the
creation, because he was fully creative power and impatient. His godly
powers emerged from him and created, formed.
But all his works slipped out of his hands as the void was everywhere. No
single work was to last. Everything that he
devised dissolved in the void even before it was completed.
Uman Zathroth regarded his undertakings thoughtfully, because Uman Zathroth
was wise and fullfilled with magic
powers and insatiable hunger for knowledge, comprehension and enlightenment.
He was a creature similar and nevertheless
different to the clear working of the Fardos, because mysteries and secrets
were the aspects of his being. Uman and Zathroth
were two entities and nevertheless one. Uman was the light, bright aspect of
the magic strength. His was the gift to work benign
wonders. Zathroth however, his different - dark - side, was corruptive urge,
the vain self purpose of magic, destructive and a
desecration! This entity, which was two and one nevertheless, observed now
the works of his companion in infinity.

The Awaking of the Gods BOOK TWO
For a long time Fardos exhausted his enormous powers in futile activity.
Finally he asked his companion for support in his
attempts. Uman consented only too readily, but Zathroth, the dark one of the
twins, refused himself. Thus Fardos and Uman
strived together to attempt the CREATION - however their laborings were not
rewarded with success again. Just like before
everything was drained away as soon as they created it, and Zathroth laughed
full of contempt.
The power however, which Uman and Fardos spent, did seep away in the
universe-filling void. Nobody knows whether it was this power that lured
another entity to them, whether it aroused this godly being, or whether in a
mysterious way it created this entity. In any event, suddenly the
enormous entity Tibiasula rose from the void and examined the two other
godly beings.
Fardos and Uman welcomed Tibiasula as their sister and admired her, because
she was the perfect unity of the elements. Zathroth however fumed with
silent hate, as he didn't want to share the void with one more entity.
The Great Creation BOOK ONE

Uman in his wisdom recognized the possibilities, which revealed themselves
to them here, and he asked Tibiasula join in the
circle of the creators and help them with the task of the creation.
Tibiasula agreed, because she also was fascinated by the idea
of the creation.
Uman, whose nature was to win secrets and gain insights, had relized what
their error at the preceding attempts had been:
Without a fixed pivot point there was no existence possible, and everything
had to diffuse away as it was without direction and
And to remedy that he invented TIME!
In order to create the time, the Gods united their powers. Even Zathroth was
fascinated by the idea of his other half and
contributed a tiny proportion of his strength to the effort. The wise claim
that it is to be due to his working that all time strives in
the long run to decay and destruction.
The powers of the godly bundled themselves to an enormous power greater than
any in existence before. It began to
crystallize itself in the void to an enormous spiral. Higher and higher it
mounted up, became firmness, pivot point, direction and
aim of existence! And in such a way the crystal column of time grew upwards
and was from then on the unmovable center of

The Great Creation BOOK TWO

But even at the culmination point of the creation Zathroth bundeled all his
destructive powers to a weapon and pushed it with
all the strength that he could muster into the heart of Tibiasula, whose
existence he did not want to endure any more. And as the
divinity was weakened by the creation and without suspicion and resistance,
the deadly attack penetrated to the core of her
being and destroyed her.
The elements - fires, water, earth and air - were jerked out of their
harmony and landed at the base of the column of time.

The druids:
Druids conenctrate on the magics of nature and acquire great healing powers.
They also adept in the use of some offensive and protective spells.

The paladins:
Paladins are great archers and also their spears hardly miss their marks.
They are able to cast some minor spells of healing and protection.

The sorcerer:
Sorcerers are masters of magic. They posses an enormous arsenal of spells of
protection and destruction.

The Knights:
Knights are unparraleled in close combant. They are masters of most weapons
and the shield. A skilled knight can inflict enormous damage even with the
lesser weapons


Most monsters are far more dangerous when you're attacked by more of them.
Keep in mind that you can defend only one opponent at a time. Use this to
your advantage and attack single monsters with help of other heroes. Don't
get sourrounded by monsters, that might be your death even if the monsters
are not that powerful.

The rat - I fear we brought this pest with us on the isle and they soon
increased in numbers. You might encounter the rats nearly everywhere, though
they prefer to live undergound.
Mostly harmless, they tend to destroy food supplies and can become dangerous
in greater numbers to the bad equiped human.

The snake - The poisonous snakes hide in the woods and near the northern
swamps. They usually can be found at the shores more often then in the isles
centre. They are not too dangerous to a adventurer with some basic
equipment. If poisoned it is a wise decision to run straight to the monk who
guards the soul vortex, where everyone enters the world of Tibia, and ask
for healing.

The spider - Similarly dangerous as the rat, the spiders were found by the
first explorers of the isle and are native to Rookgard. They live above and
beneath ground and tend to live and hunt in packs to increase their danger.

The wolf - There are some smaler wolf packs on this isle. Wolves are fast,
tough and dangerous. Often they are the hunters and not the hunted on this
island. It is a good decision to engage them in combat only with decent
equipment and try to fight them only one on one.

The troll - Though intelligent in a limited way, the cowardish trolls are
not a threat to our small outpost. They are able to create and use some
basic equipment and quite tough to lesser weapons and unskilled fighters.
Follow the advise to have mastered some basics in shielding, before you
challenge even one of them.

The bear - Bears are hard to beat! Keep that in mind before challenging one.
If you are unexperienced and have no good equipment, retreat is the tactic
of choice. Best kill them in small hunting parties and use terrain to your

The poison spider - Roughly only slightly tougher then the ordinary spider
it can poison you. Try to avoid such fate since they usually live far from
our base and you might not make it to our local monk for healing.

The bug - The bug is not that dangerous. More an annoyance then a threat to
an adventurer of some experience. It might become a lethal threat to a
perfect rookie. With some preparation they should not be worth to bother

The deer - Deers are a fine supply for food and are non-agressive animals
and try to flee on sight. It might be difficult to catch them and you might
easily enter the territory of a local predator while chasing them.

The rotworm - A creature of decay that lives underground like its small
cousin, the earthworm. Its toothed maw is a formidable weapon and rotworms
have torn more then one adventurer to pieces. A horde of them might kill
anyone, so great caution is advised while encountering them.

The wasp - fast and dealy to the unexperienxed. Their speed makes them
dangerous, even more in high numbers

Other beasts - It is certain, that other beast live in the dungeons of our
isle. But they are not numerous enough to become recognized yet. If you
encounter any unknown beast it is certainly dangerous and a potential lethal
enemy. Don't underestimate them.

The orc - The green skinned orc is intelligent and able to use weapons and
armor. They are warriors of some power and very dangerous in greater
numbers. We are lucky not to have encountered any of the more dangerous orcs
like warriors or berserkers on this isle.

Orcs ARE intelligent. Though some dwarfes mumble about a shared hivemind of
the greenskins, there is no evidence for that. Orcs have speech and are
capable to learn other humanoids language quite well ... if they want, what
almost never is the case. They lack a written language though. Some of the
more educated orcs use human letters to write down orcish texts. Its rumored
that the orcs we encounter now and then are just barbarians of their own
kind and that there is a more 'civilized' orcish culture somewhere. There
are some clues that the orcs indeed had a written language, but the modern
orcs is unable to read it as we are.

As intensely as the orcs hate all other races, they share a feeling of
community. The orcs can sense, to some extent, the feelings of other orcs.
The shamans develop this ability to such an extent, that they can sense the
innermost potential of newborn orc whelps. All newborn are tested and the
shamans decide a future function in orcish society. The whelps are fed
differently, raised differently, and educated differently. Wise men of other
races say that such behavior is similar to some insects, such as bees, and
through their empathetic bond might share a kind of 'hive-mind', so they
refer to orc communities as hives. The chief of a hive owns a big harem of
women who have no other function than to pleasure him and give birth to new
orcs. These orcish matrons are usually incredibly big and fat, almost not
able to walk on their own. Where 'normal' orcwomen function as laborer and
craftwomen and give birth to two to three orcs in their lives, these female
orcs are only reproductive machinery, giving birth to about six whelps each
half year. Orcs are usually contend with their place in orcish society and
only the leaders fight each other on purpose. Rarely will an orc raise a
weapon against another orc, even if they are not of the same hive. Rivalry
between hives is usually dissolved through a fight of their leaders and the
victorious hive absorbs the other one. Now and then, when a new strong
warrior reaches maturity he challenges the old leader for a fight of
supremacy. Sometimes though, when the hive becomes too big for the area it
occupies, such a warrior senses somehow that its time to move on. Then he
and a few other orcs leave the hive in peace to settle somewhere else. This
unique culture, together with its fertility, makes the orcs the most
formidable threat to all other tibian communities.

Once upon a time there was a little gnome.
And as all gnomes he was a treacherous, greedy coward (and that's pretty
treacherous, greedy and cowardish). One day in the middle of a deep forest
the little gnome met a little girl wearing a pretty red cap. As the greedy
gnome saw that she was carrying a bag full of finest bread and a flask of
wine, he pretended to be starving and begged the little girl for food and
water in a way anoying as only gnomes can be (and that's pretty anoying).
But the girl was warned of treacherous gnomes by a valiant huntsman she met
before and she quickly ran away from the greedy little gnome. The gnome
became angry but was afraid to steal from her, because she might have been
stronger than him. So he wandered into the woods cursing as only gnomes can
curse (and that's pretty ugly). By chance he almost stumbled over a sleeping
bard. Quickly figuring out the magical nature of the flute lying near the
sleeping bard, he stole it as quickly as only a gnome can do (and that's
pretty quick). Using the magic flute he lured a pack of wolves to the little
girls grandmas house and let the beasts chase both into the wilderness and
laughed wickedly as only gnomes can laugh (and that's pretty wicked).
Laughing the gnome gulped the wine and swallowed the bread as fast as only
gnomes can (and that's pretty fast). So he lived in the woods and molested
squirrels happily ever after.

As we traveled through the dungeon tunnels we came to a big cave. In the
light of our torches we saw several eyes glowing in the darknes, then the
trolls attacked, silent as usual. We imediately dropped our torches and
raised our shields to block the first attack, then we counterattacked. Soon
the floor was wet with blood, ours and theirs. They were verry skilled in
blocking our blows and I am sure with inferior weapons we would have hacked
on this beasts for en eternity.

Dungeon Survival Guide
Don't explore the dungeons before you tested your skills in the training
cellars of our academy. You will find dungeons somewhere in the wilderness.
Don't enter dungeons without equipment. Especially a rope and a shovel will
prove valuable. Make sure you have a supply of torches with you, while
wandering into the unknown.
It's wise to travel the dungeons in groups and not alone. For more help read
all the books of the academy before you begin exploring.
Traveling in the dungeons will reward the cautious and brave, but punish the

Tibia's Renewal BOOK ONE
The heroic powers were just about to seal the defeat of the darkness by
steel and manapower but the wars had persisted for
too a long time. The world was fragile, the boundaries between the worlds
cracked by the enormous powers, which had been
employed. Already the armies of the older races were readying themselves to
recapture from the humans what the old ones
regarded as theirs. Already the children of the darkness, hardly troubled by
the undead, risen again to new powers, were
waiting to spread chaos over the world. Already the dragons sharpened their
talons on their rock, in order to rise again into air
to devastate the world in a fiery nightmare. Already the victorious armies
of humans threw possessive looks on new targets.
Already the daemons hammered on the walls of their breakable prison.

Tibia's Renewal BOOK TWO
There the Gods on both sides stopped. They looked down upon the
desintegrating world, and they decided an armistice,
because they all wanted power over the creation, not its complete
destruction. Thus the Gods threw the charm of the new
beginning over the world! Only gradually the recovering sections of the old
world started to rise from the nebulas of time,
awakened the old races and old frights back to life. It is said that the
city of Tibia was the first to rise again, barren of almost all
life, without all magic, on a tiny island, deserted and almost devoid of
life ... and nevertheless full of age-old secrets. And soon
afterwards life returned to the world.
Also via the portal of souls old and new heroes found their way to Tibia.
Gradually larger sections of the old world emerged
from the nebulas, further natures and miracles. But the world is still far
from its former splendour and size, and we live in times
of change. What today is still natural, may as soon as tomorrow be only a
legend, what today is still fantasy, may already
tomorrow be reality.
But hear ye and listen: Bad spirits also arrived and still arrive by the
portal in our realm, in order to do mischief in human
shape. Thus one has to face many dangers, and often the world appears to be
cruel and hostile.

My travels.
As the orcs approached I've hidden myself in the bushes near the lake. I did
hardly dare to breath as they met only some inches from my nose. I thought
my wild beating heart might betray me to this murderous beasts.
I overheared the greenskined brutes. 'charach' (or so) one said and the
other responded the same way, then they began to chat in their strange
language, certainly talking about some gruesome plot against mankind.
Talking they wandered away and after they vanished from my view I quickly
got up and headed to Thais as fast as I could.

The Soulvortex
Its said that in ancient times, the gods created a great vortex to allow the
souls of spirits from 'beyond' enter the realm of Tibia. Through this
vortexportal many great heroes were able to manifest themselves on Tibia.
In their new bodys they fought againt the forces of destruction. But also
agents of destruction and evil entered the world through this portal. More
and more the dark forces used the portal to spread over Tibia and to annoy,
disrupt and subvert the brave people of the world. Some of the evil spirits
remained long enough in this world to wreak even more havoc on the good
people of Tibia. Destruction of all that others had built, slaying of new
manifested souls as soon as they left the vortex.

The gods watched in grief what had become of their great accomplishment. And
one day Uman and Banor combined their awesome forces and split the vortex.
One strand now aimed to the isle of rookgaard, the other one remained aimed
on the temple of Thais.
From this day on the newborn heroes awakened on the holy and protected isle
of rookgaard and only the stronger and better prepared souls could travel to
the continent.
Guided by omens an expedition of brave warriors from the thaian order of the
knights of noodles traveled the perillious seas the the remote isle of
rookgaard and discovered the new soulvortex.
Soon this base was built and this fine academy founded.

Praise the gods and our King.

Tactics handbook - Use train to your advantage.
Aviod fighting more then one enemy at once.
Be carefull while chasing an enemys, you might get hurt by his allys or
other monsters and can't defend yourself, while trageting him.
Target only the closest enemy or you'll become confused and might not be
able to defend yourself against other attacks.
Different enemies require different tactics. Some are better to be fought in
an agressive way, encounter others in the defesive way. Choosing between
your attackstyles also is depended from your equipment, if you have only
little defense, there is likely no point in fighting devensive and the other
way round.

The fauna of rookgaard.

One of the native trees of this isle is the rookiepine.
This tough tree grows almost everywhere and can withstand the common storms
in the harsh winter.
Another tree you can find is the dwarfenoak. The smaler cousin of the tibian
oak is a fast growing tree and so the most common wood supply on rookgaard
as well as on the continent.
Only botanist can distiguisch the dwarfenoak from the strang rookguard
banannatree. On rookguard there is an oaklike plat which fruits resemble
Bannanas in shape and tase that much. noone can make out the difference of
the fruits. To all persons without knowledge in botanology the only hint to
find a bannanatree is the witheblossom flower that often seems to live in a
kind of symbiosis with the cherry tree.
The dragontongue plant is easily spotted by its deep red blossoms and
rumored to be an usefull reagent in varrious alchemical potions.
The swamplants are that numerous and various that we didn't have a chance
for an extensive calssification.


There are two kinds of spells: rune-spells, and spontaneous spells.
Rune-spells are cast on blank runestones and some mana is used up in this
proces. This stones can easily be carried around and store the specific
spell. It can be used at any time, and only some require further investment
of mana.
Spontaneous spells are cased in the heartbeat they are needed and take
effect instantly. Most of these spells are spells of healing but some of
them are agressive and some even have more astonishing effectes, as
invisibility, illusionary shapechage etc.

This was a bad day!

I lost my key to the crypts below while I was fishing in the port. This is
especially bad because those trolls hid my precious trumpet somewhere down

The Deraisim had become homeless in the wars. As nomadic wanderers they hid
in the woods, setteling nowhere for a longer time. Their families joined
each other to travel together for a while, only to disband again soon
whenever an area could not supply them all any longer. Hunted by countless
enemies and almost everytime outnumbered when it came to fights with
'neighbours' they retreated into the deepest woods where the greater number
of their foes was evened out. There they created encampments they visited
now and then. They had contact with many creatures and cultures. They
adopted ideas and inventions that suited their nomadic lifestyle and begun
even a very cautious trade with other races to aquire things they were not
able to build on their own. As the attention of the other races turned more
and more away from the elves and wars broke out between them, some of the
elves begun to live at their up to then only part time ecampment on a
permanent base. Adopting what they had seen from other races and things they
vaguely remembered from their own past some trading posts were established
in this way. Usually only one to three families lived there. After the
reunification with the Cenath the majority of them could be convinced to
give a permanent settlement a try and the biggest tradingpost became the
settlement Ab'Dendriel. Some families refused to join their brethren and
continued to wander the world, only visiting the city now and then, each
vistit convincing them more that they have only little in common with the
Deraisim anymore. So they begun to see themselves as Abdaisim and continued
to be the nomads and restless wanderers of elvenkind.

The Teshial were never fighters. They retreated in the early days of war to
hidden refuges, not as a whole caste but only in small family groups. Their
hideouts were additionally protected by strong illusionary magic and offered
them peace from the madness around them. These elves developed due to
meditation and a special philosophy in the art of dream magic, dramatically
enhancing their initial abilities in the decades. So they began to exist
almost permanently in a state of dreams, only rarely appearing now and then
amidst the other elves to give them advice and try to convince some of them
to join their way of life. As the war grew more and more fierce these visits
became less and less frequent until they were almost a myth, even for
elvenkind. In the new awakening of the world they were some of the first to
appear, apparently far less disoriented then other beings. Many races
welcomed their help, but their teachings seldom found dedicated listeners.
After they taught a part of their secrets to some humans they found worthy,
they had to see their pupils tortured by developments they judged themselves
guilty of. Also, other elves put pressure on the humans to give up the
secrets of dreams. They withdrew from the world of mortals and it is
rumored they have physically entered the realm of dreams.
The Teshial are 'typical' in appearance for elves, but they could create the
illusion of almost any appearance if they so choose. Some people even say
that due to their enormous control of dreams they could shape their children
as they wish, giving them human or even orcish appearance. On the other
hand, even people who come up with such theories go silent when asked why an
elf should choose to have a child that looks that way.

Minotaur society rejects the raging of Blog.
In the past, the berserker rage of the minotaurs was feared by all their
enemies. But this rage had cost more than one life and some of the most
promising warriors died young on the battlefields. Heavy casualties caused
their numbers to decrease dramatically. The minotaurs withdrew from the
wars, but in a world gone mad, skirmishes with other races were part of
their daily routine. The demise of the whole race continued. As the minotaur
race became nearly extinct in the fights, they found refuge in caves,
adopting a lifestyle much like their ancient enemies the dwarfs.

