As in all guilds there is a codex to follow. These are the writen law of a guild, its code of practice, designed to be followed by all guild members. It has been long said that "your codex is your strength," and without a guiding beacon no guild can stay strong for long.

Even before a codex, there has to be a mission or goal that a guild is driven to achive. This is no different in the Nightmare Knights, as ours is the fostering of continous growth in both mental and physical capasities; the rudimentary development of loyalty, teamwork, trust, respect, and unity; the mastery of understanding and applying the Eight Virtues to every day life; and the continued process to presurve, nurture, and rebuild the core structure of the Tibian world, its people, and its history.

As all people should do, we try to follow the Eight Virtues: Honestly, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Honor, Sacrifice, Spirituality, and Humanity. I've listed the virtues and their meaning below to help give you a greater understanding of what all people should strive to become.

The eight virtues derive from the combinations of Truth, Love, and Courage that are the cornerstones of life. Each of these virtues is found in our souls (core being; what we are) and cannot be hammered on any anvil, nor tempered by any fire. Only by encompassing all eight virtues can we live the life of a true Avatar (rightous person). These virtues are what all people should strive to live by.

Honesty: Honesty is achieved by never concealing the truth or lying, as even one lie can destroy an entire lifetime of trust. Lying corrupts our souls and erodes other’s faith in us. “Honesty is the dedication to never deceive oneself or another, and derives from Truth.”

Compassion: Compassionate souls value all life as highly as their own and strive to improve the quality of life for everyone. Acknowledging that all people have “good” in them as well as helping those in need (evil or otherwise) is a sign of empathy. “Compassion is total empathy for all being, and derives from Love.”

Valor: The ability to stand up for your beliefs by defending them to the end, regardless of the consequences is the mark of a valiant soul. In the face of great adversity the valiant will stand strong in knowing that their actions will make the world a better place. It is in this virtue that many souls find meaning in their life, using it to draw the courage to prevail in the most horrific circumstances. “Valor is the courage to stand up for your beliefs, even in the face of physical or physiological threat, and derives from Courage.”

Justice: Justice is when the wrong committed is repaired, rather then when the offender has been punished. Never dispense justice with a vengeful heart as justice is not revenge but repayment. Hate is not solved by hate so nothing can be accomplished when fire consumes your soul. Justice must always be tempered by the love for your fellow man. Remember that law applies to all souls or else it means nothing. “Justice is the truth of right or wrong in human action and the love of what is right, and derives from Truth and Love”

Honor: By staying loyal to your duties, companions and beliefs, regardless of the consequences, you display your honor. Honor must be upheld, whether it is by keeping your promises or by upholding truth; you must live by your honor. “Power is not worthy of respect, honor is.” “Honor is the courage to uphold and defend the truth, and derives from Truth and Courage.”

Sacrifice: Giving something you hold dear for the good of others is virtuous. Giving mere items or gold that is of little use to you is charitable but giving away articles of great use to both of you is truly a gift of self-sacrifice. This does not mean giving your only sword to another, but rather giving what you are able to. Only the noblest of souls can truly sacrifice themselves for others. “Sacrifice is the helping of others at the cost of one’s own well-being, and derives from Love and Courage.”

Spirituality: The exercise of all three principle cornerstones of being, in a calm, serene, well thought out manor is a sign of spirituality. This virtue is the foundation for all others and should be forged through wisdom. “Spirituality is the quest to improve one’s own inner being and enlighten and brighten the lives of others, and derives from Truth, Love and Courage.”

Humility: A humble soul knows the most powerful insight that it can gain is its own limitations. It is aware that the world around it is incomplete and always seeks reason, to try to attain a more complete understanding of the world around it. A humble soul will never act on its own without taking into mind the incompleteness of the world and that its own knowledge might be inaccurate. Humility teaches us to never underestimate others as well as not to overestimate ourselves. Fame, fortune, are empty and do not create true happiness, thus no humble soul will seek these empty paths. Accept compliments graciously but do not let pride corrupt your soul for many great warriors have fallen to pride. “Humility is the knowledge of one’s own place in the world, reached through an understanding of the sanctity of all being, and exists outside of Truth, Love, and Courage.”