The only minotaurs reaching old age in these times of war were those who
were born with physical disabilities or who were crippled but not killed in
battle. This class of minotaurs was the only one who could live long enough
to learn skills not directly connected to war. Since they were almost always
the only ones who could gather enough experience and wisdom to create new
ideas and concepts, the younger warriors begun to look at them as parents
and advisors. Slowly these elders were able to change the war culture of the
minotaurs. One charismatic minotaur in particular, Akkor, who was born
blind, became the founder of the new minotaurian philosophy. He shunned the
rage as a curse of the god Blog. Consequently, the minotaurian religion,
which due to the extremity of martyrdom and rage never had a real chance to
develop, turned away from the raging one. Slowly new concepts were adopted
and great efforts were undertaken to hold the rage at bay. Meditation and
self-control became the foremost duties of any warrior. The minotaurian
ideal turned towards role models who were in control of body and mind. Since
fiery rage was in minotaurian nature, young minotaurs were trained from
early on to control themselves. It was through meditation that the minotaurs
developed art and soon philosophy. Complicated ceremonies for usually simple
things of daily life were developed to focus the mind, to be aware of each
second of life.

To become an educated warrior-philosopher became the goal of all
minotaurkind. Uncontrolled rage was considered to be primitive from then on.
A minotaurian warrior is skilled as an artist, often found conentrated
drawing, reciting or creating poems and wielding a weapon with awarenes and
cold hearted skill. The warriors of the uppermost class are usually so well
educated they control some amount of magic, often used to augment their own
strength and defense. They are the heroes and role models of the lower
class. The minotaurs still have a warrior culture, but the understanding of
a true warrior has changed dramatically.

Minotaur cheese is a specialty, often envied by decadent human nobles.

Elven names are chosen in adulthood. Until they acquire a name, elves are
called 'son/daughter of ___' usually naming the parent with the same gender.
Upon reaching adulthood, the young elf gets his first name, divined by the
elders who know him in dreams. It is merely a single name, a description of
the elf in the elven tongue. Usually elves love to add a translation of
their name which is often mistaken for a second name by other races. Since
the elven language is far more complicated and has thousands of nuances,
often elves with the same 'second name' have a different first name,
confusing the other races even more.

Like most of the elder races, elves feel used and abandoned by the gods. The
only gods some of them worship is Crunor, whom they call the "Treefather"
and see him as bringer of life. Some of the elves prefer to pray to the raw
elemental powers of earth and air. Mostly in the Kuridai caste the earth
cult is more prominent than Crunor, and it is said that their complicated
'prayers' are more like summonings or invocations. It is believed by
elvenkind that in their history seven elven lords acquired the status of
celestial paladins and therefore are godlike beings. Worshipping them is a
very personal matter though. It is certain that different high lords are
more prominent in different castes but prayers and interpretation of the
high lords is only shared on family level at best, usually each elf finds
his own approach to some of the high lords, completely ignoring the other

Mortiur - the ravager, prominent for some sects.
The avenger, merciless against friend, foe and himself

Nera - the lady of spring (flowers, growth) completely replacing Crunor for
some elves.

Dseyvar - the sworddancer, responsible for the grace of the warrior, elven
warriors have to be graceful not chivalrous.

Priyla - the daughter of the stars, mystery and magic

Krynierr - the silver tongue, poetry, love and music

Azmoda - the vieled one, mysterious figure. Mistress of schemes, cunning and

Evicor - the wanderer. Master of the hunt, the explorer

The elves are able to manipulate their unborn children by some kind of dream
magic. This magic changes appearance and personality slightly, allowing
elven parents to give birth to 'wish-kids'. In their shared dreams the elven
parents seem to sculpture their child like a piece of art. Though most of
the dream magic of the past is long forgotten, this rudimentary magic seems
to be natural to the elves. It is possible to 'choose' things like hair or
eye color and even gender. Even slight changes of the physique are possible,
though considerable changes take place in the span of generations. Wise men
assume this ability was a 'gift' of the gods to make more adaptable tools
for the elves' war. But the mentality of the elves did not allow them to
form their children in a 'convenient' way. Since most of this magic is
instinctual, they form their children in an aesthetic way. On the other
hand, what is seen as aesthetic is based on the philosophy of the parents
and so their background changes this view dramatically. This is even more
evident in the castes that were separated in the war.

The Cenath were the most lucky of the elves. They lived in a hidden valley
in a handful of cities, far away from the rages of war. As things turned bad
for the elves much of their artifacts, artwork and books were brought to
theese cities. Live went on as usual for some time, the elves minding only
their own business, as if pretending there was no war at all. Of course the
war found them at last. In an frantic attempt to rescue their lives and even
their accustomed way of life the elves begun to weave powerfull spells. Many
of their best magicians litteraly 'burnt out' in the process but finally the
elves succeeded. The whole valley was torn out of the known world ... And
this was bitterly needed in a world that was only stormy darkness around the
elven valley. They created a artificial light and even created weather.
There they lived for hundreds of years, studying and practicing magic,
mainly to manipulate and reproduce efects of natue to enhance their lives.

Then something happened. The dimension that harboured the elven valley began
to collapse. Pice for pice their land was torn away and the wisest of the
elves found out that the valley would ultimately 'fall' back in the world it
belonged to. Great efforts were undertaken to prevent it. All were futile.
As this was recognized it was almost too late. All magic was concentraded to
preserve the lives of the elves. Protective shells were created, spells to
deflect damage, enchantements to keep harm away. The 'return' was aweful.
Almost half of the elves perished. All of the valley and its wonders were
destroyed. Almost nothing remained. Artifacts and books shattered and burnt
alike. The battered elves retreated and begun to wander aimlessly through
the lands, until they encountered scouts of the Deraisim who led them to the
safety of their woods. At first they were disgusted by the primitive
lifestyle of their brethren, but soon they decided they had to guide and
lead them back to true values of elvenkind. So one of their encampements was
choosen as new home for the elvenkind and the city of Ab'Dendriel was

The Kuridai took refuge in a volcanic area, inhabited by vile monsters and
ravaged by the eruptions of the mountains. Stripped of almost any
possesions, they hid in the caves and learned to become very secretive. They
had to work very hard, had to fight for almost any goods with nature and
ferocious beasts. Most beasts that could live in such livethreatening
circumstances were that powerfull that direct attacks proved to be futile.
So the elves begun to develop a more devious way to fight, with assaults,
traps and hit and run tactics. After over hundred years they had enough
resources to leave the burning lands and adopted their way of live to their
new enviroment. So they became the secretive people under the hills. They
were fierce fighters whenever their new home was threatened. Some hundred
years they fought off all intruders until their explorers made contact with
the other remaining elven casts. Under the growing pressure of the more and
more powerful waves of orcish attacks they left their homes to join forces
with the other elves in an uneasy alliance.
Their apperance had changed to a even more slender Version of the normal
elves. Their skin is very pale, their hair pure white or pitch black. The
younger members of that cast often color strands of their hair in unusual
clors like red, blue or purple. Red, albinotic eyes are common, but in
general all kinds of eyecolors are existent.

The 5th elven cultural group are the Chelabdil. There role in the war and
their fate is yet unclear, but they have few contact with the other elven
casts. They are usually a bit taller and stronger than elves of the other
races, and there skin is silvery-white or in blue to greenish tones. Their
eyes are often pale blue or green, sometimes a faint yellow. They have long
black hair, or sometimes dark brown. They seem to live nowadays in the
region northwest of Carlin and are seen quite often there. They have the
keenest eyes of the elves, and the weapons of their choice are spears,
knives and sometimes the short bow. They are fine hunters and sometimes
trade furs, but the main part of their life remains yet uncertain.

"We could not confirm the extinction of the Chelabdil. On the other hand we
found no living beeing in the area. We met strong orcish presence there.
Some of the orcs we killed had elvish items on them so it might be possible
that all of the so called Chelabdil were wiped out by the orcish hords. One
proof more our way is the right one."
/un-named explorer.

The Manasphere
by Rail Ashkil

The whole planet is surrounded by an energetic field called "Manasphere",
produced by "Mother Nature". Nearly every living being is able to tap it
and store a certain amount of this "mana". Even less beings are able to use
this energy to produce light etc. In most cases the user will "cast a spell"
- but only to concentrate on his natural abbility of mana-using. Some
beings, dragons e.g., seem to use the mana more instinctively but
nevertheless with great efficiency.

by Othis Ethna

I don't want to minimize the value of <name of first author>'s work. But to
me it lacks any proof! Thus Ashkil's explanation is as good as the idea that
the beings are producing the mana themselfes! And what about the "planet is
surrounded"-statement? How should he know without leaving this planet?
Either there's another (now lost) book that deals with the experiments and
their results, or the whole "manasphere" is only an unproofable theory!

Dwarven report VII

Enemy magic

Our elemantarists have successfully unrevealed the the secrets of what is
called "dream magic". It is a subconscious way of influencing the
surroundings. It is mainly used by elven parents that want to shape their
unborn child, but, this is the far more important threat, some elves,
especially those called "Teshial" posess the ability to wander some kind of
"dream realm" instead of the real world. This gives them the oppurtunity to
appear somewhere out of the blue, but, fortunately, the Teshial never used
this skill to ambush, and the other elves posess only small remnants of this
Never the less, the 2nd earthen chamber is evolving a counter spell for
that, that increases the elemental signature of beings near, forcing them
into the real realm.

The other kinds of their magics are limited to protective and growing
spells, whicht yet do not prove any harm, but are very supportive for their
strife. It is rumored that they have also a lot of illusionary and
concealing spells, but investigations here have not yet led to final
results, as well as we can only deny the existance of aggressive magic by an
elven race od caste od unknown origin.

For further information refer to sub-report AX-27.

Dwarven report XII

Enemy territory and settlements

Our scouts recently discovered a great number of elven hideouts within the
"deeper woodlands". They also have a great city, comparable to a capital,
there, which is called Ab'Dendriel, and is mainly inhabitated by Deraisim
and Cenath. The defenses are rather weak, and it seems like a lot of nomads
and wanderers pass through the region.

We also found ruins within the hidden mystic valley, the structure of the
buildings is typically elven. The ruins seem to be the result of a harsh
thunderstorm of magic, but it was too long ago for us to find closer traces.

More interesting should be the fact, that the volcanic regions beyond the
thundery mountains seem to be colonised by the elves as well. There dwells a
race called Kuridai, and they seem to be the most aggressive and militant
elves we encountered yet.

Suggestions about possible assault targets if war will be at hand are
envoiced in sub-report EY-01.

Thou shalt not kill!

Thou shalt not lie!

Thou shalt not speek falsehood!

Thou shalt not steal!

Thou shalt not commit adultery!

Thou shalt praise thy king!

Thou shalt obay thy king!

Thou shalt pay thy taxes!

Isaac Brewton, 908 pg

On the movement of objects
As everyone knows many objects do not remain static all the time. But what
causes them to move? In some cases this is clear, if I punch a ball I am the
cause of the movement, but whatabout an object falling?

Falling objects head downwards, but what is "down", what is below us? The
answer is simple: Hell! And who rules hell? Satan! So, obviously Satan is
the cause of these movements, Satan is among us all the time. But if he
causes these objects to fall, what reason is there that he should not be the
cause of all other movements?

Alistair Cropwell's Travel Notes

...strange things I saw today! A mighty city, inhabited with fearsome
beings. Dark rituals, the reason of which I could not discern. Are these
people friend or foe? I do not know. I remain in hiding and observe.. and
what is the meaning of this strange talisman that I found? The symbol
appears everywhere, I fear it may have powers that could cause damage in the
wrong hands.

I have been travelling so long, I can hardly remember the features of my
beloved ones. Will they recognise, will the remember me? What will they make
of my tales? Oh, that I be back with them, walk the city again...

This week's specials:

* Hot dog (real dog-meat! no fake!)

* Chien chaud a la Trolloise
* Pizza dog e salmone

* Doggi Goreng

* Doggenwurst with Sauerkraut

* Dog Suey

* T-Bone Dog

We finally made it to trick the foolish dragon and advance to some better
part of earth. Here it is easy to dig a new dungeon. I hope we will find a
new way out.

The way is long. We are digging for about 30 days.

We made it to advance to a stone wall! Tomorrow we will break it! The day we
will see the sun again is close! Palker will be proud of me!

Yeah! This was the final blow. The wall is broken! But, what is that? Behind
the wall, there is a human warrior. He seems dangerous. He has a glowing
sword, a blue armor and green pants made of dragon-skin. He screams
something like "Tataah!" and attacks! I don´t understand the humans! What
does that mean?
HE KILLS MY MINO-GUARDS! And now he turns towards me ...


20 Tricks to Get People's Money


Expeditiondiary of Erin Cropwell

Day 1: After visting my fathers grave, I headed northeast to explore the
world behind the great vulcanic mountains.

Day 2: I sneaked thru a great cave full of cyclopses. After hours of
wandering and climbing I reached the other side.

Day 3: Following the coast to seek signs of life.

Day 4: Found a strange desert. In the middle there seems to be a ruin, I
will examine this at night, because it's much too hot now.

Day 5: DAMN!!! I fell into the deep hole and broke both legs and a rib. All
I can do is...
climb up spider poison

Tell my wife I lov...

<you recognize a torn diary of some sort>
Now I have the information I needed so much. It had cost me a fortune, but
my love is wirth it. The evil Minz hid my beloved Caramellia in a tower in
the femur hills, I will travel ...
... almost killed me but i made it to the tower. Sadly the druid enchantet
the area with some naturemagic and the grass is almost impassable ...
... met a wandering elf and bought a machete. Now I will be able ...
... not possible! I am not trained enough to cut the fast growing grass away
quick enough to clear a path to the tower ...
... will hide for the night in a nearbye cave i have spotted this morning
while passing by and will tomorrow travel to a nearby town to improve my
grasscuttingskill. I am sure if I am more familar with that I will make it!

The Bible

You can not read it, because it is Latin

Hardek *

Bozo *

Sam ****

Partos ***

Quentin *
Tark ***

Harsky ***

Stutch *

Ferumbras *

Frodo **

Noodles ****

Now we have two enemies!

Being defeated by the evil humans we are forced to retreat into new caves.
Our plan to create a tunnel to the eastern caves of this world is nearly

But the dark minotaurs will protect their caverns. And our tunnel will go
straight through their homes. So we must fight against both humans and

taka arash ouk karak minotaur

batash ferut ouk taka
minotaur karakim kiskesh



Omark ikem goshak ba batuk

Booz karek utash gort mora
bota bana ikem

I've managed to imprison two cyclops in my secret dungeon under the
lighthouse. I forced them to create some magic equipment. Soon I will be the
mightiest warrior in Tibia.

The good farmer

Maximal Farming

Chapter One - How to exploit the soil.

There's something wrong in the cesspool below the stable. I think there is a
hole at the end. I have to fix that as soon as possible

<you recognize a torn diary of some sort>

... Now I have the information I needed so much. It cost me a fortune, but
my love is with it. The evil Minz hid my beloved Caramellia in a tower in
the femur hills, I will travel ...

... almost killed me but i made it to the tower. Sadly the druid enchanted
the area with some nature-magic and the grass is almost impassable ...
... met a wandering elf and bought a machete. Now I will be able ...

... not possible! I am not trained enough to cut the fast growing grass away
quick enough to clear a path to the tower ...

... will hide for the night in a nearby cave I have spotted this morning
while passing by and will tomorrow travel to the town to improve my
grass-cutting-skill. I am sure if I am more familiar with that I will make

The Attack Upon Thais

It started Long Ago, when the great City Of Venore was overun by Orcs, they
came in their hundreds, riders, warriors, shamans, spearmen. they climbed
the many stairs and invaded. Shortly after the destruction of Venore came
the Fall of the surrounding Islands, as well as Kazadoon and Ab'Dendriel.
Yet none would have thought they would see Carlin Fall. It Fell to the Orcs,
as they tunneled into the sewer systems, hacking at rocks and appearing in
streets, slaughtering many. Those that lived fled to Thais.
But it has come to my attention now... In the rising Evil of Mount Sterum,
The Orc armies are joining many of us elves and Human's Foes. They now have
power of cyclopses, Trolls, wolves, bears, Stone Golems and more Monsters. A
Council had to decide the Fate of Thais... I was one of them, and Elf
overlord, protector of The swampelven village, that was still standing.
Eventually the Men decided to Defend Thais, to Cling to its great walls, and
prey that they should not crumble....

The mystic portal remains unstable so reinforcements from Mintwallin seldom
arrive here.

The royal mage managed to impress the primitive local orcs though and we can
use them as slaves and runefodder. The trolls surrendered immediately and
can be used for lesser services.
The human base has to be destroyed since more and more arrive there. These
enemies are not strong but their number might cause some problems. As long
as they will be revived at this mystic vortex even they can ruin our plans.
We have to figure out how to destroy the vortex first. The mage locked
himself up in his quarters and wants not to be disturbed anymore. He
entrusted me with the duty to coordinate all our actions here.

This most holy book of most smart swamptrolls is!

Not use it on troilet, don't!
Is book of holy thingy that came from heaven while me spying on big living
place of mean humans.
Black and white thingy gift from gods must be!
Will make humans tremble soon.

Introduction of the War of Welcome

The War of Welcome took place near the southern bridge, that the humans call
'the dwarf bridge'. The southern territory was once inhabited by a mighty
orcish tribe and the few dwarves brave enough to stick around the mountain
were constantly being hasseled by these orcish people and some were enslaved
by the vile orcs! To the Northwest lie Carlin, a place inhabited by humans
who struggled for survival on their own and could not help the dwarves in
this matter either. As time went by the dwarves who called for war against
the orcis raiders grew in number and voice. They felt they had a right to
reatake these lands from the orcish invaders.

War of Welcome Begins

It happened suddenly one morning. A group of Dwarves were passing by the Orc
territory outside their mountain. They were on their way to Thais to sell
off some of their jewels of the mountain. The orcs tried to ambush them but
falied. The dwarves reacted quick and by valor and superior equipment
defeated the raiders. This ensued the War of Welcome. After this incident
the dwarves who claimed that the time had come to stand up for their beliefs
and their treasure got the proof they needed to convince their brethren and
sisters of their cause. The orcs would not retreat though and prepared
themselfes for war. After a year of battle the orcs were finaly crushed and
the tribe scattered. The dwarves now again claimed dominance over the heart
of the continent and all the land that 'where under the shadow of the big
old one'. The humans of the thaian kingdom became allys to the dwarfen
empires soon after theese wars and trade flourished.

The Prisonisle
Most of the rebelious dwarves who betrayed us and allied themselv with the
cyclopses and some dishonorfull human knights were prosecuted and thrown in
jail on the prisonisle Dwacatra. They now have to live or fight the captured
Minotauers, Orcs, and Cyclopses they seem to like that much.
Justice is served.

Extended Vision
Most dwarves have a excelent eyesight even in dark enviroments but this
spell will one day allow you to see nearly twice as far as you currently do.
What's needed is the fire of a fire element, the head of a ghoul,the essence
of a red royal blossom, some water from Blood Bay and the laugh of a mute
sinner. Light a fire with the flame of the fire element. Pour the water from
Blood Bay into a cauldronand place it over the fire. Throw in the head of
the ghoul and the essence of the red royal Blossom and mix it untill a grey
myst emerges. Take some of the potion and mix it with the laugh while
cooling it. Now we only need to find out the missing catalysts and the magic
words to imbue it with energy.

Dwarven guide to warfare
Lesson VI
Luring elves with carrots has proven to be an ineffective tactic.

Dwarven guide to warfare
Lesson V
Boats are malevolent.

Dwarven guide to warfare
Lesson III
Dragon scales make up for good armor and protection. Unless the dragon is
still alive!

By Himhor

Within this obscure essay lies a remarkable study of a dwarf who poses as a
ghoul to view what life is like from the Ghoulish point of view. A
particular emphasis of the work is the fascinating ghoulish healing habits,
which the author presumes to be, unlike many warriors thinks nowadays, an
effective romantic ritual which ghouls aims to the creatures they do found
appealing somehow.

(most pages of that book are unreadable, stained with blood and parts are

Horrible screams ..blinding light....pain...happening???....No one ....The
light visibility....Farewell...

Miner's Entry

What it was i cannot say! but its horrible! horrible! We heard rumors of
such things before but we just ignored them ...Im the only survivor
..that...THING...they couldn't move...they were helpless...oh why
...what....what is that..something is feet....stone...

Create Beer

No Dwarve can resist a good mug of Jimbin's beer and this spell will one day
allow you to create such beer with a few simple ingredients. Collect the
hair of a troll, a mushroom of any sort, a small amount of soul from the mad
mage valley, some water from around the mad mage valley and the silence
befire dawn. Place the ingredients into a flask of the mad mage valley
water, cork it and boil it. Remove the cork and pour a small amount of the
potion into a cup and shake it. Now we have to find out how to bring in the
silence gefore dawn in an appropriate way. You should then have a full cup
of beer if all works as calculated so far. We estimate one potion should be
a weeks suply of beer if you minimize your drinking to 7 mugs a day.
(Oh, and don't tell jimbin about this spell)

Those are the findings. It was also found that the water that flows by the
mad mage valley is quite magical. One of our mages suggested that it is the
"soul of the sea".

The Brighteyes Legend

By: Damius Weirgroth

Long ago, long before the lands of Tibia were known by this name a dwarven
fellowship was founded, holding a destiny of fame, power and tragedy. These
Individuals were known as the brighteye fellowship. Those who crossed them
or did something to anger them never saw the light of day. It is said when
enraged these dwarve's eyes grew in light that could be seen a towns
distance away and they went into a bezerking frenzy killing all that opposed
them. Loosing all control and compassion in that frenzy they became
unbearable even to the fellowsships of the savage axes and the dragoneaters.
So after great debates between the fellowships they left Kazordoon and the
big old one for unknown new lands. Though some setteled at remote spots on
the continent the trail of the others was lost. They are considered the lost
fellowship in theese days and no britghteye was born since then in the halls
of Kazordoon.

Miners Journal (title)

We've dug that deep, that even we we dwarves can hardly see. Fruzek told us
stories of a monster making odd sounds from below the earth.These
frightening tales of the basilisk have halted our mining schedule, forcing
us to double the guards protecting the miners.

A Tired Miner

It is certain now! We are doomed.
I have not the heart to tell it our remaining

brothers and sisters, but the dreams were
clear as seldom before: our order will be wiped out by the hand of time
But at least there is some hope. The same dream that told us about our doom,
hold a promise.

In Tibias darkest hour our order will return and
once again battle the forces of evil and a new
generation will lead
our order to greater glory than
May those who will come not fall prey to the same evil as we did.

...send Almur with the new recruits to the dream-master. Is they can pass
the test
they are worthy to become Nightmare Knights.

I don't think the Dream Challenge is too difficult.

We must keep our standarts even in this times
of despair, with our enemys numerous and our
ranks thinned out!

We tracked Goshnars daughter to the gates of Carlin but lost her within the
city. Of course we got no help by the 'authorities' so I think she could
hide there somewhere. It's likely that the brotherhood of bones has agents
in the ctiy that gave her shelter. We think she doesn't know her fathers
secrets though. Her magic tricks seemed quite normal to us. I can't say
wether the rumor that she is pregnant is true. If so, nothing is known about
the father of this child. Considering that Goshnar was allied with darkness
we must fear the worst. So the search for Fermuba continues.

... the dreammaster retreated to the world behind the curtains of awarenes,
I cant reach him, now that the last hall of dreams is lost to the forces of
evil. I sealed goshnars grave so noone can enter the pits without knowledge
of our secret. I will try to retreat to knightwatch tower and wait for a
dreamer in posession of the key, so we can travel one of the dreampathes to
a saver place to regroup and plan a counterattack. I fear we have to recruit
new members and only little time left to train them. I hope Taciror will not
waste our last forces in a futile attack on the ruthless seven. Our order
has never truly recovered from the losses in our war against Goshnar and his
undead hordes. Now with the death of our leaders and best warriors in the
attack of the demonic forces we don't stand a chance against our enemys. Our
only hope is to gather new forces and retake the chamber of dreams. Of couse
I know the right method to distract hugo long enough to get past him. The
dreammaster is important to teach our recruits in the old ways and the art
of dreamwalking. We need a leader for our cause and we need him bad.
Headless we will fail and fall. Its already uncertain who took the nightmare
chronicals out of the pits and I have no idea where they hid them. They are
fighting about power and influence but unity is the key to success. Our
whole order is centred about unity. All our rituals and procedures rooted on
unity and sharing, they can't neglect it.

This is the Journal of Krendorak,

the last of the Nightmare Knights:

I tried to discover the secret of
my ancestors, but I failed.
The damned dragons tricked me!
I escaped but I know I'm mortaly
wounded. Even if I could get out off here,
I will never make it to Knightwatch Tower
to use its secret to resupply. Since
now that Camdrek is dead I will never be
able to open it...
It is so hot, my sight is fading...

May the gods forgive my failing...

The riddle

Once upon a time, there have been a knight, a druid, a paladin and a
sorcerer that survived the great battle upon the fields of glory. Some of
them were wounded, some not. All were deadly tired. They had to escape from
a hord of orcs, a whole tribe with more then 35 fighters. Late in the night,
they came to a huge bridge, or at least the rest of a once mighty bridge. It
was small and seemed to be not very save. The sorcerer screamed some loud
and mighty words and for a second the bridge glew in a blue light.
"I see" the sorcerer said, "that this bridge will break down and fall into
the water within 60 minutes. So we have to hurry up. It will only hold two
of us at the same time and it is a long bridge. The wounded knight will need
25 minutes to go over the bridge, and it will take me 20. The paladin can go
faster, so he will be on the other side within 10 minutes."
Pointing at the druid he said: "And you can use your spell to move faster.
You will need only 5 minutes."
"Ok then, let´s go! Don´t waste time" shouted the knight and started to go.
But then he stopped. "I can´t see anything. The bridge is dangerous. We will
need your magic light wand to cross it. Without light we will fall down in
the cold and deep water. So always someone has to return to bring back the
wand of light to the others."
"What shall we do now?" asked the paladin "How can we all reach the other
side before the evil orcs will get us? I have no arrow left and we can´t
fight them! In which order we have to pass the bridge? Who should go first?"
The druid started to grumbel: "Let me say k for knight, d for druid, s for
sorcerer, p for paladin. hmmm.... and now let me thing:


and hmmmm nonono.


"Got it!" the sorcerer screamed. "Let´s run!"

Diary of Palkar, leader of the outcasts

We found this cave - hidden in the labyrinth - and made it our new
headquarter. I think it is save.

More deep in the cave is a tribe of cyclops. We made an alliance with them.
They will fight with us and guard the key to the secret laboratory.

King Markwin protected the entrance to the lab with a dragon, but my druid
could convince it. So we can use the lab to increase our power.

We were digging a new tunnel to the city. Markwin locked the hidden entrance
with a rock.

Yeah! The tunnel is finished and we were able to attack king Markwin within
his own walls. They weren´t prepared at all and we killed many of those
creepy bastards.

Soon we will be strong enough to convince the other dragon and reach the

Today I send a group of diggers to make a new way up to the light of the
sun. They really have a hard job to do, but I think they will do it.

I haven´t heard anything of my diggers since a whole month. I hope this is
no bad sign.

Once upon a time there was a flower pot named George. George decided to go
for a walk around the garden with his friend, Sally the egg-shell. The two
of them paced around the garden for a few hours. They talked a lot.
George's favorite subject was pottery, and Sally's was her teapot collection
which she kept in the attic. The two talked a bit more while pacing around
the garden. They passed flowers, and bushes and trees. Sally noticed a
pebble that had a black skull and crossbones on it, so she picked it up and
rubbed it. Then, all of a sudden, KABOOOOOOOM! a big black ball shot out
of the pebble and killed George in one hit. Sally was very sad. She had
killed George. George was now lying on the floor in small shards of
terracotta, which gave Sally an idea. She took the pieces of george inside
and with a bit of pritt stick and seotape she turned geoge into a teapot and
added him to her collection in the attic. Unfortunately, george the teapot
leaked and was unable to talk about pottery any more.

How to mix magical potions

Potion of halluzination

This potion causes the user to get different halluzinations. The nature of
these halluzinations
is regulated by different quantities of the ingredients:

1-5 eyes of a demon

2-5 hairs of a dead human

a potion of green slime

4-5 potions of beer

4-5 potions of wine

Mix these ingredients together, and just drink it. No need for cooking or
casting spells...
May the halluzinations be nice!

The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

by Dave Charlwin

After years of research, I believe I have found the origin of of any living
creature that
exists in our dimensions. First, shortly after our world was created, the
were just stones and earth.
There were small stones, big stones, gray and brown stones, sharp and round
Some of these stones looked very much like today's seeds; that isn't just
per chance.
Obviously, some of the round, small, brown stones, which were somehow placed
some fingerlength
deep in the earth, started growing in the directions of the sun - in the
opposite direction of hell.
That is how plants and trees were created - big trees came out of big
stones, small plants out of small stones.
Now one may ask oneself (or me): How did animals come into the world?
I thought really long about this question, and I obviously found the correct
Once there were plants existing they started "mixing" with stones:
Plants are living objects (just like animals are), but they can't move very
fast (animals move fast).
Stones on the other hand do not live, but they can move very fast (think
about stones falling down a mountain).
That's how animals and monsters started to exist.

Important facts from galactic history,
number one

(reproduced from the "Sideral Daily Mentioner's Book Of Popular Galactic

The night-sky of the planet Krikkit is the least interesting sight in the
entire universe.

Important facts from galactic history,
number two
(reproduced from the "Sideral Daily Mentioner's Book Of Popular Galactic

Since this galaxy began, vast civilisations have risen and fallen, risen and
fallen, risen and fallen,
that it's quite tempting to think, life in the galaxy must be
(a) something akin to seasick -- space-sick, time-sick, history-sick or some
such thing or
(b) stupid.

Armaments, Chapter Two, Verses Nine to Twenty-One.

And the Lord spake, saying:
"First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three, no
more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of
the counting shalt be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count
thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once
the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thou foe, who being naughty in my
sight, shall snuff it."

Diary of Hengis Wulfson

I can only hope I can escape the
cyclopes someday. For now I have
occupied their chief with an attempt
to learn to read and write, but for
how long?
I'm so desperate.
What a foolish idea to travel here to
search the famous treasures of this
ancient, knightly order.
I wish I had never heard about it.
I wish I never had sung thant song.
No clue how many unfortunate souls I have lured to death with it.

I can't figure out how to reanimate
dragons and other monsters yet.
I am sure the secret was hidden by
this ancient knightly order after they
defeated Goshnar.
I am also sure that the 'thing' called
'necromants nectar' is crucial to
find the secret entrance to the Pits
of Inferno. And what is the meaning of
the phrase 'feed those in need', which
I discovered in the ancient scrolls of my
former master, before he hid them from me.
I have to find them or figure out the secret
on my own. I will never share my secrets and the success with the
brotherhood, but now
that the summoning of Urgith went wrong I
have to spend to much time in fighting the
undead back that are out of control.
But now, after all what I did allready to
become the new necromant king, I can't give
up and i will not. Never!
The secrets of death will be mine! MINE!

Chronicle of Mintwallin - the city of the Minotaurs

written by Markwin, king of all Minotaurs

Volume I

( burned out )

Chronicle of Mintwallin - the city of the Minotaurs

written by Markwin, king of all Minotaurs

Volume II

( burned out )

Chronicle of Mintwallin - the city of the Minotaurs

written by Markwin, king of all Minotaurs

Volume III

We finally managed it to escape from the evil daemon. We had to give up most
of our land. Only the city Mintwallin is left. Many good warriors died. We
blocked the way out of the city with a drawbridge. I hope that will keep the
daemon out. Now the only way out of the city leads to the labyrinth.

Palkar gets more and more influence in the city. Mostly the younger Minos
listen to him.

Palkar sows discard. He wants to form a new army to investigate the
labyrinth and to get back to the surface. I prefer living right here in

He is too strong. I had to allow him to lead some small groups of our
Minotaurs to fight against the orcs and trolls. He is a very good commander
- and so he is a danger for me.


Palkar conquered most of the tunnels and dungeons. He drove the trolls back.
Perhaps he is right. Perhaps - someday - I will see the light of the sun

Chronicle of Mintwallin - the city of the Minotaurs

written by Markwin, king of all Minotaurs

Volume IV

Our excursion is at the end. Today many of our best warriors died. Palkar
encountered a dragon that killed many of my minos. It was Palkars fault. He
will never lead an army again. And I will never see the light again.

I can´t calm Palkar. He is full of energy. And I can´t calm my own people.
Many don´t listen to me but to him. He wants to fight.

A human made his way through the labyrinth! How could he find us? I wanted
to get that out of him - but I could not understand him. I have thrown him
in the jail. He will never come out of it!

The black day of out chronicle. We had a fight within the walls of my
beloved city. Minotaurs fought against Minotaurs - brothers against brothers
- sisters against sisters. Palkar and his knights nearly won. But me and
some others were able to defeat him. Now, he and his men are outcasts.
Day of sorrow.

The outcasts stole the key to our secret laboratory! That is worst of all.
Now we can´t make our milk, the source of our power.

I managed to bring a dragon from the dragon-pit at the outer entrance of our
secret lab to guard it. He hurt me very hard. I needed much more power than
I had. I am deadly injured. I hope this coughing will have an end.

The orcs and trolls conquered some caves back. Dammit! We are to weak now.
We can´t defend ourselves. And my coughing gets worse and worse.

Some of my men blocked the way from the secret lab to my chambers with a big
rock. I think we are save now.

The outcasts made an alliance with a tribe of cyclops. Now our former
brothers are our worst enemies. They are hiding somewhere in the labyrinth.

The oldest Minotaur of the city told me that my written words have many
mistakes and that I would write in a terrible form. I killed him. I am a
fighter - not a teacher!

Chronicle of Mintwallin - the city of the Minotaurs

written by Markwin, king of all (?) Minotaurs

Volume V

I don´t understand it, but the outcasts must have a way into our city
Mintwallin. Today a group of them murdered my son Ian and some of my guards.
I am deadly ill. I am coughing blood. I am full of sorrow. And I am tired.
So tired. I can not defend my own city.

My mage told me the coming of another threat. Some humans have killed the
dragon and are advancing to our gates. I hope they won´t find the way
through the labyrinth.

<the text seems to be a mostly ruined diary of some sort, found on the body
of a dead monk. Most passages make no sense at all to you>

... abbot still clueless abour my ...
After all those perils and puzzels I have located the throne of darkness at
last. I will lead ...
... crypts and monsters ... found one of the caged demons that seem to be
leached as a powersupply of some sort ...
... switches on the end of the scorpion path and the lair of the wicked web
... died but I could make it to the throne. My wards are holding the howling
ghosts and spectres at bay for now and I prepare to unleash the powers of
the throne ...
... still impossible! My wards are fading and the ancient spirits feel that
they will soon claim another victory. I failed the brotherhood and will soon
join the howling hords in their eternal torment and madness. ...
has stoped. I KNOW they are coming after me now. I can see the flickering of
the shadows as they aproach.

So many evil creatures!

I'm heavily injured.

These are my last words...

Revenge my death!


Herbs and Plants of the Swamp, Volume I

Orange Star (stella flava)

A rarely found star-shaped orange-colored flower of amazing beauty. Commonly
seen as a symbol of love.


Mushrooms come in many different colors and shapes, at least ten different
kinds are known.
They are documented in the newly published booklet "Mushrooms, nature's
little jewels".

Herbs and Plants of the Swamp, Volume II

Blood Herb (herba budinia)
A plant with large, dark red-colored blossoms.
It is nearly extinct due to its lack of strength - the herb can only survive
in the shade, and often only by draining nitrates from trees, which die in
the process. Therefore, those plants can been found near or sometimes even
on the inside of dead trees.

Goat Grass (flos capre)

A low, nearly always four-leaved plant with yellow blossoms that grows in
warm climate. It used to be the main source of food for the goats of the
continent. However, later it was discovered to have a previously totally
unknown poisenous long-term effect on the animals, and all goats died within
two months.

We have stolen the key to the large ancient temple hall under the city of
Tibia. But the key is useless now, because the temple has been plundered by
the humens. The temple is free, also for us, the trolls. The entrace is
outside the humen city.

Dear Gesnar!

The minos are reliable mercanaries. Your advice to hire them proves right.
My treasures are well guarded now. Last but not least I have enforced the
treasure doors by magic.

Alawar, Warlock of Senja

I Will bomce a GOD! YES A GOD!
I will be a better god then the others!
Those who whorship me will have to make sacrifies for me! Yes, they will
have to!
What will I ask for? Not much, perhaps food. But i'd be a good god so I only
accept plants. No! Better fruits! I love fruits! They have to sacrifice a
melon for instance. Oh and then a banana!! But I love cherrys too! So they
have to bring them too, yes yes!
Then they have to invoke a ritual, involving an apple, and and and ...
grapes! Grapes are important! Yes indeed! And for the last sacrifice I
demand a coconut from my faithfull. Only then they are allowed to ascend to
my throne! Oh, yes what a joy for them!

Now they call it madness, but generations to come will see my genius. I will
proof them wrong once and for all. ALL of them! I will find answers to
questions they don't even dare to ask. I will open doors to mysteries never
even imagined by them. I WILL learn even the secret of death. I will rule
supreme over the land. I will bring peace, death, justice, and fear. I will

tfel thgirtfel tfelthgir thgir

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the crazyest of them all?

Day 1

There was an earthquake today, and it seems that the house sunk into the
swamp. All people left in panic - there's noone left to open the locked
cellar door for me and let me out! I tried yelling for help and smashing the
door, but to no avail...
I decided to try to dig a tunnel to the surface.. luckily there are food and
water supplies here, so I can survive for a few weeks. I hope I can make it.

Day 5

I can't dig to the surface! I'm afraid that if I dig in the wrong place the
swamp water will flood my tunnel and I will drown instantly! I'll try to dig
a little further to the east before I try it again. Luckily the natural
caves I found help me a lot.

Day 9

I think I hear someone else digging somewhere here. I hope it's my men,
coming to rescue me... I will dig the direction of the sound.

My water supply is low.

I hate all humans! I will build a home and stay underground forever, they
don't deserve my return!

The Beholders are my only friends. They respect me. I belong to them now.
In my dreams they have shown me the path to this underground base. When I
sleep I can hear them whispering in my mind promises about eternal existence
and immoratlity. My friends can feel my hunger for revenge on humanity and
will supply me with the means to punish them an all living beeings.
Never again i will wear that fancy armor and black shall be the color of my

Be cruel to conquer

Be bold to impress

Be even to pass

Be fearless to kill


Coordinates for the area around Dianscher

Written by Mathemicus

I think I found out some coordinates for the Island Dianscher.
p3,q9,0o and p3,23,0t.