Beyond the virtues our guild has a few simple rules that must be abided by at all time. These ensure that problems are minimuzed and the overall good intentions of the guild, as well as to the comunity itself are displayed.

1. You shall not create trouble without valid reason. We are a respected guild and acts like stealing, murdering, lieing, tarnish the guild. Be ready to provide a valid reason for your actions, reasons such as "it was personal" will not be accepted! It's always good to save a log of the situation, you never know when it will be the deciding peice in solving a conflict.

2. You shall not act rudely to anyone. All people in Tibia deserve to be treated with respect, and common curtacy. If you have nothing nice to say, then dont speak! There is no excuse to lower yourself to an insulters level. Walk away, use ignore, contact someone to mediate for your, just don't exasterbate the situation!

3. You shall not flaunt or abuse your posission. Abuse of any power is not tolerated, especialy if you use your rank or this guild as a threat. Other power abuse such as kicking people from hunting areas, exstortion, entering a conflict for intimidation purposes, or any other activity that stresses your skills, power, level, or influence to be used agaisnt another person for ill gains (unfairness, personal gain, oppression ect.).

4. You shall not share your soul or split your personality. Soul sharing is forbiden by the Gods and shall also be forbidden by this guild! Any caught soul sharing shall be removed from the guild, and reported to the Gods! Our membership is given to one person, the person who passes our tests, the person who is accepted in the guild - one soul per body is given this.

5. You shall listen to your supeiriors. The command ranks will give fair advice and reasonable taks, thus failure to follow them will result in punishment. The chain of command is comited to the smooth operation of running and maintaining this guild. Insubordination is a serous offence, and can lead to treason if the offence directly results in the undermineing of the guild, or leadership in a serous way. We welcome feedback and opinion, but only at the apropiet times.

6. You shall seperate personal and guild problems. Keep the personal problems to a minimal and solve them on your own without involving the guild. Keep a log saved and make sure your reasons sound valid. The guild shall step in if the problem becomes to big, or if it threatens the guild harmony, or if the other side decides to involve their guild. Exspect a hard ruling and maybe punishment if this has to occur, there should be no reason for a personal problem to become a guild related issue.

7. You shall aid those members that are in need of imideate assistance. We are a guild built on loyalty and trust, you must aid your fellow members as they are your brothers and sisters. By aid you do not nessisarly have to attack back just UH and help them get to a PZ as soon as possible. Failing to help in a critical situation without a very valid exscuse is concidered a serous offence, we will die for you and we also exspect the same from you. We wont charge into a conflict with guns blazing, but we will come with protection and safety in mind.

8. You shall not quarrel or attack other members of the guild. If you have strife with other members then discuss them with a council member so they can help solve the problem. Even an anonomus letter to a COL's depot detailing the behavior will go along way. No conflict should ever come to blow between members, physicly or verbaly, especialy in public places!

9. You shall have the responcibility to be active, both ingame and on our boards. This means keeping up to date on all guild issues, checking the forums weekly, showing up to events, and being active ingame in the guild channel. We have no need of "bagage," and long inactivity will be grounds for removal if no inactivity post is made.

10. You shall try to follow the virtures as best you can. We cannot be perfect but we can strive to become as close to it as possible. Everyone makes mistake, it's how we grow, but learning from mistakes rather then repeating them is the key to sucess in life as well as in this guild..

If you follow these rules/guidelines then you are going to become a better person as well as an exemplary NK member!

What you can exspect from us while you are a member of our fine guild:

-Protection from killers as best we can.
-Possibly a great reputation.
-Respect and fairness.
-Aid in trouble and help of all kinds.
-A loyal group of brothers and sisters.
-Meetings, guild hunts and other fun activities.
-A purpose for your Tibian career.
-Fun, and lots of it.

Remember that above all you will recive from this guild exactly what you put into it. This means that if you put alot of energy into helping and building this guild then you shall recive exactly that back for yourself. We are a strongly bound guild and we shall not tolerate the abuse of our guild system (joining for protection, or power is prohibited!).