Yet, we must wait until we can control the destination gates and open them
without problems.

The magic city Demona

Written by Danae, historian of the warlocks


We dont know exactly when this city was build.
But it must have been centuries ago.
I have collected the few information we have from the past and tried to
reconstruate the birth of this city:

Our ancients used their mighty magical power to control the lava down here.
With the help of our loyal trolls, they somehow build this city.

A city only for serving one goal: The investigation of the magic in our
world Tibia!

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The magic city Demona

Written by Danae, historian of the warlocks


Our world of Tibia is filled with various kinds of magic. Until now, we dont
know much about this magic. Only a small part of the whole magic power is
under our control.

Our goal is to research into the magic web of our world and to control it,
so we can finally reach our purpose: the immortality.

But before we could start with the research, our ancients had many problems
to solve.

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The magic city Demona

Written by Danae, historian of the warlocks


In the beginning, our ancients lived in total isolation. They thought, that
they can survive down here without any contact to the outside world.

But after some years they realised that they cant cast enough food and water
for all warlocks.
They also realised, that it was necessary to be under the free sky to cast
some spells (Like the spell "Path of the Stars", that only works if the
caster can see the stars in the night).

So they made a direct tunnel to the surface.
All seem to work well. But after some years new problems appeared.

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The magic city Demona

Written by Danae, historian of the warlocks


With our mighty magic abilities and the help of our new friends, a tribe of
trolls, we could create the maze within one month!

After it was finished nearly nobody found out the way to our city. The few
who found it were killed by us.

We hired some mercenaries too. We pay them good for protecting parts of the
maze against enemies.

And thats how is was for centuries until today.

We could make our researches in silence and without fear of an attack.

One day we will reach our main goal. And then we wont have to fear anyone.

<End of the five books History of the Warlocks>

The Dragonlords of Tibia

Written by Tekvorian, Knight of Tibia

We dont know much about the mighty leaders of the dragons. But we found out
that they love mushrooms of all kind. Maybe the old dragonlord on Dracona
can tell us more.

Furthermore, we found out that many Dragonlords carry this strange book
(with the big T on it) with them. We dont know why,yet, but we are working
on it.

How to control the lava

By Jonea, ancient council of the warlocks

The lava was since the beginning our friend.
We always possessed the power to "talk" to the lava and to form/move it for
our purposes.
But this ritual requires complete concentration and only with many warlocks
it was possible to build this city out of the lava.

Here is how it works:

*The rest sheets of the book were pulled out.*

The formulas of Lexis - Energyflow of the life rings

Written by Herion

*You see several strange formulas that you dont understand*

The honeminas formula

Written by Mathemicus

The honeminas formula is one of the basic formulas that describe how the
magic web was made by the gods.
It is not completed yet, because honeminas itself died by 2 intruders who
found out the way into our city. But we are trying to finish his work. And
Im sure that one day we will finish it and then we will be a big part closer
to our goal.

As far we solve the following formulas:

(Note: g stands for gate, g [a_,x_] for the coordinates of the gate in the
2-dimensional-area and e for the strengh of the magic energy that flows
into this gate.

For all other formulas look in your collection of formulas)

g[a_,x_] := a g[3,2] + (4,3,1,5,3).(3,4,7,8,4)

The research into the teleportation through the magic web.

Written by Notigeus

We used a part of the honeminas formula
to open some special doors in the magic web.
Those special doors have the ability to teleport the caster to any part of
our world. We tried it a few times and we succeded.
Though we must be very careful because the teleportation through the magic
web is very dangerous.
Unfortunately, we arent able to control the destination doors. So we can
only teleport into random areas. And this could end deadly.
Until we know more, every teleport is forbidden.

The tridiag formula

Written by Donazia

This formula bases on the honeminas formula.

It is not completed yet. But here are our results until now:

g[a_,l_] :=e*g[1,1]+9g*3a


The Donina formula

Written by Donina

Part 2

The teleporter to the surface

Written by Zhandramon

Greetings brothers and sisters!

Two centuries ago, I created this teleporter so that we can do our
experiments much more faster.

In the old days we had to walk all the way back out of the maze and then in
Now you only step in the teleporter, that is located near the resting rooms
and you will be teleported on the surface.

Of course we cant risk to build a teleporter on the surface because of our
enemies. So you have to walk the way back through the maze. But since you
know the right way it shouldnt take very long.

Good luck!

The magic web around our world

Written by Heronias

For centuries we have been doing research into this magic web in our world
of Tibia. And the more we try to understand how it works the more I think
that we will never solve its mysteries.
But we havent give up hope yet. Maybe we will find somehow someday by chance
a key element that will help us to open many doors in the magic web.
Until then we will keep on trying to solve as many riddles as we can.

The power of the Talons

Written by Doneos

The Talons are the most mysterious gems that we know of. We dont know much
yet, but we are working on it.

Fact is, that each Talon contains a mighty magical power inside. We must
only find a way to set this power free and more important to control this
power so that we can use it for our purposes.

Recently, a fellow warlock found out, that you can release the power through

Yet, we havent found out how to control this released power.

A teleportation through the magic web

Written by Zuania

I was one of the first who was allowed to teleport through the magic web.

I could easily open the gate with the power of my will. But after I was in
the magic web I lost control. So I came out near Carlin although I wanted to
come out near the east gate of Thais.
All others made the same experience.

It went all so quickly when I was in the magic web. I could only see a red
light and some other gates far away for some seconds. And then I was already
in Carlin.
Maybe one day we can just teleport into the magic web and stay there. I
would love to investigate it.

Dear Gelunidas,
I request that you send me the twinkiller-rune I ordered some moths ago
imediately. If I am convinced that they work as promised I will order them
in greater numbers. They might be handy in my next shemes. As this letter
should show you, the tales of my death are wildly exagerated. I hope you and
your warlock brethren did not think you get of the hook that easy? If you
don't work on the stuff I ordered and I do not recive the stuff I ordered in
time, be prepared for a visit. You won't like me new friends that I would
introduce to you.


Battletactics for Mages [III]

by Zun Su

*The book is about the various spontanous spells. It deals mostly with the
destructive spells like fire wave, energy beam and the deadly energy wave.
It shows how to hit a moving target with high precision. The various healing
spells and the importance of the magic shield are also mentioned. It also
has an appendix.*

*You see a collection of maps in this big book. Some have strange red lines
on them.
You can read the words
"known parts of the magic web in red and known gates in gold"
at the bottow of those pages*

The world of Tibia

Written by Unaris, adventurer of the warlocks

These maps of our world Tibia could help us to understand how the magic web
of Tibia was made by the Gods.

*In the following pages, you can see many maps with parts of Tibia*





Researchpaper 74-08 G
We haven't yet managed to improve the 'find person' spell. However, we are
still convinced that in theory it must be capable of divulging additional
information such as the experience and power of the targeted persons as well
as their general physical condition and the chemical composition of their
last supper. There are numerous problems, though, and it is well possible
that we have to start all over again. This would mean, of course, that we
would have to create some spells to obtain information by means of magic
which is plain to see when you are close to the targeted person. One might
argue that it is a waste of time and resources to develop such a spell, but
then I see no other way to create a similar spell that features enhanced
range and a combination of effects.

Researchpaper 35-22 D
The 'Foeburner' spell still is not working. Somehow it seems impossible to
specify a group of targets to be excluded from the area of the spell effect.
If only we found a way to use a spell or a spell-like ability to define
non-target groups we could finally make the spell work. For now, however, we
have stopped the research because we felt it is necessary to create the
groundwork for future research in the field. The question is: Should we
focus on working out a special definition spell, or is it actually possible
to weave some sort of divination spell into the pattern of the foeburner in
order to receive a satisfying result with a single spell. I am somewhat
inclined towards the latter option because of the satisfactory results we
have recently achieved in the field of divination magic.

Researchpaper 77-04 D
The 'move earth' spell seems to be ready to enter the stage of field
testing. The results so far were quite convincing, and the priests were
pleased. The recent studies we have carried out together have proven that we
can indeed learn from each other. I must admit I would certainly like to add
this useful little spell to my personal repertoire. After all, shovels and
pickaxes are heavy and pretty unwieldy, and I would very much like to leave
them at home. I envy the priests for the elemental powers they are wielding.

Researchpaper 33-16 H
The 'stoneskin' spell is still flawed. The test subjects complained about
severe problems when moving, and some actually suffered from partial
paralysis or even from acute petrification! However, I still believe the
spell might be useful as some sort of emergency measure because I imagine
that turning oneself into a statue for a while might come in handy when all
other options have failed. Oddly enough it is quite simple to focus the
spell into an object, preferably an amulet, so the change is still bound to
an object that serves as a transmitter. Obviously the problem is related to
the one we had when we tried to channel certain spells through runes. I'm
afraid that while research covering spontaneous magic has made great
advances since the early days we are still at the beginning when it comes to
channelled spells.

Researchpaper 56-09 A
We lost three mages in our last attempt at performing a controlled demon
summoning. It is still too difficult to predict in what way the fabric of
time and space is affected by the breach of the sphere, and from what we
have seen the backlash of nature against demonic incursion can range from a
slightly offensive odour to a sizeable explosion such as the one we saw
yesterday. I am personally disappointed to observe that the elemental
protection spells we put up did not work at all. Perhaps there is some truth
in the reports that the unleashed energy is of purely entropical nature. We
have yet to decide whether or not it makes sense to create an entropic
counterspell first, but I support the idea that the loss of manpower while
trying to balance the spell is manageable. It is possible, though, that this
will lead to no convincing result at all due to the uncontrollable nature of
the demonic realm. If this should be the case the use of entropic
countermagic is the only option left.
By the way: The summoning of lesser creatures, the so-called 'reds',
progressed comparatively well. Of course, these creature are mere
borderdwellers and may consequently not be considered true demons of course.
However, it may prove that the development of summoning spells for 'reds'
will prove a rewarding spin-off of demon summoning research.

Researchpaper 02-56 A
The work on the cat-eye spell is progressing well. Soon we will be able to
reproduce this spell that is used by several of the elder races. Once this
has been accomplished we will finally be able to see in the dark without
attracting unwanted attention. The problem is to stabilise the spell so it
can be maintained during a predictable period of time. Also, the hurtful
effect of sudden light to the spell caster must be palliated
Researchpaper 44-33 C
The divination spell designed to specify the gender of an unborn child has
been completed successfully after several tests using other divination
spells. The lack of worthwhile studies in divination magic hampered our
efforts considerably, but I'm convinced this spell will provide future
researchers in the field with invaluable information to work on. We plan to
use the techniques we have developed in order to detect the presence of
hostile creatures and to recognise signs of life in the area of the spell's


Rahmen Tah and the Vizier, Part I
In the second year of the reign of pharaoh Rahmen Tah there was a vizier who
was said to consort with demons and to tamper with the powers of oblivion.
He lived in a majestic tower that stood on a little island close the
harbour. It was a marvel to behold, made of black glass and gold, and
everybody who looked at it was filled with an eerie sense of foreboding. The
vizier was rumoured to be so powerful that no one dared to bring him to
justice. Even Rahmen Tah himself feared the power of his vizier, and he did
not dare to send troops against the vizier. Finally he called for his chief
astrologer and mathematician, the wise Athem, and asked him for advice.
Athem listened quietly to the words of his pharaoh. After he had finished
Athem ask his pharaoh for some time to think everything over. Reluctantly
the pharaoh agreed.

Rahmen Tah and the Vizier, Part II
After a week had passed the mathematician returned. His advice was this: The
pharaoh should order a huge celebration to be held, and all pyramids should
be adorned with flowers and flags. The pharaoh who trusted in the wisdom of
his advisor ordered his people to prepare for the celebration. While the
people did as their pharaoh had ordered them to do Athem began to build a
huge wooden machine on top of the royal pyramid. No one took much notice of
it because of the preparations that were going on. On the fourth day when
the celebration was scheduled to start the pharaoh sent an invitation to his
vizier and asked him to join in their festivity. As Athem had foreseen the
vizier declined because he suspected that there was a trap. Instead he sat
in the observatory at the top of his tower and watched the city because he
wanted to find out what the pharaoh was up to. Too late did he understand
that the construct on top of the pyramid was in fact an enormous catapult.
Suddenly a huge boulder was hurled in his direction. The shot had been
perfectly calculated, and it hit its mark with amazing precision. The top of
the dark tower shattered and the evil vizier was crushed underneath tons of
basalt. His death caused the dark magic to disappear, and the tower sank
into the ocean forever.

Tales of a Stranger, Part I
It was in a time of dread that a stranger came to our lands. More dead than
alive was he when he was found in the desert, and the merchants who found
him took pity on him and brought him hither. But how great was the amazement
and the wonder when it turned out that he wore a birth-mark on his neck that
looked exactly like a scarab! The crowd was struck with awe, and it was soon
decided that he was to be taken to the priests, so that they might ask the
gods for an omen. And so it came that while the man was still lying in a
slumber full of delirious dreams the priests burnt incense and performed the
ancient rituals to ask the gods for advice and for guidance. The high priest
climbed the highest pyramid and called for the knowledge of the wind and the
wisdom of the sand. For three long days the stranger was caught in the
perilous lands that separate life from death, and for three long days the
priest was haunted by visions. But when those days had passed, everything
changed. All of a sudden the stranger opened his eyes and looked around in
amazement, and it was that very moment that the delirious priest began to
utter a prophecy.

Tales of a Stranger, Part II
But since there were only acolytes there the nature of the prophecy was kept
a secret by the priests. They called for the stranger, who seemed to have
lost his memory, to be brought to the temple, where they talked to him and
asked him all kinds of questions. But much to their dismay he could not give
them the answers they sought, for his memory seemed to be blank like the
surface of the desert after a sandstorm. However, the priests had the wisdom
of the secret prophecy to guide them, and so they knew that they had to give
the strangers five tasks to fulfil before they could reveal his destiny to
him. And so they did, and the stranger swore he would fulfil all the tasks
or die in the attempt. His first task was to travel into the desert and to
find the eldest of the scarabs there, so that the priests would reveal their
wisdom to him and fill his empty mind with recollections. The stranger
descended deep into the burrows of the scarabs in order to face their
judgement and to find answers that had been lost in the desert sand aeons
But the stranger never returned.

Suns and Stars, Part I
It stands to reason that the stars and the suns influence the flow of magic.
The astral patterns wax and wane like the tides, and it is not possible to
perform certain summonings on inappropriate days, to give but one example.
The study of astrology is pointing at further influences that go well beyond
summoning creatures, though. For instance, the influence of the stars and
the suns seems to increase with the power level of the performed incantation
or ritual. The more mana is used in a spell the more it is susceptible to
extratibian influence. For this reason it seems quite safe to assume that
certain powerful rituals are only possible when the stars are correctly
aligned. We consequently hope to achieve through close observation and
through careful calculation a measure of exactness concerning the right
timing of rituals which we did not dare dream of so far. Several magic
incantations we have never managed to reproduce until now might actually be
achieved once we know the ideal stellar constellations. This would explain
why all our previous attempts to achieve these effects were doomed to fail.

Suns and Stars, Part II
Very basic rituals depend on the influences of dawn and dusk, or of night
and day. Other, more complex rituals may only be performed at very specific
times, perhaps even at a specific hour. Other rituals that are more complex
still are bound to specific days, and to specific times as well. In fact,
some individual spells can only be performed once a year or once every other
year, while the most powerful of rituals may only be carried out during
stellar constellations that are so incredibly rare that centuries may pass
before the ritual can be performed again. Given the power and knowledge of
the ancients it seems reasonable to assume that they have prepared rituals
whose time has not even come to this very day. Since most of the ancient
races have disappeared from the lands it is well possible that some of the
rituals are still be buried in some long forgotten ruin, while others might
actually be in the possession of some surviving heir of one of the ancient
Who knows. The astrological knowledge of the ancients is yet to be
rediscovered. We are perfectly positive that some of the discoveries we have
made can be considered as the groundwork for further, more elaborate
theories which one day might rival that of the ancients. Still, it would be
an immense progress if we could rediscover some of the ancients' lost
astrological writings.

The Larokhon are entities made up entirely of wind and of heat. They appear
to be nothing but mere blurs in the sand, and those who are unfortunate
enough to see them believe their eyes just played tricks on them. But then,
the Larokhon are rarely ever seen by mortals since they shun daylight. They
prefer those twilight moments when there is still some warmth left from a
scorching day although night has clearly fallen. This is the time when the
Larokhons' move from their secret hideouts to prey on unwary dreamers that
are haunted by nightmares. Their sense of smelling fear is infallible, and
once they have found their prey a mere crack in a wall is large enough for
them to enter. Once they are close to their victims they feast on their
innermost fears, evoking images of horror and despair that are so horrible
that they often cause the dreamer's death. So take this word of warning,
traveller: Beware the nights that are hot and windless, for a mere breeze of
hot air may cause your demise.

The secret of the high mask of the ancients was thought to be lost in time
forever. But with the coming of the undying pharaoh its secrets were
snatched away from the scarabs and the sands. Once more, masks were forged
that contained the secret energies of lost aeons. Their true powers remained
a mystery, but from the little that showed at first glance it was clear that
they were most powerful indeed. Unfortunately, the pharaoh decreed that
their powers were not meant for ordinary mortals, and ordered them to be
destroyed. It is said that it was necessary to combine the powers of
different ancient idols in order to create those legendary artifacts.

The great pyramid is the centre of our beloved city.
It is there that our praised pharaoh resides, surrounded by his trusted
servants. Far below the palace, hidden in the deepest dungeons of the
ancient pyramid are the tombs of despair.
The old pharaoh met his fate there, and it is said he still roams the hidden
passageways, bound forever to his undead body.
So great was the wisdom of Arkhothep that he granted his father eternal
unlife, so that he may to atone for his sins and become worthy of ascension.
Who knows? Perhaps one day he, too, will ascend, leaving both the curse and
his tomb behind him and taking his place at Arkhothep's side. But I fear his
folly defies all attempt to cure it. He has proved unyielding to the wisdom
of his son's preachings for as long as I can remember. Long will be his
road, and a million deaths he shall die before he will see the light of the
wisdom that will free him from his prison.

The lamp of Tazur was made of finest gold by the most skilled goldsmith of
the land. He bound one of the mightiest and most evil djinn into it. The
djinn was forced to do his every bidding. Using his power the artisan
defeated legions of enemies. He even travelled to distant Drefia which in
those days was at the zenith of its glory, and he met many necromancers who
were willing to share their knowledge with him. This way he became even more
powerful. Using stolen lifeforce he lived longer than any man was meant to
live, and with his own eyes he saw the might of his necromancer allies
decline. Legend has it that one day the djinn of good decided to stop the
outrageous cabals of Drefia. Other stories say that it was in fact the evil
djinn who saw their power threatened by it. Whatever the true cause might
be, one night a star fell down from the sky and smashed most of Drefia,
breaking its evil power forever, and the goldsmith finally met his fate. His
most prized treasure, the lamp of Tazur was lost that night. It is said that
it is still there somewhere, hidden on the ocean bed, waiting for a new

Ancient mummys are fiends of horrendous powers. Only the bravest warriors
dare to challenge them, and most of these fools join the ranks of the
mummies' undead legions all too soon. In life, each of these ancient horrors
was a champion in his own right, but now that they have entered the dreadful
state of undeath they have become truly formidable, for there is no way to
kill them for good. No matter how hard they are hit the ancient powers bound
to their mummified bodys will always make them rise again in all their
horrifiying glory to take revenge on the living.

The lost garden
Princess Maharuh was said to be the kindest creature that ever walked the
earth. She was dearly loved both by her people and by the djinns.
One day as the princess wept because of all the pain and the evil ways of
the world the djinns came to comfort her. And since they loved her so much
they called upon their powers to grow a garden of magnificent beauty. From
now on, Maharuh visited her enchanted garden whenever she was sad, and she
never went there but a smile came to her face, and she found new strength to
continue her work with renewed vigour and inspiration. But humans grow old
and weary, and time did not fail to do its cruel work on fair Princess
Maharuh. As she grew old her visits to the garden became less and less
frequent and one day when she laid down to rest underneath her favourite
tree she never woke up again. The garden was perhaps the most valuable thing
she left behind, and it was certainly the one she had held dearest while
still alive. But her people did not share her love for nature's beauty, and
all they saw was a splendid example of horticulture that could be turned
into money. Soon after her death a merchant caravan came, and the strangers
offered great sums for the garden and for all that belonged to it. They dug
out the trees and took the fruit because they believed they could rebuild
the garden in their native land. However, soon after the caravan had left
the city a terrible sandstorm arose. After the storm had cleared the caravan
was gone and with it all that was left of the garden.

So the seven were banished to the depths of seven cursed tombs. There they
are waiting, imprisoned for eternity. One was buried outside the city in the
shadows of the south-eastern tower, close to the pharaoh yet forever
banished from his grace. One was buried in the ancient ruins far to the
north, a tribute to his love for all that is old. One was buried at the tar
pits. Blackness engulfed his withering heart, and blackness shall engulf his
final demise. One was buried in the fields of stone. His will was as hard as
a rock, so lifeless stone will cause his fall. One was buried near the
Mountain, between its eternal body and a small stony hill, so that his rest
may be eternal and unrelenting like the mountain heloved so much. One was
buried somewhere on the peninsula to the south, so that his restless slumber
might be soothed by the murmuring of the waves. One was buried not far to
the north of the oasis. He was the one who found it most difficult to part
from this world. The sands of the desert swallowed them all and sealed their
fate. They are lost and yet they are denied the peace of true death

Since the contamination of the water reservoirs became more and more of an
issue, Pharaoh Unklath ordered that the position of the right honourable
excreminator should be founded. This position was decreed to be considered
as honourable as that of the royal astrologer or the pharaoh's animal

The master of the games asked for 'greater challenges'. I cannot help the
feeling that the fool is talking about djinns and demons. However, as long
as I am chief advisor of the pharaoh this will not happen. If such a
creature broke loose in the city, chaos would ensue. It would be a massacre.
And I am convinced that certain elements would welcome such a 'misfortune'
and even work towards it.

In the 23rd year of the reign of Esuph III there was a tax inspector whose
greed was unrivalled by any other mortal before or after him. He let the
people bleed in the name of the pharaoh and amassed huge amounts of gold,
most of which somehow ended up in his own private treasury. But Shehamin,
the second wife of the pharaoh, was not a woman to be fooled easily. Using
cleverness and charm she brought his schemes to light and told her husband
about them. Esuph III was furious, and his verdict on the fraudulent tax
inspector was as cruel as it was clever: The screaming tax collector was
sunk into a cauldron full of boiling gold. The terribly distorted statue
which as the result of this peculiar treatment was put up in the tax office
as a grim reminder that fraud can seriously affect your health. The gold
that was stolen by the tax collector, however, was never found, and to this
day there are many who dream about finding the unfaithful tax collector's
hidden treasure.

...we stood on a plank and beneath us was a pit full of hissing snakes.
Worse, the plank was pulled back into the wall, and there was no way out. If
it hadn't been for our good Alil who had stayed out of that cursed chamber
in a rare moment of clear-sightedness, we would all have ended up as snake
food. Just how he managed to find that hidden lever on the statue is still
beyond me.

Will the world never learn?
That pompous coxcomb of an ambassador dared to speak as though his king was
equal to our pharaoh! We were shocked by the sheer impertinence of his
speech! The fool! How confused he looked when he realised our disapproving
silence. I am convinced he had spoken to some of those filthy heretics
before he went to see his majesty. I know there are some although none of
them would dare to make his blasphemous opinions known in the public. How
could the mighty pharaoh not ignore this ambitious fool and his futile
plans. How haughtily he walked around in our beautiful Ankrahmun, mocking
our true religion with his silly questions. Of course, he got nowhere and he
seemed to give up in the end. But did the wisdom offered to him enlighten
his blind soul? I think not. So full of himself was he, so firm in his
heretic opinions and yet such a slave to his flesh - how could he understand
that which is true and holy? People like him are both a curse and a blessing
to us, the children of enlightenment. They may insult and provoke us with
their ignorance, yet it is when we meet fools like him that we realise the
full extent of the glorious state of enlightenment we live in. Far from
ascension though we are, we have been granted the opportunity to achieve
what will be forever denied to people like him - divinity!

After thorough examination the Rathal I Pyramid was officially declared to
be free of occult phenomena. The success of the ritual of purification
performed by the responsible priests surpassed everybody's expectations, and
the rather obstinate evil presence that was clearly the work of a person
officially identified as one Ushu the witch by the authorities was
dispelled. The suspect was traced to the mountains where she sucessfully hid
from the agents of the witchhunting department. She is presently said to
produce low-quality love potions in an unknown hideout somewhere in the
western jungles.

Year 10 in the reign of Harrah II
The baker Thahon claimed that the wife of the merchant Habthi was guilty of
witchcraft. Thahon could not bring forth convincing proof of her guilt and
was sentenced to ten blows on his bare feet. The crafter Ziril claimed that
the beggar Aukohl stole a cake from his open window. Although no proof was
found there was a general sense of agreement that no proof was necessary
since everybody was convinced of the beggar's guilt. In a rare display of
mercy the judge sentenced him to a mere three years of work in the salt
mines. The widow Zehmahil claimed that the travelling bard Todd Ballory had
promised here mariage in
exchange for certain services that have not been further elaborated on in
the court's documents. The foreigner was found guilty without trial and
sentenced to three years of work in the salt mines. The footsoldier Kamahl
claimed his fahter Indril was guilty of witchcraft. Several obscure texts
were found beneath the accused person's bed. Indril was banished from the
city and his property was equally divided between the pharaoh and his heirs.
The foreigner Todd Ballory was pronounced guilty of killing the overseer
Barnak, a father of sixteen children and a respectable member of the local
whipcrackers' association. The aforementioned convict was sentenced to a
rather spectacular final appearance in the local arena.

While travelling to the lands of Thais the princess Tahmehe, who accompanied
her father Uthemath on a diplomatic mission, fell in love with a young
nobleman of the empire. Although it was a forbidden love it bore fruit, and
seven months after Thamehe's return to the lands of her forefathers a child
was born. Pharaoh Uthemath ordered that she and her newborn baby were to die
in the arena. Four behemoths were let loose on her. But just before the
raging monsters could put their claws on her a flying carpet swept down from
the sky and rescued both the mother and her child. The Thaian nobleman - for
who else would it be but him - somehow managed to evade the hails of arrows
that greeted him, and so the couple managed to make their escape northwards.
The pharaoh demanded that both the nobleman and his own unfaithful daughter
be handed over to him, but the Thaian king claimed he had no knowledge of
their whereabouts. So the trace of the traitorous daughter was lost.

The tibian world-wonders!
The known and aknowledged world-wonders are:
The colossus of Kazordoon
The black pyramid of Dracoria
The great lighthousetree of Ab'dendriel
The thorntower of Shadowthorn
The undergroundcity of Mintwalin
The black city of skulls in hellsgate
The great lava falls in hellsgate
The pyramid city of Ankrahmun

... After we reached the site we pitched camp. The next day we started the
excavations. It was hard work. The sand was treacherous and obstinate, and
for every bucket we took away two more seemed to take its place. Sometimes
we hit upon something valuable by pure chance, but usually it took hours to
find some lucrative spot because you could never tell if a site was
promising without having performing extensive excavations first. And still
the real thing eluded us. The remnants of the legendary cities of old seemed
lost to the desert. But we carried on, working day and night, digging at the
same spot over and over again. Progress was painfully slow, but in the end
hit on something. What we found proved to be an adequate reward for our


Mehrah asram cha mehe than. Uth a'thul at cha there. Orum tha cha elik
jahara. Udhun zah fahr mal. Chamek at uthul hatradek asram. Mehrem alir
iktha at uthun. Kasin tha Ur ch helim doh. Mah dah direm. Athul as hathu,
athul as dofah, athul as mereth. Cha ukhtu muhn dahra. Sethor mah amin dah.
At meruhm cha me dah. Chamek persim kaharah bah tufi. Moh dah rah. Moh Udhin
cha uthul. Meheth Zuhl tha berah.

129. Legends of the Kha'labal I - The Hyena King

Deep in the heart of the Kha'labal the dreaded hyena king has its lair. This legendary beast is much larger than any other specimen of its race, surpassing lions and even elephants in size, and it can tear a man apart in seconds with its enormous, razor-sharp teeth. What's more, the hyena king is said to be truly immortal, for it has been sighted time and again by numerous travellers and merchants. Many a caravan is said to have fallen prey to this ferocious beast, and it is widely believed to have amassed untold treasures over the centuries.
The legend goes that this beast was once a common hyena that was born in the time when the djinn war was at its peak. Somehow it had managed to escape the cataclysmic firestorm unleashed by the Efreet during the battle of Ankrahmun, and when the slaughter had finally ended it fed from the bodies of the fallen djinns, consuming large amounts of magical energy in the process. Perhaps these magical energies were responsible for the fateful mutation that turned a common hyena into this frightful beast.
130. Legends of the Kha'labal II - The Wailing Bride, Pt. 1

Princess Theripat was the beautiful daughter of pharaoh Karkhaneses II. She grew up in the pharaoh's palace, living a seemingly careless life amidst the proverbial luxury and splendour of the Ankrahmunian court, and when her father arranged for her to marry a well-proven northern nobleman her happiness seemed complete. But things were not quite the way they seemed. Theripat, who was a headstrong and idealistic girl, had always despised life at the court, and with the help of her nurse she had made many forays into the city, concealing her true identity. On one of these excursions she had fallen in love with a handsome officer from the pharaoh's guard. The young man requited the love of what he thought was a simple woman, and eventually the two lovers had even married. When the pharaoh finally decided it was time for his daughter to marry she was already 6 months pregnant, and she knew that soon the truth could no longer be hidden. Frightened and confused, Theripat went through the wedding preparations without saying a word, but when the day had finally come she fled the court. The whole extent of the scandal soon became obvious.
131. Legends of the Kha'labal II - The Wailing Bride, Pt. 2

Karkhaneses, a ruler who believed that his absolute power depended on the fact that no treachery should ever go unpunished, decided to show no mercy. Both Theripat's nurse and her true husband were arrested and publicly drawn and quartered. Theripat herself had escaped into the desert with her new-born child, but her unforgiving father sent half his army after her. She was found soon enough, but just when the troops were about to arrest her, the unexpected happened. Clinging her baby to her breast, the desperate mother fell into a piercing, bloodcurling wail that quickly expanded into an unearthly sound to which nature itself seemed to respond. All of a sudden a sandstorm erupted, fiercer and stronger than anybody could remember, and within minutes destruction rained down upon the pharaoh's terrified troops. When the storm cleared the soldiers were severely shaken, and many of the pharaoh's best chariots lay shattered in the sand. Theripat and her child, however, were gone forever, and nobody has seen them ever since. But each time the storm rages over the Kha'labal the superstitious people fall into a silent prayer to appease the wailing bride's fury.
132. Legends of the Kha'labal III - Gha'Zuul the Necromancer

Gha'Zuul grew up a simple boy among one of the northern nomad tribes. A frail and meagre child, he was frequently the target of the other childrens' jeers as well as of his despotic father's scorn. Hurt and angered by the constant humiliations, Gha'Zuul developed a bitter, unforgiving personality. He took notes of all the indignities he suffered, and he was determined to take revenge for every single one of them. One day, when his camp was attacked by an undead raiding party he decided it was time to get his revenge. Taking advantage of the general hullabaloo, Gha'Zuul sneaked up on his worst tormentor and quickly cut his throat. However, he had made a mistake when he thought that his crime would go unnoticed. One of the necromancers who was part of the raiding party sensed the evil of this deed, and since he was impressed by the young boy's obvious ruthlessness he ordered his undead troops to kidnap him. And so Gha'Zuul was brought to Drefia.
133. Legends of the Kha'labal IV - Drefia's Downfall

Many are the legends concerning Gha'Zuul’s cometlike career in the necromancer city. Working with superhuman resolve and ruthlessly exterminating all real or imaginary competition, Gha'Zuul managed to rise to the top of the Drefian hierarchy within a few decades, and when a bizarre accident happened to the president of the High Council, Gha'Zuul took his place. He was the first necromancer to take this position while still being alive. However, being the foremost necromancer was still not enough to satisfy Gha'Zuul’s thirst for power. He had great plans for Drefia. Und his rule the necromancer city would expand and conquer, taking over control of the north and perhaps of the whole of Darama! It was his idea to propose an alliance to the Efreet, and when the decisive battle drew near he personally raised the necromancers' troops to march against the Marid.
The rest is well-known. Drefia's troops suffered a decisive defeat in the battle of Ankrahmun. Those undead who were not destroyed during the futile siege of Ankrahmun were pulverised in the searing heat his own allies had summoned. Gha'Zuul realised soon enough that his career in Drefia was rapidly drawing to an end, for if the Marid did not kill him his fellow necromancers surely would. And so he disappeared...
Today, there are nothing but rumours as to what happened to Gha'Zuul after the failed campaign. However, many believe that Gha'Zuul is still out there, waiting for an opportunity to take revenged just like he used to do when he was still a little nomad boy.
134. The Kha'labal Chronicles I - The Creation of the Kha'labal

Every child knows the sad fate of the Kha'labal. Once it was brimming with life, a verdant paradise filled with lush forests and countless freshwater springs. The gods created this paradise and gave it to their newly-made race, the humans, as a present. Protected on all sides by the sea or by insurpassable mountains, the Kha'labal was the perfect environment for the young, vulnerable race to flourish. And flourish and thrive it did. Guided by their leader Banor and endowed with amazing technical skills and knowledge by their creators, the humans managed to settle the whole Kha'labal within few generations, and beautiful buildings rose to the sky, the mightiest of which were to be found in the majestic city of Ankrahmun. These early humans, who today are called the Founders, were a friendly race who lived in peace and harmony with each other, ignorant of the horrors lurking in the outside world. And the gods, who watched them from their thrones in the Kha'zeel, smiled on them.
135. The Kha'labal Chronicles II - Shadows from the North

Sadly, the bliss that marked the humans' early hours was not bound to last. The shadows which in those days held the rest of the world in their cold grip became aware of the humans and of their riches, and soon enough they began to plot the young race's destruction. Ferocious orcs built fleets and started raiding the south-western coastline, while the north was threatened by eerie undead who began to spread their insidious poison among the terrified humans. Worse, the corruption slowly found its way into many of the humans's hearts, and strife and armed conflict erupted within the community. Some humans even fell for the morbid attraction of undeath. They formed an evil cult of necromancers and went to the north to found a city of their own. This city was called Drefia, and it soon became a source of the foulest corruption.
The humans, who were not used to such challenges, were full of sadness and despair, and many cursed the gods who apparently watched their plight in apathy. Little did they understand that all this was part of the gods' plan. It would take the humans a long time to understand that the very purpose of their race was to fight evil, and that their fate was not eternal bliss but endless struggle.



Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle edition Vol.1

(In memory of Mandol the priest - Sadly this work was left unfinished due to his untimely end by a carnivorous plant.) The threadlike vegetation of the thread tree can easily be cut off and, if woven with moderate skills, can be used to >make ropes. These ropes are especially useful when it comes to simple constructions that only have to last for a short period of time.
The jungle dweller bush is quite a common plant. It's the home of a variety of insects and small animals. The green wig bush is mainly known for its long, threadlike roots. Although those roots are edible it is not advisable to actually do so. They have an extreme bitter taste and need to be boiled to reach an edible state. The green wig bush got his name from the sad fact that sometimes the murderous dworcs use its roots to bind them to their heads as some kind of camouflage during their sneak attacks.
The lizards tongue is quite an unremarkable plant. It grows quickly but there is no real use for this resource and it does not please the eye enough to be worth growing it. It can be easily recognised by the slimy coating of its leaves which partly led to its name.
The jungle crown is somewhat rare. Still it's quite an unremarkable plant considering its majestic name which probably originates from its unique ringlike growth pattern.
It is unknown if the name of the green fountain bush was chosen deliberately or rather accidentally, but the name is well to the point for two reasons. Firstly, it does indeed resemble a frozen green fountain and secondly, like a cactus it is able to accumulate a substantial supply of water in its thick leaves.
Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle edition Vol.2

The dragons nest tree is neither a real tree nor does it even remotely have something to do with dragons. Probably the first explorers were shocked when they first saw the thick round blossoms of this giant flower. Obviously, those explorers knew little about dragons and even less about plants, naming it a tree.
The purple kiss bush is a plant that pleases the eye and the nose alike. Sadly it seems impossible to cultivate it yet and so we have to live with the fact that we will only meet its beauty by chance.
The jungle umbrella in its many varieties is extremly common and only the fertility of the other jungle plants prevents it from becoming a pest. It grows faster than bamboo but lacks its usefulness. Its wood is thin and breaks easily when dried.
On touch the chill nettle injects a very mild poison that let the skin feel somewhat numb and cold. Although some people try using it to fight the heat, it actually does not prevent overheating and also the production of sweat is not reduced. Given the threat of possible long-term damage, it's not advisable to use the nettle for this purpose.
The monkey tail plant is most likely related to the chill nettle. It is also possible that one plant is disguising the other one for some unknown reason. Before the monkey tail blooms, the two plants almost look alike. Only when the monkey tail reveals its purple blossom does the difference become obvious, even to an amateur.
The fairy queen is one of the most beautiful plants in the whole world. Unfortunately it needs an insane effort to grow them away from their natural habitat. To grow one, expensive supplies and a group of specialists are needed that only kings and queens could afford. Therefore, the fairy queen will only be found in company that fits her royal title.
Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle edition Vol.3

Even though, one could assume that the crane plant obtained its name because it looks remotely like a crane, it was named after its discoverer Malcom Crane. Crane used to be a rather unremarkable student of mine who tended to overestimate his abilities and who flattered himself by giving this plant his name. Fittingly, the crane plant is a rather pompous plant.
Jungle bells are lovely, small plants that need much light and water. Still it is possible for a dedicated botanist to grow one or two of them if he really puts effort into it. Unfortunately, the jungle ants are as eager of this plant as the forementionend Malcom Crane was eager of some recognition.
The dawn singer is a plant that opens its blossom by the first sunbeam in the morning. Its blossom looks very close to an open mouth which probably led to its name. However, one might wonder if a less flattering name would have been more appropriate considering the awful odour that emanates from it in the morning hours.
The turtle sprouter can be cultivated quite easily since all it needs is much sun and warmth which can be easily provided in an environment like the jungle. It is somewhat more difficult to grow them in other regions although not impossible if mainly grown indoors. The name was derived from its sprouts that have the shape of small orbs.
The bees ballroom does not only attract bees but all kind of flying insects with its strange but not unpleasant odour. Usually you hear this plant before you actually see or smell it because there is a constant buzzing and humming of insects around it.
The jungle rose is a relative of our ordinary rose. Unlike the known roses, some plants of this species can reach impressive proportions while others do not exceed the size of an ordinary rose. It has not been discovered yet if this giant version is some subspecies or if its tremendous growth is influenced by other means.
Wondrous Plant Life - Jungle edition Vol.4

The titans orchid is rare and quite a sight. I have no idea how long it takes until a plant reaches its full size which even dwarfs some trees. I have not been able to grow one to its full size yet, and I begin to wonder how old those full grown plants we encountered might have been.
The purple cardinal is a plant that looks very different from any other plant. It grows to enormous proportions and it is the only plant that jungle ants avoid in their ravenous hunger. If we could figure out how the plant protects itself, we might be able to use that knowledge to cultivate the area.
The witches cauldron is quite an eye-catcher. It is extremely big and has its own beauty. The traveller should be warned that it is not advisable to drink the rainwater that gathers in the big blossom. The plant seems to poison the water in some way and severe stomach pains are the most harmless ailments that occur after drinking it. So the conclusion can be drawn that the whole plant is uneatable due to its poison.
The velvet petal is another giant plant of the jungle. Its smell is surprisingly unremarkable but the plant's colourful petals catch easily the attention of the wanderer. They are somewhat hairy and soft and indeed feel like velvet to the touch. The plant is very fragile though so caution is advised. How such a plant manages to survive in the harsh jungle remains a mystery.
The devils tongue flower is another remarkable species of Tiquanda. A man feels quite dwarfish next to this impressive flower. The fact that its leaves, after being dried and grinded, give a spicy substance has led to numerous attempts of Venoran traders to cultivate this plant. It must be feared that they start harvesting that plant in the jungle and destroy the complete species if their efforts in growing this plant stays unsuccessful.
The Lizard People

It seems the lizards we encountered in the jungle are some sort of civilised culture. When I speak of culture, I relate them only to primitive orcs and minotaurs of course. During our expeditions to the jungle we learned that they are hostile to humanity like most of the vile creatures of this new land. Their animosity also spreads to most other races we encountered here. They seem to be a warlike race, searching for conflicts and fights with each and everyone they encounter. Obviously this mindless aggression leaves little room to develop a culture like the human one, achieved due to a long history. It is unlikely those primitive brutes even know the very concept of history at all.
This leaves one to wonder who supplies them with their exotic weaponary and armor. Perhaps they are some minor race of a greater dark power that lurks in the deepest depths of the jungle. The magic I have seen performed by those lizards was far from impressive. They use a very limited variety of shamanistic tricks that are insignificantly more powerful than the powers those average orcish hive shamans hold.
To sum things up, the lizard people are another hostile race that might be seen as a hindrance for humankind but they do not pose a threat. On the other hand they are of no use to us and a timely elimination could only be helpful.
The Ghosts of the Jungle

Even though it is true that many people who have not returned from the jungle have fallen prey to animals and other natural dangers, it is quite sure that not in all cases this explanation is applicable. For all we know it is quite certain that there have to be other dangers in the jungle than such mundane ones. How can it be explained that several watchmen of expeditions have vanished over night while none of the people asleep in the camp was harmed? How is it possible that well armed and seasoned adventurers got lost in the jungle? Considering the expertise of some of the victims this jungle has taken, it would be highly ignorant to assume that a simple beast of some kind could be the source of their ultimate doom. In conclusion we have to assume that 'something' is out there. A malicious, unseen power. Never seen but often felt. Noticed only by the 'inner eye' but never actually seen. Everybody that has ever set foot in the jungle knows this eerie feeling of being watched and traced. Sometimes you can almost imagine the movements of something invisible in the bushes.
And do all those glowing eyes in the darkness belong to animals? I don't think so.
The Pyramids of the Apes Vol.1

Having experienced the apes as a very primitive culture, the rumors and stories about them living in a pyramid city, not unlike that of the far away Ankrahmun, seemed unbelivable at first. On second thought though we have to admit that we have seen stranger things than this in our lovely world. But how could those primitive apes build a pyramid city like this? How could they aquire such heights of architecture while they can hardly wield a weapon and have only a remote grasp to the concept of clothing? The answer is quite obvious though.
We know that the pyramid architecture of Ankrahmun has been used for its spiritual value long before the reign of Arkhotep. We also know that Ankrahmun is a city of the dead. As a matter of fact it is also true that in Ankrahmun the wisdom of many ages has been gathered and philosophy and science prospered like nowhere else in this world. It is obvious that the pyramids are linked to death and to wisdom somehow. If you put two and two together, you can easily figure out that those pyramids act as a collector of spiritual energy and probably even literally as houses of the dead. Imagine a civilisation that could have conversations with its dead ancestors and draw from the enormous source of their wisdom! Would such a civilisation not prosper like that of Ankrahmun? For sure it would.
But how is this connected to the apes and their pyramids one might ask. The answer is simple: being the primitive beings they are, the apes are unable to build such structures but some spirits of the past with the wisdom of millennia might have that knowledge. We all know that a primitive mind can be easily controlled. So it would be easy for such a spirit to take over control of the simple mind of one or more apes and give them orders. Without knowing what they were doing such mind-controlled apes could have built this city of pyramids. Of course the apes would have no need for such a city, but surely the ghosts or spirits would like to call such a place their home.
The Pyramids of the Apes Vol.2

After obtaining their base, the spirits must have stopped controlling the apes which resulted in random raids that are too well known by the inhabitants of Port Hope and that formed their opinion about those creatures. The lack of organisation and control in those attacks makes it obvious that there is no higher power behind them. It seems that the spirits have now left the pyramids since the rare reports we receive from that place, tell us that the once grand structures are now overgrown ruins. Would the spirits allow their home to decay in such a way? I would highly doubt that. There are only two explanations for this phenomenon. The first possibility is that the spirits have left our world. This would be reasonable if you assume that taking control over a living being costs some powers and might have drained all energy from the spirits. But wouldn't those pyramids cancel this effect? For sure they would. So another reason for the spirits' departure could be that the spirits gathered enough energy through the pyramids that allowed them to travel to another dimension or reach a new state of being (or death). So the spirits have no use of the pyramids anymore. The second theory for the spirits' disappearance is much more worrying: the spirits are only asleep. Perhaps the process of becoming one with the field energy of the pyramids was so exhausting that the spirits had to take some rest. If this is the case, they could wake up anytime. And nobody can foresee how they will react to us living intruders who could pose a dangerous threat to their spiritual home.
Report 27AAF36

Although offered with the best intentions, the reward the tradesmen from Venore had put on monkey tails was revoked after a while. Even though many adventurers and soldiers of fortune had been able to pick up their rewards, the situation was worse than ever as the ape raids came even more frequently and ferociously. The loss of lives and the senseless destruction of property had increased enormously. Sadly Jorgin Beargin, the spokesman of the Venoran traders, was called back to Venore to report about the recent losses.
The traders are now asking us to keep adventurers from provoking the ape men in any way. I fear we cannot offer much assistance in that matter since those "tail hunters" are numerous and usually well armed but we will try our best.
Report 67ABFG33

Captains report an increased activity of pirates on the routes from Port Hope to Thais and Venore. I support the traders' demand that the king should intervene. A well armed warship with some experienced fighters would not only secure the routes, but also boost our line of defence in Port Hope. With their support we could fight back such enemies like the ape men - or even capture Trapwood, an area rich in bamboo that is populated by those murderous dworcs.
Report 13XAH07

These ape men have been causing turmoil once again. Their raids have become more frequent with each month since the rain season has ended. I guess they don't like showers. Given their savageness and unpredictability it is not easy to come up with a counter strategy. It is obvious that the majority of the apes are trying to distract our guards while others sneak in and steal equipment of all sorts. Some of them are agile like ... well, like monkeys. Hard to catch - and they are sort of escape artists and might hide right under the ceiling. I even had one report of a citizen finding a monkey hiding in his depot box after a raid. Given the number of men at our disposal it is impossible to defend each and every side of the settlement. No sort of barricade would be of any help considering the nature of our attackers. They get into and out of our fort just as it pleases them, and even the upper levels of the town that have proven to be safe against other beasts of the jungle are no hindrance to them. I see no real option to stop those attacks unless an army is sent here to find the apes' base of operation which seems to be somewhere in the north eastern jungle.
Report 78ACFF04

The usual turmoil when the QUEEN GENOVEVA is in town - the sailors, drunk as always, stood out with their usual misbehaviour with the result that one of them spilled the beer of a local dwarf. In the following fight a lot of property was destroyed and even lives were endangered. I sent word to Thais that such events destroy the peace of our colony and that we would probably do better to rely on the more disciplined seamen of Venore who are more accustomed to the hardships of long journeys than the men of the Thaian marine. A letter written by the local traders strongly supporting my point has been enclosed.
Report 67ZUFL90

Death caused by venomous local animals and by enemies using poisonous weapons against us are becoming more and more common. The traders of Venore gladly offered a vast supply of antidotes and suggested forming a monopoly to ensure the quality of the products and to stop scammers before their adulterated potions cause the deaths of innocents.
Report 34DFOO12

We still cannot figure out who or what caused the disappearance of Oliver Holmes. Aforesaid mage from the Noodles Academy of Magic Arts came here to study the different cultures of the area. After three days of preparation and planning, his room was found empty. His bed was unused but his clothes lay neatly folded on a chair as if he had undressed. There were no signs of a fight and the door had been locked from within. It is a complete mystery why or how he disappeared.
Report 56IOLP56

The respectable mage Borsoz was able to provide us with a cure for the so-called 'jungle fever'. People repeatedly reported some kind of 'out-of-body experience'. While sleeping, they suddenly stood beside their own body and watched over it. The magician proved that the 'fever' actually was caused by a small bug. This bug injects a mildly toxic hallucinogen into the body of a sleeping person causing the mentioned phenomenon. Borsoz developed a paste that, when applied to the walls and the floor, keeps those bugs away. All settlers were provided with the paste and the "fever" has been efficiently eradicated.
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 17)

After stocking up supplies in Port Hope we immediately focused on the next step in our plans. It was our goal to reach the haunted ruins of Drefia using small boats that would allow us to stay close to the beach which had some major advantages: while exploring the coastline we could gather food and water in the jungle and avoid the dangers of the treacherous reefs of the northern coast at the same time.
Of course this would still be a dangerous and daring enterprise - else it would have been done before -, but we were sure that it could be done. Indeed the voyage started smoothly. We grew accustomed to the difficulties of the coastline quite fast and none of the giant sea creatures that were rumoured to plague the reefs were sighted. The first actual threats we faced were quite ordinary beasts of the jungle which - although dangerous - did not turn out to be of greater danger than the animals we had encountered during other travels. However we did not expect at all the very jungle to turn against us. We were setting up camp on a clearing that seemed peaceful, even idyllic. With hindsight this fact should have alerted us, but we were exhausted from a lengthy trip and relieved to get some rest without having to drive some beasts away first. All of a sudden, thorns shot all over the clearing and the previously calm jungle ground came to violent life. Plants we had never seen before were biting our feet with the ferocious greed of a rabid hyaena. Complete disorientation and panic took over and there was yelling and running everywhere. When we finally made it back to the boats, most of the equipment we had carried with us was lost and there was no one among us who was not injured, some were even poisoned. We spent a hard night directly on the beach and woke up drenched, covered with sand and salt all over, our wounds burning like fire. Yet we decided to continue our expedition.
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 18)

Bandaged as good as it was possible under the prevailing circumstances we continued to follow the coastline. We reached an area where the reefs made it almost impossible to stay close to the shore and thus forced us to make a decision. We could either try to continue our voyage through the treacherous reefs by boat, or head for deeper water and travel across the dangerous ocean for an indefinite time or, as third alternative, continue by foot along the beach with the boats on our backs until it seemed safe enough to use the boats again. Under normal circumstances I would have opted for the latter, but me and my men were wounded and tired and the jungle had already shown us its ugly face in a way which made none of us want to see more of it. Heading for the ocean was no real option either. Not only that our small boats were not built for that kind of travel - reaching Drefia via the high seas had already been accomplished before and doing so would contradict the intention of the whole expedition. Thus we dared to stick to our original plan as closely as possibly and to try finding a path through the reefs. Shortly after we were rewarded for our bravery with a breathtaking sight.
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 19)

Unexpectedly, pyramid-like ruins appeared at the horizon breaking the eternal green of the jungle. Already half taken over by the all-devouring jungle vegetation but still clearly recognisable there was an actual city - ancient, but obviously populated. Having heard about the pyramids of the southern desert we instinctively related the jungle monuments to the same culture and to the people settling in the city of Ankrahmun. While we cautiously steered our boats closer to the beach and wondered about the mysterious origins of this jungle city, more and more apes showed up on the beach, yelling at us in threatening poses. Strangely enough, they were wearing various kinds of equipment - actually wearing it, not randomly strapped to the body like some mindless beast might have done. Due to the obvious hostility we stayed far enough from them to avoid the coconuts and stones they hurled in our direction. I was left solely with the option to examine the strange apes and the ruins through my spyglass and was able to spot different kinds of apes which wore sparse clothing and equipment such as weapons in a way that made clear they knew what they were doing. However some - if not most - equipment looked odd on them, as if made for creatures of a completely different build. A closer look at the ruins revealed that they were not as ruined as I had thought at first, in fact most were only overgrown by the jungle. The visible remains displayed impressive work and art. Oddly, most patterns on the walls showed serpents and lizards of some kind which for sure did not fit the hairy humanoids inhabiting the city. Then I saw the first statues. Although obviously damaged on purpose and turned into almost unrecognisable heaps of stone, some of them showed features of two legged, upright walking lizards complete with weaponry and other equipment. Instantly I remembered the stories of intelligent, yet savage lizard men which were rumoured to live somewhere in the deepest jungle.
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 20)

I recognise a mystery when I encounter one, and this was a mystery for sure. Although a good mystery can fascinate me a lot more than most women I met in my life, I was responsible for this expedition and for my men which stopped me from changing our plans right there and then. Instead I started to make up a plan for a later expedition which would lead me to the area where the lizard people possibly could be found in order to learn more about them. Thus we left the strange pyramid city behind us for now and continued our passage through the reefs. Shortly after, we eventually made it and the shoreline became safe once again. We decided to take a break and set up camp, even more careful than usual, securing it with everything we had at our disposal since we needed some time to repair our boats and equipment as well as to heal our wounds. We camped there for two days and - thanks to the gods - had to face only minor nuisances. During the night the same jungle which could turn dangerously silent in the daytime became a symphony of screams, screeches and howls of creatures no one of us could even imagine. When the sun set, the sky seemed to explode with massive rain as if the gods were pouring down a whole ocean on us. Even with our full equipment we would have had a hard time to keep ourselves comfortable and with a significant amount of our stuff lost to the jungle, it was almost impossible to actually recover. As we took off for the sea again we were all glad to escape this green hell once more. We followed the shoreline to the next impassable reef formation, however, this time the reefs were close to the beach, so it was easy enough to find a way around while keeping the land in sight as well as avoiding the depths of the sea. Using my spyglass, a wooden structure blending almost perfectly with the jungle caught my attention. It reminded me of an enormous fortification of some sort, yet there seemed to be no defenders, just thickest jungle surrounding it.
My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 21)

Since there was no reasonable possibility to reach this structure at this time or even just the shore, we continued our voyage through the night. It was about midnight when a roar of some sort interrupted the cacophony of the jungle, and then silence remained. The waves of the sea and their gentle lapping against our wooden boats were the only sounds still audible. From what I can tell, the cause of this roar must have been something we had never encountered before. We had seen and heard dragons, even the majestic dragon lords, but this had to be something which would dwarf even them. I am not ashamed to admit that my hands were trembling when I took my spyglass and searched the night for any sight of the creature we had just heard. Of course I did not really hope to actually spot something in this darkness, so again I was more than surprised when I indeed detected a shadow moving through the jungle. I hardly could have overlooked it since it towered even above the giant trees of the jungle. I was not able to see anything more of it than its rough shape, but for all that I saw I swear to the gods it was the shape of some brutish humanoid. No one of us felt prepared to investigate this mystery in that night, and as the sun rose once again we had already left the sandy part of the coastline and followed the jagged mountain range which seperated Drefia from the rest of the continent. Our destination was near.



The Howling Grotto

The Howling Grotto of Nargor used to be a hideout for criminals in the early days when colonisation just started on the isles. Those criminals were probably the first pirates although is unlikely that they had more than a few fishing boats at their disposal. They built some rooms in the caverns but supposedly they found evidence of prior attempts to use the grotto in some way and some of the caverns seemed to be not natural. For some reasons they were attracted to the lower caves where the howling of the wind was that fierce that people said it could drive a man crazy. Be that as it may, those first pirates were known for their bloodthirst, their frequent infightings and for torturing their prisoners. It is assumed that they all killed themselves in their madness. The grotto is rumoured to be haunted by the ghosts of these pirates and those of their victims - but those are is only unconfirmed speculations. Nowadays, nobody knows the treacherous passages through the dangerous reefs to reach the isle of Nargor.
The Quara, Curse of the Seas

No one knows where they really come from. It seems the murderous quara are living deep down in the ocean in unknown numbers. From there, they plot their raids on the surface in which they cause havoc and mayhem. The quara consist of several subspecies whose relation to each other is still unknown to men. Given their hostile disposition, it is unlikely that we will ever learn more about them. For most humans it is sufficient to know that a quara means danger. Those who are able to fight them should kill them, those who are too weak should avoid them by all means.
Treasures of the Southern Isles

Quite a few pirates hoarded up treasures in the past. It is known that pirates tend to hide their treasures on deserted islands for some unknown reason. They just bury them on some remote place and then forget about them. This similarity to the behaviour of squirrels was never scientifically verified. However, since pirates love to dress lightly they also love the south. Therefore, it is only natural that they hide their treasures there. Some of the southern isles are so popular among pirates that there is hardly any free space left to bury new treasure.
If anyone ever is looking for treasures, then those isles are the best place to start with.
The Shattered Isles

Nargor is a hostile rock surrounded by treacherous reefs. Since it is uninhabitable and almost unreachable it is of no interest.
Treasure Island is not only desert-like but also quite deserted. The only people you meet are treasure hunters that travel there occasionally to try their luck.
The inhabitants of the town Liberty Bay live on the numerous plantations. The town has developed into a major trading center in recent years, and is under Thaian rule.
The Forbidden Islands to the north-west are dangerous not only because of the volcanoes that are found there but also due to frequent quara activity. Since there is no real reason to visit these islands, no regular shipping route was ever established.
The Laguna Islands are quite often visited by passing ships to refresh their supply of water and food. Still the isles are too desolate to establish a settlement there. It is rumored that a small tribe of savages calls one of the isles its home.
The Golden Whale

Since sightings have been reported by many respectable seamen the existance of the golden whale can no longer be dismissed as a fairy tale. It is said that this whale is as huge as an isle and its body is made of purest gold. Even though many of the reports were made by seamen in the southern seas sailors of the north also claim to have seen this creature. All over the world the sighting of the golden whale is seen as a good omen. No one has yet been able to even hurt the beast; however, several inventors and mages have come up with ideas for the creation of a weapon that might pierce its golden body.
The Klabautermen

The klabautermen are a race of impish, mischievous beings that live on ships. Using invisibility and other magic, they remain unseen most of the time. But be warned, if you antagonise the klabauterman of a ship, his harmless pranks will turn dangerous.
In general it is a smart move to keep your klabauterman happy with little presents and a lot of rum.
The Great Sea Serpents

The Sea Serpent is as huge as a house and can swallow a small ship in one bite. Its scales are almost impenetrable and its teeth, which are as big as a cyclops, are coated with a corrosive poison that will dissolve human flesh on touch. In their undersea lairs they hoard treasures that would make a dragons hoard look miserable.

---- Start of the Nightmare Knights Dream Challange Books + Pits of Inferno ----


I am doomed!
I know that Hugo lurks somewhere in the bushes in the North. I won't survive his deadly breath which would kill even the mightiest warrior!
I have no clue how to trick the infamous Hugo but there has to be a way! Perhaps alchemy is the key to success. I will mix these two potions I bought from the travelling dwarf. We'll see what is going to happen. Perhaps it makes me invulnerable to the deadly breath! Then the secrets of the Nightmare Knights are at my grasp.


In the realm of dream, dreams literally can become true. So mind your thoughts when entering the dream realm. A uncontrolled thought can easily bring disaster upon you. Self-control is most important for any dreamwalker. Calmness and clear thought will guide and shield the dreamer. You will encounter in the dreams what you take in there with you. Don't try to enforce a prophecy, it won't work. Wander the dreams and if a prophecy comes to you, take it as a gift.


Some of he ancients formed realms in the dreamland. They build mighty fortresses to seize control of everything that walks in the dreamland, conscious or not. It was then, when the mysterious Lord of Dreams revealed himself. His anger shook the foundation of the dreamland. Dreamers all over the world awakened screaming in fear and pain. When the void came to a rest and the first dreamwalkers returned to the dreamlands, the fortresses were gone - all of them and with them all the ancients who manned them. The Shaig'laar lost their best men in these days and never recovered from the loss. So weak, they became an easy prey for the other ancients and so the period of the first dream masters had come to an end.
From this time on, all dreamwalkers manipulate the dreamland as little as possible, only as much as it is needed to fit their needs. Also they never use their power to endanger others in their dreams. Dreams are meant to be an instrument of self-finding and prophecy, not a weapon.


When they killed the youngster I didn't help him because I didn't know him.
When they killed the young knight I didn't help him because I had not much in common with that guy.
When they killed the local hero I didn't help him because it was his business, not mine.
When they killed the monk, who just lived to help others, I didn't help him because he should have been more warily.
When they killed my friend I didn't help him because I thought I should not risk my life for him.
When they killed my brother I didn't help him because I hoped they would at least spare me for not interfering with their business.
When they killed me, there was no one left alive who could help me.


The weapon was hidden well. We ensured that only a hero of courage and an unstained soul can find it.
The unholy place will be guarded by our order. If its necessary, we will guard it eternally.
No magic will be able to discover the secrets now.
We used powerful enchantments and all the tricks our brightest minds have came up with. There will be no way to trick our wards or to disenchant them. I am confident that, combined with the riddles and traps, our forces will fight back all evil that might challenge us. Even the Ruthless Seven themselves if necessary.


When the tower falls,
when the cold loses its sting,
when the small walks the halls of the great,
when the lord of murder loses his nobility,
when the ice kisses the fire,
when the arrow will not fly twice,
when the thunder silences the mute,
when the red meets the green on golden ground,
when the ivory is broken by the blood-stained hand,
when the dead walk on earth and laugh at the gods,
when the names will be erased and the vanished return,
when the forbidden twin no longer exists,
when the one-eyed king dies in fire,
when the traitor meets his fate,
then excalibug will be reborn in the flame of justice.


Evil often seems invincible, but even the longest journey begins with a first little step. It is up to us to say 'NO' to evil and to deny it the space it needs to blossom. We might fear it, but it cannot scare us. We might be weaker, but in the end evil will lose. Evil is hollow and self-consuming. Nothing can warm up the cold hearts of evil beings, nothing can fill the loneliness. A life so centred on itself cannot be shared with others. If you do not share your life, you deny it. Life is sharing. No one can cope with life alone. You have to share your life to give birth. You have to share to feel your life. Evil beings do not feel life, so they destroy it. Evil cannot understand life, and things that cannot be understood are feared.


Greed, selfishness and hate are the soil that gives birth to evil. You can't neglect these feelings since they are part of you. But you can understand them. To understand why you hate someone will give you a deeper understanding how to cease to hate. Sometimes, you may have to kill someone. Do never kill somebody out of hate. Only kill to prevent a greater evil.
You also have to understand your positive feelings. They are your shield to protect you from the assaults of negative emotions. They are the blanket that keeps you warm in desperate times. As long as you follow the path that these positive emotions show you, there is nothing that can harm YOU. They can hurt your body but your immortal soul is beyond their grasp.


It is important for a dreamwalker not to get lost in his dreams. To accomplish that you have to train your senses. You must become aware that you are dreaming without waking up. To train this, get accustomed to asking yourself : 'Am I awake?' Do this at daytime as often as possible. But be careful! Do not conclude too quickly that you are awake. Try to 'fly' just on your thoughts, try to change the world around you by sheer imagination. Take some time to test reality.
At some point of that training you will use this routine in your sleep as well. Then it is essential to come to the conclusion that you are asleep! If you have accomplished that, you will have a hard time to balance between dreaming and awakening. At first you will often slip back in the dream state but that will change quickly. Then you can begin the art of dreamwalking.


Nightmares are not your enemies. Make them to your teachers. Learn about them. Understand them. If it is a repeated nightmare, think about it while awake. Think about a good ending for that dream, imagine this ending again and again, feel comfortable with this happy ending. Enjoy it. Have fun with it and the nightmare will lose its sting. This way you can train yourself to dream the positive ending.
Sometimes it is helpful to write your dreams down. Don't try to analyse them. You will get used to understand them just by reading and reliving them. It's not necessary to force something. This could even be harmful! Understand them as a nice story someone told you. Enjoy them and think about how they could continue. Imagine what would have happened if something like this happens in real life. Your dreams are your friends. All of them!


Book of the Lost Heroes:

What Dreams Are Made Of


The dream machine draws its energy from interaction of opposing forces. Fire and water, life and death will provide the machine with energy. The energy created will be powerful enough to break down the walls of sleep and let the living enter the realm of dreams. The modified teleporter transports the user to a special place in the dream realms that is created by the will of the dream master.


The necromancer called Ratmeat has led an attack on the castle.
These undeads used the sewers to launch a surprise attack. Our reinforcements arrived last-minutely and we were able to kill Ratmeat as well as the ones known as Maggotfeast and Wormskin. Only Ratfeast has shown signs of the transformation. So I conclude that the others must have been members of no importance and without any real powers. They used the same runes we have seen on members of the brotherhood before. It is likely that they got them from higher ranking members that traded their souls for forbidden secrets.


I wonder how Ronur is doing. I miss him.
But its my duty as sorceress of the nightmare knights to protect our bases here far away from home. Soon I will visit him and we will be reunited again. If all works like planned our marriage will take place in the end to this year.
I hope this bitch Shandra will kept busy by her studies in the mage guild and does not try to use my  absence for one of her dirty tricks. She does not deserve a man like Ronur.


He, who commands those who should have left the world, will come and claim the lives of those who walk two worlds. The twice fallen will fall a last time to seal the secrets and the imminent doom. Evil beings will feast on weak ones, not knowing that this is just the beginning of their own destruction.
Those that are sleeping will be awakened to dream again.
Those that are dead will live longer than the killers do.
Many eyes will see the coming of the light in the thickest darkness and the fisher will be the king.
The unborn will cheer for the reborn. Where no way exists, the heroes must fall. Where blood runs red, destiny awaits the wanderer. Where many ways are obviously, the wise chooses another one. Where one falls, four are victorious. Where the forces meet, the path will be revealed. Hope only arises from the highs and lows of the true path and the warrior will die in agony.


What an irony, the necromancers' nectar is the key to our doom and to our victory. Only he who feeds those in need will gain entrance, which is ironic too, because the forces of evil will never consider to do such a thing, no matter how gruesome it truly is.
There is no way that the entrance is revealed but by treachery. Therefore, we have to keep the number of people who know about the secret as low as possible. Only the most trusted members will learn about the ritual. I can only hope there is no other high ranking traitor like Goshnar.


Today the last of the elves returned to their home town. They left us alone to battle the undead hordes. What a cowardly race! Without their aid, many of our best men will die. I don't understand these sages that asked me to see also the elves' point of view. All I see are the the mothers and fathers that will ask me where their children are when they have died in the upcoming battle. It is almost certain that our messenger, who was sent to the dwarfs and the king, is dead. There will be no reinforcements. We will have to fight on our own. I am sure we will win, but at what cost?


The Secret Diaries of Emanuelle.

... he lowered his head and inhaled the scent of the seductively brown body beneath him. It was so firm, so inviting. His mouth watered in anticipation of the pleasures that awaited him. The young and shapely tights exposed the promising flesh between them. He wanted this body more than anything else before! His hands trembled and he closed his eyes for a brief moment to fantasise about what was going to happen now ... then he lowered his knife, carefully sliced the delicious body of the hot turkey into little pieces and started to eat. Emanuelle, the cook, had done a masterpiece again!


... we see the transplaner semimatter is polymorph and the time constant is a contradiction in cases of subliminal manafocusing of the first grade. This implies that the vector of interisomatic transfixture has a mana to semimatter ratio of t*m-RM. So if the hyperelasticity of NM is defined as shown in previous volumes, we derive a transpeherical aethertransfixion of t-RU. This is no surprise to even the most simple minded rune user but the real implication of this is ...


Banor bless me with deafness!
This snoring dwarf is driving me nuts. Will this ever stop? One day, I will kill either him or myself. I can't believe the others can sleep, dream training or not!
I wonder if I would become deaf by putting my head in a cauldron and using an explosion rune. Then again, I should perhaps put HIM in a cauldron and use some explosions ...
I am sure he will lure a dragon here that thinks this awful noise is a mating call.
Tomorrow, I will try to get an assignment at Knightwatch Tower. Even that windy hole is better than THIS!


Coalblack and the Seven Elves.
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful dwarven girl in a humble settlement. The girl was called Coalblack. She was so pretty that seven elven men travelled to the settlement to see her beauty. But the girl feared that the elves just wanted to steal her underwear to dance around in it in the morning mists. So she asked her friend, a big wolf, to help her. The wolf put on boots and a red cape and ate some chalk to smooth his voice. Impersonating little Coalblack, he lured the elves into the darkest woods. But the elves dropped their clothes in the woods to be able to trace back the way they had taken. In the middle of the forest the elves found a magic mirror. They asked the mirror: 'Mirror, mirror in the forest, tell us whom you most adorest' And the mirror spoke 'You naked elves are pathetic!' The elves turned around and were deeply offended. 'What a bunch of incredible bums!' the mirror said. The stupid elves misunderstood the mirror and felt so flattered and cajoled that they built a gingerbread house around it and lived there happily ever after.



If you don't repay your debts 'something bad'
will happen to your family.



The Nightmare Chronicles Volume VII

... and when the dead feast at midnight
the ancient enemy will no longer guard
the place of his unlucky heir and the
living will walk the paths of the old way.
Death awaits the greedy and the brave
alike and many will be mourned until
the long lost treasure is unearthed...


How to Seduce Women in Seven Steps

Chapter One:
How to Become a Member of a Young Male Bard Group.


Roll, roll, roll the barrel
gently down the road!
Drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking,
drink until you're bloat.


Put the ...........opposite....
(the rest was eaten by rats)


Sleepwalking for Fools


Dreamwalking for Beginners


Dreamwalking for Experts


Dangers of Adventures

by Netlios

Volume I

An adventure is an exciting thing to do. Nevertheless it might be rather
one may even die during his journeys through the lands!
I wrote the following books in order to show the fates of 5 men who devoted
to discover new parts of Tibia. Each of them was a brave warrior and a
superior explorer
and they all went through exciting adventures. Their journeys were of
different duration -
one ended after 66 days, another after 100 days. Each journey ended in a
very dangerous
situation; one situation even ended deadly!

Dangers of Adventures

by Netlios

Volume II

The adventurers, whom we will have a look at, were all born in different
years and were therefore all of different ages when they started their
travelings through Tibia.
The oldest among these men was aged 42; the youngest was 38, when he started
to discover new areas of our land. None the five was as old as anyone else
of them.
One journey ended after 83 days, one after 117 and finally one after 134
days. Anaso, one of the explorers, was a very brave sword-fighter. His
brother Elaeus, who started an expedition just like his brother, never
wanted to use a sword - instead he was an excellent magician.
Hestus, another explorer whom i will tell about, always wore green trousers,
so no-one saw how dirty it was and he never had to wash it.

Dangers of Adventures

by Netlios

Volume III

The first potential source of danger I want to discuss is fire!
Of course, fire is necessary to survive wilderness - to cook our food, to
have light, to warm ourselves in a cold and dark night...
But always take care: Fire doesn't help us all time! Let me give you an
One of our explorers was wounded badly, because he stepped into an open fire
he made himself
to cook some fish he just cought in the nearby river. Of course, this was
the end of his journey;
it was shorter than the travellings of the joungest among the five

Dangers of Adventures

by Netlios

Volume IV

The important topic I will now examine is: How can I be sure to drink
Where do I get a drink?
Well, there are not very many sources of drinks: First, you can take some
potions of water with you.
Second, you can "find" something on your way. For example, you might cross a
river or perhaps it
might rain one day or the other. And maybe you can even find drinks on your
way, but be careful!
You never know what is inside the potion you find.
Let me again give you an example to illustrate this:
One of our five men travelling through Tibia (his name was longer than the
name of the adventurer,
who was attacked by a troll and therefore had to stop his exploration) one
day found a filled
potion on his way. He was very thursty, and so he drank the liquid inside.
He didn't know (how should he?) that it was poisoned. After some moments he
noticed, that he felt worse and worse. At this moment, he had to stop and
return to his house.
By the way, the name of this man (the poisoned one) was shorter than the
name of the man,
whose journey was over after 83 days.

On mixing potions.

Now, being a really old magician, I decided to write down some of the
formulas of potions I invented during my lifetime. First I thought it will
be best to give clear advices for everyone to mix them. But after some days
of crucial thinking I had a vision - everyone would be able to mix these
powerful but dangerous potions within minutes without being aware of the
It needs lot of wisdom and willpower to become a experienced and responsible
magician. This doesn't mean to be cowardish - it means that you know your
powers and that you exactly know your limits!
So, to prevent misuse of this knowledge i will write down these formulas in
****, a very old language only known by the wisest sorcerers.

How to mix magical potions

Potion of flight

Drink this potion and fly like a bird! All you need is listed below:

two wings of a wasp

an eye of a dead body

a rope

a potion of lemonade

a watch

and, of course,
a rapier to stir with
finally a pot to cook in it.
Put all things except the watch into the pot and cook it for 24 minutes.
Cast the spell "flifli bor" on it and drink it.
Don't forget to have an eye at the time! This fluid lasts for 12 minutes.
Once the time is over, you are not able to fly anymore... you'll fall down
like a stone.
Therefore, never forget the time and always wear a watch when using the
"potion of flight"!
Good luck and may the birds be with you!

How to mix magical potions

Potion of happines

This potion causes the user to become as happy as he never was before. Mix
the following things:

a stamped letter

a dead fish

a bone

a diamond

an inkwell.

You'll also need an empty potion to throw these things in.
Speak out the magical words "lomba niff" and drink the fluid, and you get
your happiness again!

How to mix magical potions
Potion of living dead

Lost a friend? Your pet died? If it is like that, there's a solution for
Just follow the instructions. You'll need some ingredients:

the head of a (dead) dog

some oil

a rat's tail

two teeth of an orc


a fishbone

2 potions of fresh green or red slime

a piece of wood

a bone of an undead

and, of course,
a rapier to stir with
and finally a pot to cook in it.
If you cook these things for 32 minutes and cast the magical words "maldan
liflif" upon it,
your potion is finished. Put some drpos of it onto the dead body you want to
Good luck and happy cooking!

How to mix magical potions

Potion of demonic transformation

Take good care of this potion. It is very dangerous, since it transforms
anyone who drinks it into a demon!

This transformation isn't reversible...
The ingredients are:

a potion of red slime

the eye of a demon

a piece of paper with a footprint of a demon.

Now put the eye and the slime on the piece of paper and wrap it. Cast the
words "urtuo sinium" on it.
Take this object and place it for 24 hours next to any drink. Afterwards,
this drink will transform the
one who drinks it into a demon.
I again warn you: It might happen that you accidently swallow this drink

How to mix magical potions

Potion of invisibility

This potion is one of the most difficult potions to mix. Besides you need
lots of time, you also need great magical abilties.

The ingredients you should have are:

a rat's tail

2 teeth of a dead troll

a piece of a ghouls robe

2 ghoul-breads

a dragon's eye

green slime

Put these things together in a pot and cook it about 25 minutes. Afterwards,
speak the magical words
"munga mungos" towards the pot.
Now the potion is ready for use. Good luck and happy cooking!

How to mix magical potions

Potion of halluzination

This potion causes the user to get different halluzinations. The nature of
these halluzinations
is regulated by different quantities of the ingredients:

1-5 eyes of a demon

2-5 hairs of a dead human

a potion of green slime

4-5 potions of beer

4-5 potions of wine

Mix these ingredients together, and just drink it. No need for cooking or
casting spells...
May the halluzinations be nice!

How to mix magical potions

Potion of fast movement

This potion makes the user run faster than the fastest known creature. It is
not known,
if there is a brake once the effect disappears.

You will need the following things:

a tail of a very fast creature

some mud

a piece of wood

a flower

and, of course,
a rapier to stir with
and finally a pot to cook in it.
Cook this fluid for 9 minutes and cast the words "rurnum maelis" in the
of the cooking fluid. Put a drop of it on each shoe you wear and run!
Good luck, happy cooking and beware of obstacles!

How to mix magical potions

Potion of silence

Do you have friends, who are nice but who can't stop talking and talking and
Make them stop it by drinking this potion!

The ingredients are as follows:

a dead spider

a potion of wine
a potion of beer

two cans of water

a piece of gold (silence is golden!)

an apple

and, of course,
a rapier to stir with
and finally a can to put it in.
You don't have to cook it (unless you want to serve it as a hot drink); you
just need to cast "silentiam" on it.
Your friends will love the taste of this mixture, and they will be silent
for a greater
amount of time. We suggest, that the reader himself does not drink this
fluid, too.
Good luck and enjoy the silence!

How to mix magical potions

Potion of regained vision

Drinking this will give you back the abilty to see for some time. It does
not last too long...

All you need is:

a roll



a rose

a cherry.

Put all these ingredients into a mug and heat it for 31 minutes. Speak out
the words "nalus murtu"
to finish the potion.
Now drink it. You will see again - and you will be able to read this book!
May the world become clearer!

How to mix magical potions

Potion of future-vision

Once drunk, this potion allows you to see the future for some time. Since
this potion is so mighty and powerful, the ingredients are very rare and
therefore difficult to get.

You'll need at least the following things:

2 potions of clear water

a teardrop of a demon

fire from a dragons breath

a sting of a wasp

some hair of a gigantic spider

a nail of a finger of a king's child

the nose of a royal rat.

This potion is cooked in a golden pot and stired with a heroic sword. It
needs to be cooked
for two hours and a half, and you have to cast the words "murman thusis
nalbo" on it.
Good luck and happy cooking!

How to mix magical potions

Potion of recall

Once you forgot the recipe of this potion, it's hard to remember. To
remember it, you should drink this potion, which of course could cause
problems if you haven't something of it left or you forgot that it was this

All you need for this potion is:

a dead rat

23 pieces of gold

a rose

a fishbone

a watch

a peel of a banana

and, of course,
a rapier to stir with
and finaly a pot to cook in.
Throw the ingredients together into the pot and cook it for 28 minutes.
After that, cast the magical words "murana nur" on it. Drink it, and you
will gain your full memory again.

BEWARE: This potion does not help undeads. In order to work, this spell
needs a brain in the
concerning body. Without a brain, it's useless.

It also should be mentioned, that this potion only brings back one's
memories for a short
period of time. It does NOT last very long....
Good luck and happy cooking!

"On different Fluids, 1st publication"

by Arisophlus

There are some kinds of different fluids in our known world. I will try to
categorize them in respect to their color.

To begin with, there are green fluids. I did not find many different kinds
of green fluids.

In fact, I just found one. It's a mysterious thing, known as "slime" to the
ordinary population.

This "slime" has strange properties. On the one hand, it is nice to look at,
on the other hand,
it is poisonous, it doesn't smell nor taste well and it is sticky.

"On different Fluids, 2nd publication, part one"

by Arisophlus

The second kind of fluids are brown. There are several types of brown
The first one is called "beer". It is, to say, one of the real bad
substances in our known world:
It is tasty, it smells well and everyone likes it. But beware! It makes

Once you drank a potion of it you won't be able to control your senses
You won't even be able to walk on a line! So, if possible, avoid this fluid.
Just imagine you were hunting and your life depends on your reaction, on
your movement,
and on your visual impressions!

"On different Fluids, 2nd publication, part two"

by Arisophlus

I am not quite sure, but I suppose, this "beer" does not have human root. No
one is able to produce it.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds, thousands of potions arround this world?
Where do they come from?

Who is interested in drunken hunters? The answer is quite obvious: The
demon! Beer is an invention of the demon!
There is another very mysterious fluid here in Tibia. People tend to call it

I really don't know what to do with it. It smells strange; if you know how
to put it on fire,
it burns quite fine (it's not easy, but once it burns it is very hot!).
Avoid steping on a pool of oil - it's very slippery. That leads me to an
idea: My watch doesn't work
anymore since yesterday - maybe I should try to throw it in a glass filled
with oil? If I succeed,
I will write another book on this topic.

The last known brown fluid is "mud". It is a very familiar fluid; it doesn't
smell, but it is dirty.
I do not know, how this mud fits into our world, but it is just here.

Nobody knows where it came from, nobody knows its use...

"On different Fluids, 3rd publication"

by Arisophlus

The most common fluid is water. It's blue and opaque, you can't miss it.

You can drink it; usually it does not have any affections on the human body,
but if the water
comes from a very special place it is said to have healing powers!

"On different Fluids, 4th publication"

by Arisophlus

Next, I will write about pink fluids. There are two kinds of pink fluids:
wine and mysterious mana-regenerating fluid. What I told before about beer
is exactly the same for wine.

The other pink fluid seems to be very magical. Some people are able to
produce this liquid;
what a pity, all of these people sell it for horrendous prices!

"On different Fluids, 5th publication"

by Arisophlus

Blood and a revitalising fluid are the two kinds of known red fluids.
Blood, the "fluid of life", is a strange thing. Everyone will agree with me,
that it is the "fluid of life", even though there are numerous living forms
which do not have blood!

Instead they seem to use some kind of slime (have a look the corresponding
chapter to find out more about it).
The life-restoring fluid is a strange fluid, too. I never was able to find
out if it works on humans
and on animals. I tried more than hundred times to heal my dog with it - but
he does not want to drink it. As it seems, it only works for humans...

Last but not least, there exists one single white fluid in our world: People
call it "milk".
There are rumours that it might increase one's magical abilties if swallowed
- I never could verify this claim. As it seems, someone had dreamt about it
and afterwards wasn't able to distinguish between reality and dreams...

Notes about gharonk language


On my journeys, one day I found a nice, little city. Not too many people
lived there, and they spoke a strange language.

After trying to speak to some of it's inhabitants, I found out, that they
call this language "gharonk".

In the next days, I will try to figure out, how this language works - I
really wish I would understand what they try to tell me!

Notes about gharonk language


On my second day here, I found out, that this language isn't that difficult
to learn.

The grammar seems to be a simplified but quite usual grammar. I try to find
out some of the words.

One day, after killing a lion, one of the inhabitants of the town returned,
telling everyone:
"Nag narat umog yargoth!"
I tried to figure out, what the single words mean, but I had not enough
time. Maybe I can do that later on...

Notes about gharonk language


On the third day in this city, an adventurer came back from his travellings.
He looked like he hadn't had something to drink for days; his cloth were
dusty and full of sand. I can only guess, what happened to him or which
places he visited during the last days.

As soon as I saw him (I was the first to find him - what a luck, what a
honor! Without my help, I think he would have died of thirst!) I tried to
communicate with him, but he always just repeated the words:
"Orzog! Nag Orzog! Atul! Atul! Nag mob mula! Atul!"

I didn't know, what he meant, but it wasn't of importance at this moment.

After giving him something to drink, he recovered quickly. Maybe I try to
talk to him again tomorrow...

Notes about gharonk language


It's now the forth day here in this town. I wasn't able to find out, how the
town is called, but that
doesn't seem important to me.

More important seems to me to find out more details of gharonk language. I
found out that they use some words for some different but similar
expressions. Gharonk doesn't seem to distinguish between the word for "I"
(nag) and the words for "mine", "my", "me", and so on. That makes the
language more simple, and I think it's always clear what it means from the
context. Of course, that are only speculations, I'm not quite sure about it
at all...

... Five days in this city and under these people, and I'm still not able to
communicate with them.

But I do not resign - on the contrary, I get more and more interested in the
language. I found out some more words, for example how they count: "umog"
seems to be "one", and for each number more, they just put a "tu-" in front
of "umog".
Thus, five would be called "tutututumog". It doesn't seem to me as if they
would have highly developed mathematics, but the way to count seems
sufficient for them. I wonder, how they were able to build this town...?

Maybe an answer is, that they do not speak about numbers, but have short
signs for writing them down.
It was surprising for me to find out they have a word for "zero", namely
"mog". I hope to find out more in the next days.

Strangely, they use words for numbers in each context they use numbers. So,
"umog" stands for one, but also for "once", "one time", "first", ...

... This is the sixth day. It seems, the inhabitants start trusting me and
begin to communicate with me.

I found out about colours and their words in gharonk.
"Red" means "narz", the word for "green" is "buzgob", "orolu" is "gold",
"shura" stands for "blue" and "urbum" is the gharonk word for "yellow".
Furthermore, I found out the words for "yes" and "no". "Yagla" means "yes",
"glub" means "no", but it's also the word for "none", "not", and so on.

I just wonder why they keep on calling me "gar". Did they give me a name?

... It's now my last day of the first week here. From day to day, I am able
to talk more and better
with the people living here. I like it, the people are nice, I get food and
The king, or I'd better say their leader, showed me his "throne". It's more
like a place on the floor, where he sits when talking to his people.

He pointed with his finger at this place, saying: "Nag mogurz, nag mogurz".
I guess, it means something like "my place, my place". I found out many
other words, I wrote them all down in a table. Maybe I'll teach this
language one day to someone, who is interested in....

On the game "tibiaball".

Here are some secret rules you should consider when you think about playing
a match.

1. Grow at least three extra legs. You won't need them, but it keeps the
crowds amused.

2. Find one good Brockian Ultra-Cricked player. Clone him a few times. This
saves an enormous
amount of tendious selection and training.

3. Put your team and the opposite team in a large field and build a high
wall around them.
(The reason for this is that, although the game is a major spectator sport,
the frustration
experienced by the audience at not actually being able to see what's going
leads them to imagine that it's just a lot more exciting than it really is.

A crowed that has just watched a rather humdrum game experiences far less
than a crowd that believes it has just missed the most dramatic event in
sporting history.

4. Throw lots of assorted equipment over the wall for the players. Anything
will do --
cricket bats, basecube bats, tennis rackets, skis, anything you can get a
good swing with.

5. The players should now lay about themselves for all they are worth with
whatever they find to hand.
Whenever a player scores a 'hit' on another player he should immediately run
away and apologize
from a save distance.
Apologies should be concise, sincere, and, for maximum clarity and points,
delivered through a megaphone.

6. The winning team should be the first team that wins.

The Adventurer's Guide To The Dungeons.

Troll: Trolls are some kind of strange monsters. They run around without
having a target,
telling stories no one can understand because of their unclear pronunciation
(which results from the fact, that trolls do not have teeth at all). Trolls
can easily be identified by their appearance:
red skin, not too big, mostly in groups, often carrying a spear and a wooden
shield to fight
(of course, they do not know how to use these things properly...). Some
(they are supposed to be the leaders of troll-groups) carry ropes and money
with them - reasons are not known,
but it is believed that they use ropes to climb down wells, what does surely
not explain why trolls need money...

The Adventurer's Guide To The Dungeons.

Rope: A rope is a long thing in most cases. It is useful to climb up holes
and to pull up heavy objects, such as dragons, empty potions or spiders.
Sometimes, in special cases, it is used to pull up demons or giant spiders.
A rope consists of many rat-tails tied together. Such a thing should not be
missing in an adventurer's backpack!

It is not known, how it works in some cases - for example, no one found out
until now, why one has to put a rope on the floor in order to climb UP a
hole. Especially it is strange, that this rope does not
get lost, but is found in the backpack of the adventurer again...

The Adventurer's Guide To The Dungeons.

Dragon: This is a well known species in our lands. Dragons once were very
shy and there didn't exist
many of them. And there's the paradox thing about it: Because they were
hunted more and more, and more and more of them got killed, the dragons
population increased! It's a very mysterious thing,
that a species's population increases the more they are killed, but it's
what happend with dragons...

So the conclusion is obvious, that many monsters want human population to
increase and therefore
try to kill as many of them as possible!

Remarks on the legend of lake Amros

by ...

Some weeks ago, I spoke to my friend Othmor. Somehow, we spoke about the
nearby Lake Amroos.

Othmor visited Carlin some time before we met each other, and he said,
rumors are going that it
is somehow possible to raise parts of the lake, such that the water isn't as
deep as it is now.
This way, it should be possible to reach the little island in the middle of
Lake Amroos...

It is told, that there is something of value on this island. I never was
able to reach it;
my magical powers didn't last to get there...

Adventurers Guide Through Tibia.

by Netlios

Volume I

An adventure is an exiting thing to do. Nevertheless it might be rather
dangerous, one may even die during his journeys through the lands!

I wrote the following books in order to show the fates of 5 men who devoted
themselves to discover new parts of Tibia. Each of them was a brave worrier
and a superior explorer and they all went through exciting adventures. Their
journeys were of different duration - one ended after 66 days, another after
100 days. Each journey ended in a very dangerous situation; one situation
even ended deadly!

About the true nature of objects

by ...

What are all objects around us made of? Do they consist of the same things?
Could we divide things infinitly many times?
The answer is quite obvious to anyone,
who ever tried to cut a grain of sand into pieces. I tried it with the
sharpest sword I own,
and I can tell for sure: It is not possible to divide a grain of sand!
Therefore, everything around us is made out of sand.
You might say: Hold on! How could a hard thing like a stone be made out of

Well, again we can find a simple solution: Take a big hammer and destroy the
What you will get is: sand, again!

About strange mechanisms

In the last few years, people began to use strange mechanisms to do
different kinds of things. For example it is popular nowadays, to open or
unlock doors by switches. However, there are different ways to realize such
a switch, e.g. by using hydraulic pressure. Only a few persons have the
knowledge to construct such switches.

Diary of Morrin

It seems, I found the entrance to the library. Unfortunately the door is
closed, but somehow i have to get in. I searched around, but everyone I met
claimed he hasn't got the key... I believe this guy with the red shoes and
the blue trousers, who eats rolls with ham all day long, has it; he seems
suspicious to me... he didn't seem to trust me, and I think, that is the
reason why I didn't get the key. Maybe somehow I can show him, that he can
trust me...

YEAH! I got it! I got the key to the library, and I hope, I can find a
solution for my problems there! Somehow I convinced the old man to trust me,
and finally we were real good friends! What a pity, I had to leave the
library before dawn...

Royal Archives - 943 p.g

Concerns: City graveyard

HRH has ordered an expansion of the city graveyard to the east, due to the
increased demand for resting places. It is hoped that the eastward expansion
will avoid problems with the undead experienced with previous graveyards
closer to the city entrance.

Royal Archives Criminal Offences 900 - 950 p.g

900 p.g. Theft of duck by Threpwood Guybrush. Fine of 10 gold.

911 p.g. Attempted assault by Nostradamus Untru. Fine 20 whippings.

911 p.g. Robbery by Homer Vason. Prison sentence of 2 years.

912 p.g. Robbery by Angus Krome. Prison sentence of 3 years.

913 p.g. Assault by Nostradamus Untru. Prison sentence of 1 year.

920 p.g. Burglary by Winston Roper. Prison sentence of 3 years.

925 p.g. Theft by Alison Farmer. Fine of 30 gold.

935 p.g. Poaching by Winston Roper. Fine of 70 gold.


...ut we have to ...

Now that the Plains of Havoc are
to dangerous for a save passage,
we will leave the Isle of the Mists
and abandon this meetingplace.
Hopefully we will be able to reclaim
it in better times. If any ...


The time of war is at hand.
At last we will face Goshnar the evil one!
The man that was formerly known as my
brother Falnus betrayed our order, humanity and the gods. We will punish him
and his unholy allies.
Now there is no truning back. We will fight and there is just death or
victory. Surrender or truce is no option!
Even if the seven are on his side we will win at last and may it cost the
lives of all of us!
No mercy for evil!

With sword and magic,

with honour and virtue,

for king and country!


115 gold food

5000 gold runes and fluids

4205 gold equipment

3789 gold weapons and repairs

40 gold 10x4 torches for Dream Challenge

355 gold ammunition

4000 gold books and paper


May Banor bless our souls.

May the kiss of Kirok bring us inspiration.

May Fardos give us the force of will to forge our souls to tools of good.

May Crunor protect our health and essence.

May Uman teach us to use his gifts and use them wisely.

May the archangels guide and guard us.

The prophecies in our dreams become darker
and darker with each month. The sages interpret it
as omens about the falling of our order. If that is true, I only can hope
that the world will remember us and our fight with gratitude and the people
will have the heart to continue our work in some way.

We canged this remote monastery into a small fortress to guard our new
secrets. There is much to learn and by now we only understand little of the
secrets the elves taught us. Our dreams are not bright and revitalizing as
the ones the elves told us about, but they are full of dark omen. We have to
learn how to interprete them adequately. The green plains we took residence
in are sometimes dangerous and so we soon will allow fighters to join our
group. Some suggested to form an formally order to further our cause. The
conclave will discuss this in the next meeting.

The sorcerors insist, that Knightwatch Tower is a powerful tool for our
order. I don't understand
what they are talking about, but the conclave
has ordered to spend more of our resources in
the construction of the tower. I think the whole idea
of building our bases here and not near the
city is a bad idea, regardless what they think the dreams might tell about
the significance of this place. I don't see anything to guard here and I
wonder if there is something to guard at all, we just draw unwanted
attention to it by our presence here. Allready settlers built a little
outpost west of here, as if there is not enough for us to do allready
without having to protect them.
Today our scout party returned from the city of the minotaurs. As the dreams
told us, they are not our true enemys. There is a secret power behind their
attacks, filling their hearts with lies about the other races. Someone or
something is using them. Though their attacks are surly just a diversion for
something far more sinister and dangerous, our dreamers can't figure out
what the true cause for all these fights is. I think it is crucial to parley
high ranking minotaurs about a truce. If we don't stop to waste resources on
this useless war we won't be ready for the real attack of the enemy.

Book Index:
1. Human Tongue
2. Tousand ways to cook rotworm meat
3. Technomacers, heretics or geniusses?
4. Hammerfalls tales of 1001 wife
5. Mining for dummys and elves
6. Elven Tongue
7. Mining made easy
8. A step by step guide to mining
9. Stories about earth and fire
10. The great book of earthmagic
11. The great book of firemagic
12. The art of peace
13. Ten ways to use the spell "Invisibility"
14. Altars world of pure magic
15. How to use magic fields and walls in battle. By Ishara
16. Flora and Fauna of Darama
17. Tales of 111 Mystic Nights
18. About Hunting Sandworms
19. Wyrd Sisters
20. Diary of E. R. Grossom
21. Surviving in the Swamp, by E. R. Grossom
22. "Doing it the mad way!"
23. Mystic Rituals of the Ancient Trolls
24. Treasure Hunter's Manual 25. Nautical Studies 26. Seasickness or Why the Gods Don't Want Us to Travel the Oceans 27. Monsters of the Sea 28. 101 Sailing Songs 29. A Pirate's Life for You 30. Plundering Made Easy 31. Parrot Training 32. The Parrot and Me 33. A Pirate's Memoir 34. Catalogue of Hooks for the Stylish Pirate 35. Flags of the World 36. Become a Pirate in a Week: Ten Easy Steps

-:-The Books-:-
Human Tongue (title)

Speaking it. (short text)

by Dnobagev

Tousand ways to cook rotworm meat

Technomacers, heretics or geniusses?

Hammerfalls tales of 1001 wife

Mining for dummys and elves

Elven Tongue (title)

Cooking it. (short text)

by Dnobagev

Mining made easy

From a hole to a mine

A step by step guide to mining

To give and to take

storys about earth and fire

The great book of earthmagic

The great book of firemagic

The art of peace

How to combine your magic power with the sword?

Ten ways to use the spell "invisibility"

by Cipreii


Alatar´s world of pure magic - the arcanic power.


How to use magic fields and walls in combat?

by ishara.


Flora and Fauna of Darama

Tales of 111 Mystic Nights

About Hunting Sandworms

Wyrd Sisters

by Terry P.

Diary of E. R. Grossom

Surviving in the Swamp,

by E. R. Grossom

Doing it the mad way!

Mystic Rituals of the Ancient Trolls
Treasure Hunter's Manual
Nautical Studies
Seasickness or Why the Gods Don't Want Us to Travel the Oceans
Monsters of the Sea
101 Sailing Songs
A Pirate's Life for You
Plundering Made Easy
Parrot Training
The Parrot and Me
A Pirate's Memoir
Catalogue of Hooks for the Stylish Pirate
Flags of the World
Become a Pirate in a Week: Ten Easy Steps


A special thanks to Padex for giving me a rare copy of all books up till Ankrahmun's update. This book colection was also featured on the old Tibialibray site which has since vanished. Those books are now immortalized here.